Rodney King Day, 2017!

As long-time readers know, we like to celebrate Rodney King Day. As we said in the first ever WeaponsMan Rodney King Day story:

Sure, some people celebrate another Civil Rights King this day. But his maybe-relative Rodney’s story resonates with us more, in part, perhaps, because one of the cops that helped make Rodney King famous was an SF guy. (Which one, we’re not saying. It was not our finest hour).

But the main reason is that, in the middle of 1992’s violent, destructive riots (55 dead and 2,000 injured), caused by people supposedly supporting him, Mr King went on the radio with this sentiment, the one that underlies any workable approach to civil rights, and that bespeaks tolerance and respect for your fellow man.

“Can’t we all just get along?”

In 2012, the LA Riots that Rodney, peace be unto him, tried to tamp down were already 20 years old. This year, they’re 25, and it’s fair to say that “race relations” in America are worse than they were before the LAPD tuned him up for resisting arrest all those years ago. In fact, even the phrase, “race relations,” adds to the toxicity of the situation, implying that people have no individuality, nothing more important than the bands of skin-tone-marked ancestry into which they can be conveniently sorted.

Who benefits from this? Not the average soul in our fair land, whatever his or her ancestry might be.

Can’t we see each other as individuals? And, if we can do that, can’t we all just get along?

Here’s some of our past Rodney King Day columns:

And if all else fails, remember how we closed the column in 2014?

“Can’t we all just get along?”

Of course we can. Mostly. But for the times when we just can’t, well, there’s always See you on the range!

Indeed. See you on the range!

17 thoughts on “Rodney King Day, 2017!

  1. Loren

    Most folks get treated with as much respect as they deserve. for Dr. Carson it’s a cabinet post. For the Rodney kings in the world it’s range time.

  2. Gray

    I remember when Stacey got out of Federal, they sent him to a halfway house in Riverside County (Rubidoux, a gang infested hood) CA. Sumdood with a beef went to the HH and lit the place up, took hostages and killed one. Stacey had gone home on a furlough for Thanksgiving weekend. Sumdood went home permanently, courtesy of RSO.

  3. Jacobs

    Great shoutout to Riverside!
    I grew up next to Casa Blanca, a few miles from Rubidoux. Awfully ghetto.

  4. Winston Smith

    Old school cop I used to know was hanging out with a bunch of cops waiting to go into court or something one day and someone said something about MLK day and he responded “Hell, I wish they had shot 4 more and we could have gotten the entire goddamn week off!”

  5. Cap'n Mike

    “Can’t we all just get along?”
    Amen Rodney

    As long as its in someones interest for us not to get along, we probably wont sometimes.
    Human nature.

  6. Kirk

    I actually kinda liked Rodney, when I saw him interviewed one time. Seemed like he might be a decent sort, when he wasn’t drinking and/or doing stupid shit.

    ‘Course, there are a lot of guys like that, and the problem is, when they’re drunk or drugged, they’re out of control and dangerous. Friend of mine from the service was like that–Great guy, wonderful buddy, all of the above. Pretty damn good soldier, too–On duty.

    After duty hours? Holy-ever-loving-f**k… Stories I could tell ya… It was like dealing with a drunken King Kong, and the final episode that put him down was absolutely epic. I’m still able to picture that night like it was yesterday.

    Here’s a tip for ya; if you have a depressive Finn in your vicinity, keep an eye peeled for alcohol problems. Allow them to grow, and you’re gonna be in for a fun, fun time, let me tell you.

    There’s nothing like spending a weeknight filling out witness statements until the wee hours of the morning, and then having to work the next day. Life in the barracks, back in the day… Nothing like it, for the generation of things to talk about.

    1. E Garrett Perry

      Depressive…Finn…alcohol problems…and you use the word “if?”

      I mean, even Kimi Raikkonnen- possibly the most cheerful person ever to strap on a racing car until Sebastian Vittel came along- drank himself to death while walking up to the Grand Tours tent for his spot on Celebrity Brain Crash. Finland (and Äland) remain the only two brothers of whom the entire cast of Scandinavia And The World (bar Switzerland) is afraid, and after the single incident in which King EU tried to take away his beer and knife I’d imagine it’ll stay that way for quite a long while.

      “If?!” The word is “when.”

      1. Fuel Filter.

        “…Raikkonnen- possibly the most cheerful person …”

        You are joking, right? He’s the most sullen dude driving F1 now and always has been.

        And that papered prick Vittel? Don’t even get me started on that one. Kimi kicked his ass to next Tuesday last season.

        1. E Garrett Perry

          …of course I’m joking. The only place Raikkonnen ever seemed happy to be interviewed was on Top Gear. Sorry- sarcasm didn’t write well. And yes, Vettel’s a bit of a perfumed prince, but he’s a helluva driver and I like his attitude. He always seems to be having an insane amount of fun. And yes, Kimi wiped the floor with him, but that’s a habit of his, particularly now that Michael Schumacher’s out of his way. Although a Raikkonnen/Hakkinen shootout would be one helluva show…

          You know who I’d have -really- hated to interview? Niki Lauda. He seemed to hate everybody and never had any problems telling them so.

  7. Christopher

    One of the cops involved was from my hometown of Mattoon, IL. His family went to the same church we were attending at the time.

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