How Martial Law Ends

Over at Lines of Departure, his regular column at, Tom Kratman addresses dissatisfied lefties like Rosie O’Donnell, who publicly called for martial law. Tom points out rather graphically that she would not like martial law.

He quickly boils the possible scenarios down to the likely point upon which they all converge, in the end.

So either way, whether Trump takes the oath and the military follows him, or he doesn’t and the military rebels against their senior officers and follows him, the result is ultimately the same: Martial Law but in hands that hate you.

What does that look like, by the way, as it ultimately plays out? Well, I want you to imagine a long ditch, Rosie. You’ve been made to help dig it, except that in the interests of time and efficiency a backhoe was brought it to help on your section and a few others. No, no; it’s not part of the dreaded wall that will keep your side from importing and turning into clients a hundred million illegal Latins. No, this ditch has another purpose.

In this ditch you, and a whole bunch of your political allies and comrades, are kneeling, shoulder to shoulder, with your hands tied behind you and, I am sure, rivers of tears running down most of your filthy faces. There is a captain behind the line, might be Army, might be Marines. Hell, he might even be Air Force or Navy Lieutenant. He is not crying; indeed, he is smiling. He has a pistol in one hand. He walks the length of the ditch, a private following him with a bag full of loaded magazines. The captain walks slowly, stopping about every two feet. Whenever he stops he faces the line of kneeling, sniveling, crying people who once thought martial law was just such a splendid idea. He aims carefully, and then shoots each one of you, once, in the back of the head. He’s at least a competent enough shot that he never misses at this range. Every thirteen shots he removes the magazine, hands it to the private, takes a fresh one, and reloads. Click.

And there you are, Rosie, shivering in terror and wondering if maybe that whole martial law thing was really such a good idea. You’re afraid to look but you can hear the shots getting closer and closer to where you kneel. Suddenly, there is a massive bang and the guy kneeling next to you flops forward. You can’t help it, you look down and can see into his half-pulverized brain. You start to scream and then….bang.

Do Read The Whole Thing™.

Of course, it isn’t just lefties who sometimes express a wish for martial law, or a coup, or a civil war; although they do seem to be spring-loaded in the revolution position. At least, if someone else takes charge of the gritty revolutionizing, because most of them are all wind. All Foucault and no Pol Pot, you might say.

We tend to dismiss such calls for civil war or martial coups as childish hyperbole. But there’s nothing magical in American soil, no unique American genotype, that prevents such things from happening here. Indeed, in states that were rocked and even destroyed by civil wars and revolutions, there seems to have been a rapt complacency up to the very moment of calamity.

Among the casualties are, almost every time, the initial revolutionaries. Imitate Robespierre if you like, but Robespierre did not die in bed.

50 thoughts on “How Martial Law Ends

  1. Badger

    As a motivator mentioned (paraphrasing) on another blog recently…

    Fine. You want “gun control”, you want complete abolition of guns? Great, me too. Let me know when that’s accomplished. Because then people like me will be telling people like you:


    1. joe

      well said there’s Rosie’s best thoughts in martial law raw and uncut even though its a saden and hard thought to glimpse as it can be a parent son daughter grandparent brother sister nealin right next to you waiting for that one person that has control over everything in that persist moment contemplating as he or she pulls that cold no filling trigger then in one pull its all over …..picture that …..

  2. Pangur

    I first, I thought “Wouldn’t a machine gun be more efficient?” and then realized that he’s enjoying it, and that doing one by one gives it that personal touch.

    1. Boat Guy

      Also reduces the possibilitgy of stray rounds hurting someone of value.
      Shotgun might be an option.

    2. John M.

      It depends what you’re optimizing for. If you’re optimizing for time, then a machine gun is definitely more time-efficient. If you’re optimizing for materiel, 9mm is definitely cheaper than 7.62 or even 5.56, and with a pistol you will make good use of every round.

      -John M.

  3. Aesop

    That would only be the beginning.
    In about a week, demographics would change. San Francisco, for example, would be white, Christian, and heterosexual for the first time since about 1945. The uppity diversity, of all stripes, could still be found: in Alcatraz, and the bars would be locked closed on them. And they’d be the lucky ones.

    There wouldn’t be blue states. There’d be red, and redder. (Not least because of the blood, but “To make an omelet…”, etc.) NFY, MA, NJ, CA, Chicongo, Detroit, DC, same-same. “Military police brutality”? Tell it to the rope.
    People like Rosie would be pulled out of flea-infested holes like Saddam for their dates with the ditch. There would be lists. Whoa betide those found on the wrong one. Colleges would look like West Point and VMI, not Berkeley or Oberlin or Radcliff.

    We’d still have a two-party system, in short order, it’s just that Fox News and the GOP would soon be the left wing. Beyond them to the left would be the abyss, and the abattoir. Deportation would occur by LST, with a beach drop-off, for the fortunate who could pay for the trip. American foreign policy for a generation would be called “Play ball with us, or get the bat up your @$$.” The State Department would be known as the Navy, and they’d be the softest side of things.

    There’d be camps, too. Manzanar would be a model. Lefty bankers, Silicon Valley CEOs, studio heads, professors, and SJWs who escaped the trenches would end up filling potholes in the summer, and shoveling snow in the winter, while their more reactionary former co-workers took over the show without so much as a serious hiccup, and a lot more cash for expansion now that donating vast sums to leftist pet projects was removed from the bottom line. The true criminals would find the accommodations at the Chateau D’If a lot less inviting than their former status, lacking cable TV, libraries, weight piles, and in many cases, calories. Unless they wanted to learn how to farm hogs and potatoes, in which case they might eke out enough subsistence to survive to the end of a sentence.

    I’m not sanguine about it, because the Bill of Rights would be a distant memory, for decades, if it ever came back. Eventually, Sparta might be dismantled, but on its own terms, because once in power, the temptation would be to hold on to it, and the ease of using Rule 308 to quell opposing views would take a long time to leave behind. If ever.

    But fat sows like Rosie wouldn’t even be a distant memory. They’d disappear into a perpetual memory hole, never to be remembered again, pretty much in perpetuity.

    1. Nynemillameetuh

      Mr. Kratman and yourself have sold me on this martial law business. I literally cannot contain my excitement at the prospects of your hypothetical scenarios coming true.

    2. A.B. Prosper

      A more pleasant scenario than his has any right to be.

      One problem though as often said , in warfare numbers have a quality of their own and there are only about 2 million soldiers and enough vets and friendlies to supply support for them for a while.

      Their might be 20-30 million, hell 100+ million Neo-Kong and symps some of them with military experience or even equipment and it might not be possible to Sat Kong on all of them especially if you have to enter the cities or have any rules of engagement that aren’t extermination.

      On top of that with CRISPR becoming cheaper both sides may have access to plague weapons . There have already been gene weapons used in the wild, to kill eucalyptus in California and to attack people at a Chipotle grill, probably in retaliation for an anti GMO stance by the company

      Ones that kill men or better food crops are quite doable

      No sane person wants such a war and most of the Left while loonier than the choir at Bedlam haven’t yet
      made a real effort for good reason its very possible no one will win especially them.

      So Rosie will never get he martial law wishes, the risk is far too great. Instead each side will incrementally undo what the other side wants till either we separate or one side, probably the Right has an insurmountable advantage and things shift

      Frankly while I want people like Aesop and the like in charge and want as close to our posterity as I can get I settle for wining bit by bit because a Pyrrhic victory or martial law is too damned high a cost . Hopefully the idiot Left will remember that as well

  4. DSM

    This is something I spend more than a fleeting moment thinking about these days and you hit the X ring in saying there is nothing special about our soil. For my father’s generation, who as a little boy recalled the stories of the last of the Civil War veterans passing, it wasn’t so far removed from the living memory of society. Different players and for different reasons, maybe, these days but the end result would be the same–people will look back either with nostalgia at how tolerant we were, or, in disgust that we allowed it to go on for so long.

  5. Haxo Angmark

    keyboard commandos in clover. Were martial law or something like it to occur under the current Uniparty regime, the organized violence of the .gov would be directed at the flyover Right. Not the bi-coastal Left. Left-Right/Urban-Rural/Race War is inevitable in ‘Murka, but not until the debtbomb goes off. Right now debt is the main glue holding this country together. When the glue gives way, Syria will look tame by comparison.

    1. Daniel

      The organized violence of the .gov struggled mightily with a single rampaging officer named Dorner that that brought all of SoCal to its knees. And the organized violence of the .gov could not track down a certain Boston Bomber after imposing Martial Law and trampling the citizens of that city only to declare clear the very yard he was hiding in to be found 10 minutes after the citizens are permitted to venture out again.

      The organized violence of the .gov may have a very difficult opening act against even a few dedicated actors.

  6. staghounds

    I can’t say I see Mr. Kratman’s sad and awful fantasy coming true.

    It takes two sides willing to kill and die to make a civil war, or even an insurgency. Do you really believe that the SJ crowd are warriors? It ought to be SJT, social justice talkers.

    Despite all the “truth to power” stuff, they won’t even risk an angry crowd yelling at them. They call upon others for any action beyond their own make believe professions.

    Nobody is digging any ditches, and this sort of talk just serves as a stick to hit us with.

    1. Kirk

      LOL… Dude, the right won’t be digging any ditches. You have that much correct.

      But, if you think the folks on the left aren’t willing and able to do that? You, sir, are dangerously naive. They’ve only been talking about it since the 1960s, and William Ayers ain’t the only one who has.

      You let them get out of their cages, and they’ll be doing it; the right is too damn principled, really. Which is why they’re going to lose this cultural/political war, in the end.

      Hell, to win this last election, we had to borrow a guy from the other side as a damn demagogue for us. None of the “principled conservatives” we have could have won it, and probably will manage to piss everything Trump is supposed to be “fixing” away. The Republican Party ain’t known as the “Stupid Party” for nothing; hell, at their founding, they stumbled us into a civil war that we’re still dealing with. If they weren’t the “Stupid Party”, the Civil War would never have started, but they are both principled, and really, really dumb. Dangerous combination, that–I’m thinking there should be an equivalent to Moltke’s dicta about the whole smart/stupid lazy/diligent officer thing, but for politicians. Principled and stupid, as most Republicans are? Horribly, horribly dangerous. They play with fire, and don’t realize it, and then…? Bang, zoom, off to the races we go. Horrible parallels in Roman history, as well.

      1. staghounds

        As you say, talking about it since the 1960s. The current left in the West has two basic constituencies- people who want to live life as a superior kind of pets of the state, and people who want to be their herders.

        Infants and babysitters don’t hide in ditches to throw bombs at soldiers, by and large.

        Again, look at Chicago- if the 500 or so murderers this year- Democrats every one, like their victims- had killed 500 Republicans, things would be very different. But they didn’t. They don’t care enough about their politics to risk over it.

        Turn the EBT cards off, or give them a leader, and you’d have a different story. But they are too well off right now to get dirty even with work to support themselves.

        And the rest of your post is dead on. It’s probably not possible to change any of the big things now, but the Republican establishment will fight the attempt and this is probably the last 4 years where there’s even a possibility.

      2. John M.

        “They’ve only been talking about it since the 1960s, and William Ayers ain’t the only one who has.”

        Various Leftist groups, including those of Bill Ayers, conducted active bombing campaigns against people and buildings in the U.S. for decades. I strongly suspect that if you investigate, there are serious movers and shakers in #BLM whose activities go right back to the ’60s.

        The Left hasn’t been *talking* about bombing since the ’60s, they’ve been doing it. That and assassinations of police officers, bank heists and jail breaks.

        This stuff all gets memory holed because the Left occupies the moral high ground in the U.S. and the Left as such can do no wrong. I mean, shoot, how many Americans could tell you that Jim Jones was an agnostic socialist who was actively working with Comintern before he had all his people off themselves? Jonestown is used as an example of religious fervor gone out of hand. It was, but the religion in question was socialism clothed in a phony liberal Protestantism rather than any sort of supernatural ideals about a God or any religious text.

        -John M.

      3. John M.

        “They’ve only been talking about it since the 1960s, and William Ayers ain’t the only one who has.”

        The Left hasn’t only been talking about bombing since the 60s, they’ve conducted multiple bombing campaigns of various types since then. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if upon investigation, #BLM’s movers and shakers were found to have been involved with radical groups from the 60s.

        This stuff all gets memory holed because the U.S.’s founding myth is fundamentally Leftist and therefore the Left in this country can do no wrong. The Left occupies the moral high ground in the U.S., and THAT is the fundamental advantage the Left has over the right, irrespective of how many AR-15s we have, or even how many divisions President-for-Life Trump has.

        -John M.

      4. KenWats

        Mattis crossing the Potomac = Caesar crossing the Rubicon?
        Sorry, Kirk, my Roman history fails me beyond that.

  7. 11B-Mailclerk

    I think it somewhat unwise to assume the left is unarmed and/or unwilling.

    There are plenty of lefty vets, lefty “good ol boys”, and elsewise.

    It is demonstrbly easy for unskilled rabble to stir up lethal mayhem. Chicago is a lukewarm insurrection day in and day out.

    One hundred and sixty odd years ago, both sides believed they were the obviously likely victors, holding all the cards for a short, victorious war. The resultant four years of bloodbath racked up more casualties that all our other wars.

    You may recall that the left has formented bloody revolutions across the globe. They do not magically become impotent geldings here, despite the material found in some of their “fronts”.

    So please, be not so dismissive of those misguided hotheads, on either side. Contempt for the opposition does not seem the most likely way to beat them.

    1. Boat Guy

      Excellent points all…
      I do NOT want to see such a scenario play out. If it comes I’m pretty sure I know who’ll be on my right and left (at some interval) who will be behind me and who will be in front of me. Even if we prevail over the last group (and I expect we would) we will take casualties in the others. Besides yourself, whom are you willing to see go in a bag? Your son/daughter? Son-in-Law/Daughter-in-Law? Grandchildren?
      I’d like to avoid such things if possible – but won’t shrink from doing what is necessary to the limit of my abilities. I think I have an idea of the potential price; I’m not at all eager to test that estimate.

  8. Keith

    My comment would that in one of John Ringo’s series aliens bombed the planet by hitting the brightest spots visible from orbit at night. So gradually the major urban centers became glass bottom lakes. And then there was a voting district realignment and the entire country became conservative and right leaning over nite.

    If you look at a county by county map of who won the most recent election you will find the blue ones all most without exception contain major urban areas and the red ones are all most without exception sparsely populated. The blobs of red were often connected by counties with major transportation lines running through them.

    It’s not the extreme right or left that loose the most and suffer the most in any terms you care to measure in any civil unrest that disrupted this country. It’s the folks just trying to get by and make a living. It’s perhaps the one good thing about my coming move to a very rural area, not a lot of people.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

  9. Arminius

    I have long commented that we need to understand the French Revolution, The Reign of Terror, and the Vendee Genocide to understand what Their end game really is.

  10. Squid

    I recommend reading “Atrocities” by Matthew White, W.W. Norton & Co., publishers. The Hundred Deadliest Episodes in Human History. A well-written but distressing read.

  11. Kirk

    The right is never going to line people up and fill ditches with their bodies. That’s not what they do.

    The massacres, from the French Revolution onwards, have always, always been cases stemming from the well-known phenomenon of the revolution eating its young. The opportunists and sociopaths behind the front men are the ones who do it, and the first people they eliminate are the fellow-travelers who might jog their elbows and demand that they actually live out the credo of the revolution. That’s why the Bolsheviks did in the Mensheviks, and the French Revolution turned on itself.

    There’s only been one revolution that this didn’t happen to, and that was ours. It’s an aberration in a lot of other ways, in that it wasn’t a revolution of the loony-tune “disenfranchised”, but one of the horrid “booshwah” types like Ben Franklin and Paul Revere. Different kettle of fish, entirely.

    Rosie fantasizes that she’d be one of the “elect”, but fails to comprehend that she’d be one of the first against the wall, once the opportunistic sociopaths got done using her and her mouth to stir up shit. See, they wouldn’t want her around to ask any awkward questions, and she’d be a useful sacrifice to scare the shit out of the rest of the unturned public.

    These people aren’t even smart enough to understand the dynamics of their own movements–The gays in Weimar Germany thought they were gonna be a big deal in the new era, what with having their guy running the SA. Thing was, Hitler looked at the optics, realized he was going to have a hard time keeping all the straights on board with things, and hey-ho, the gays got to go! Cue the Night of Long Knives.

    Once the shooting starts, the sociopaths come forward, because they’re the only ones who get things done. Crazy on the left brings out the crazy on the right, and the next thing you know, you’re repurposing soccer stadiums. People blame Pinochet for doing in Allende, but the fact of the matter was that it was more a case of the bear blowing first, in that Pinochet got wind of what Allende had in mind for Chile, and decided he wasn’t going to be going up against any wall.

    Kind of the same stupidity in Argentina; if something like what the left wants starts happening, my guess is that you’re going to see the same sort of shit start happening that the regime did with their suppression of the left-wing urban guerrillas, only here in the US, it’s gonna be a lot more “democratic”. If you think that there aren’t people taking note of whose signs you have out on your lawn, and who you then likely voted for…? You’re an idiot. As polarized as things are getting, there is no way I’d ever put up a damn sign for anyone, because some of my neighbors, I am morally certain, are probably wannabe “block coordinators”, and would love to report to the new American STASI, or some informal network of Social Justice types.

    Thing to remember is, most of these tactics were used by the Nazis, and pioneered by them. Only thing is, this time around, their Hitler lost the election.

    Always remember: These people project like nothing else; you look at the proto-Nazi propaganda from before they hit the big-time, and it is chock-full of paranoid accusations about International Jewry wanting to put Germans into concentration camps and exterminate them. You hear that shit today, and it’s exactly the same–They’re extrapolating what they think you’re going to do to them from what they’d do to you, if they could…

    Trust me on this one, folks: If we ever let them get past the 2nd Amendment in this country, these fucks are going to be implementing reeducation and extermination camps shortly afterwards.

    1. LSWCHP

      Righteous stuff mate. Who knows what Rosie and her imbecile mates might get up to? I’d hope that every American would understand the consequences of civil war, but now I’m not so sure.

      I sure do hope Mr Trump survives his first hundred days. I mean, I hope he survives to a ripe old age, but in particular I want to see him live out his legitimate term as your president. Any other result would probably not have a happy ending, and all of us in the Rest of the World still have skin in the game even if we don’t get to vote in your elections.

      We live in Interesting Times.

    2. whomever

      “The massacres, from the French Revolution onwards, have always, always been cases stemming from the well-known phenomenon of the revolution eating its young.”

      1)The Holocaust is in no way an example on Nazis eating their young.
      2)Neither is the Holodomor (Stalin starving the Ukrainians).
      3)I’m not sure I’d characterize the various mass murders perpetrated by the Chinese Communists as eating their young either; it wasn’t the kind of thing where Cohort 1 of the revolution is killed by Cohort 2, which is then killed by Cohort 3 (as happened in the Russian and French revolutions). Mao was in charge throughout.
      4)Pol Pot/The Killing Fields – I’m open to correction, but my sense is that the Khmer Rouge took over and killed lots of people until overthrown themselves, but there wasn’t any ‘eating of the young’.

      I agree revolutions are a desperate business – as many turn out bad as good – but they don’t all ‘eat their young’. Sometimes they just eat everyone else.

  12. bloke_from_ohio

    How many keyboard commandos really have what it takes to be the suburban warlords from their personal utopian dreams? It will suck no matter who you are should something like that come to pass. Even guys who are legitimately the biggest bad asses at the barbeque get unlucky.

    Power fantasies about “your side” getting even or getting rid of annoying/troublesome opponents aside, martial law and civil unrest always sucks in the long, medium, and short run. Lots of people die during insurrections and rebellions, and it absolutely wrecks economies. Anyone advocating for something like that either has not thought it through enough or are certifiable lunatics.

    Pay attention to history, any group powerful enough to unilaterally screw over its opponents is powerful enough to do equally terrible things to its own members/supporters. As Kirk pointed out, there is a trend of exactly that happening. It is not confined to any particular ideology either. The left, the right, and every other political/cultural persuasion will “eat their own young” when they get their revolution on.

    1. Toastrider

      And people ask me why I distrust government. How’s the quote go? ‘Any government that can give you everything can take it away just as easily’?

  13. g.grass

    our general Pinochet knew what the left wanted for the middle,upper middle and high class.
    outright extermination and genocide as class has always been defined by racial,cultural and genetic features around here.
    shame the exiles went to Europe and became even more degenerate and clueless on what is the difference between the european sheep and the south american apes.
    cue our current insurgency on the south here by ¨humans¨lacking both behavioral modernity and physical modernity.due to the leftist consertacion lacking the ability to gauge the sheer moral lacking and intellect shortcomings of the mostly mestizo lower and lower middle class we are experiencing rampant crime,drug cartels in embryonic state spawning in the lower class communes and social hate.
    fuck the socialists and more so the so easily noticed crypto communists like the ones at Europe and here.
    since most of the exiles went to the ever wonderful cesspit named Sweden you can figure how fucked up they came to be here once they returned to harass us.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Pinochet has gotten a bad rap, and Allende a pass, from many in Europe and North America. Chile and Argentina should be rich countries, but they keep collapsing into one –ismo or another, mostly variants of socialismo.

      1. g.grass

        Hognose,Chile in fact is a proper country,unlike Argentine,who have fallen to the point to be unable to even keep a functional economy, we have working institutions and decent services,shame the retards elected a communist whore who is also immoral and terribly obese,not unlike a Merkeloid entity.
        the poison spewed against Pinochet comes from the disgusting leftists some people describe as the European politicians,my father spent two days ducking under a table in his apartment near the moneda palace as there was a cuban sniper shooting at civilians at the torre entel,cue an army armed helicopter vaporizing the asshole with the classical heavy unguided rockets,people in Europe and the west dont know what was going on father worked in the main airport back in the days and he told me it was plane after plane of Cuban weapons getting bought in,that explains the stockpiled ak-47 and akm rifles stored by the army despite never been issued to anyone,since they got bought in to arm the populist front and enact genocide.
        and he also was one of the architects tasked with the reconstruction of the presidential palace after it got blown to was not a coup d’etat,it was a civil war that got aborted at last minute.

        fun fact:Allende killed himself like coward( as if any commie parasite had guts since world warII) with the very own ak-47 gifted to him by Fidel Castro,shame he did too not die a violent death.

      2. John M.

        “Pinochet has gotten a bad rap, and Allende a pass, from many in Europe and North America.”

        That’s because the Left holds the moral high ground across the West. That is a tremendous factor in how all this will/won’t go down.

        “Right-wing” critics of Pinochet don’t ever seem to be able to get to point B, which is that the alternative was a Marxist. Nor do they ever address what actually should be done if one’s country is shot through with actual Marxists. The Bill of Rights was certainly not designed for such a situation. (The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791, and the Reign of Terror started in 1793.)

        How close are we to Allende’s Chile? Farther than we were on November 7th, I think.

        -John M.

        1. Aesop

          We were headed towards Allende’s Chile on November 7th, make no mistake.

          Most of those on both sides understands the incoming regime is at best a respite, not a sea change, going forward.

          Never wager against Entropy in the long run. It’s a sucker bet.

          1. John M.

            I think the respite is where the long money is. But I think there are decent odds of this being a sea change administration, possibly even more so than Reagan, who was probably somewhere between “respite” and “sea change.”

            I don’t know how much Trump really gets the generational stuff at play here. But I think some of his kids might.

            Trump is smart, has good sense and likes winning. A few key moves in the right places could do some long-term damage to Left-wing institutions. Shoot, just stanching the flow of immigrants across our southern border would be pretty close to a sea change. Throw in some major changes to the way government education is run in this country, or a big surtax on movie profits or something? Wow. Even just a reversal in the fortunes of political correctness could prove very damaging to the Left.

            But of course, you are talking to a fellow who has bet his entire life on the idea that entropy won’t get the final word in this universe. As for what happens between now and then? Who knows.

            -John M.

  14. Steve M.

    Aye, martial law as in civil war……

    Among thinkers and observers of history there is no thought of an easy victory should this nation turn to violence. The moral fiber of the nation is destroyed. Literally, remnants of another time hold this nation together.
    The average teenager today has a more vile and perverse vocabulary than the average Marine who fought his way from bloody island to bloody island in WWII. Hitler would have loved to have our youth. Much of his indoctrination would have already been completed for him. That being said, adults are equally messed up. What constitutes entertainment today is utterly vile and brutal. The average American will behave according to what they have seen on television. Their perceived enemies will be dealt with as if they were “zombies”. I’m not talking about the depraved ghetto dwellers of Chiraq either. I am talking about the average American. America is in the hole because the average American is in the hole.

    From a Biblical standpoint, the human condition is set to self-destruct. Entropy of sorts, I suppose.

    As to Trump’s election, I’m with Boat Guy and John M. I am thankful for the respite and hoping/praying for a “sea change”. Trump on his own doesn’t have a chance, but the people he brings in will greatly improve the odds. Obama by himself was not much of a danger. It was the dregs he appointed throughout the system. I’m praying God has mercy, Trump does well and we get a good 12-16 years before Obama 2.0 gets elected.

    From Hognose,” But there’s nothing magical in American soil, no unique American genotype, that prevents such things from happening here.” True, indeed. Yet American soil is truly special. It is our home, bought and paid for years ago by greater men. Let us hold it dear and in high regard, not as a magical amulet, but as precious, deserving of our protection.

    From Kirk, “Trust me on this one, folks: If we ever let them get past the 2nd Amendment in this country, these f**ks are going to be implementing reeducation and extermination camps shortly afterwards.” Spot on. The Second Amendment is doing far more for this nation than anybody wants to give it credit for. Literally, remnants of another time hold this nation together.

    I can’t say it better than Boat Guy did here, “I’d like to avoid such things if possible – but won’t shrink from doing what is necessary to the limit of my abilities. I think I have an idea of the potential price; I’m not at all eager to test that estimate.”

    I’m guessing that captures the sentiment of many.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Look how differently the Enlightenment played out here and ~25 years later in France. There but for the grace of God….

      1. Steve M.

        Truly but for the grace of God. Despite the current thought, God has always dealt gently with his frail creation. He has blessed beyond measure for the sake of faith and a prayer.

        “Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” Alexis de Tocqueville

        Many churches gave up a long time ago.

        The French tried the revolution without God or even the remotest semblence thereof.
        Our second crack will likely be the same.

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  16. Docduracoat

    You are wrong about kids today
    A lot of that is media hype
    We just had an 18th birthday party for my son here in South Florida
    My wife and I were remarking to each other that our kids and their friends are a shining beacon for the future
    Sure, they spend way too much time on their cell phones
    You will not find a nicer bunch of target shooting, fishing, dog loving, well mannered kids
    That includes the 15 year old and her friends
    I pray there is never civil war here in America
    That would be disaster
    Just look at the civil wars in my lifetime
    Lebanon, Yugoslavia and now Syria
    None have had a good result
    I do not want to have to head out into the Everglades with my firearm collection
    There is no air conditioning out there!

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