Each LCS is Worth More as Scrap

Earlier today, we wrote, “Now if they could just stop paying a half a billion for the million dollars’ worth of scrap aluminum that is a Littoral Combat Ship, we’d be getting somewhere.” However, it’s been pointed out to us that there is not a million dollars worth of scrap in an LCS. 

Value of the Littoral Combat Ship
Combat Value = 0
Scrap Value = $702,635.20
DWT (metric) = 797
Deadweight pounds (MT x 2204) = 1756588
Assuming it’s all Aluminum, Al scrap/pound (average) = $0.40

Conclusion: Scrap Value > Combat Value.

Ergo, the best way to recover value from these ships is to go straight from the building yards to the wrecking yards. However, it would destroy less value not to build them in the first place.

13 thoughts on “Each LCS is Worth More as Scrap

  1. Mike_C

    I dunno if that’s fair. If you part out a human body on the basis of how much carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, calcium, etc in it, the value is real low. If you part out the human body on the basis of how much sirloin, ham, ribs, sweetbreads, etc you can get out of it, it’s worth a bit more. (After these holidays I’m probably USDA prime, alas, I have so much yummy marbling. Plus wine and beer auto-marinaded just adds to the value.) If you part out the organs for transplant, it’s worth so much much more than as elements or food. But no matter how you part it out, you’re going to jail (hopefully).

    Anyway, a long way of saying that the formed aluminum bits and bobs are worth much more than the elemental value.
    /deliberately obtuse since [a long while back]

    1. John M.

      “But no matter how you part it out, you’re going to jail (hopefully).”

      Like Planned Parenthood? From your lips to God’s ears.

      -John M.

  2. Aesop

    You could actually get more than that out of them.
    Rent the damned things out to Turner for The Last Ship.

    When the series wraps, scrap them anyways.

    1. Hognose Post author

      The C-27 was perfect for what it was developed for. But the USAF felt it was a threat to (1) C-130 wing numbers and (2) the primacy and personnel slots at the gigantic self-licking ice cream cone that is TRANSCOM. It might wear a flash of purple here and there but it’s basically a retirement-on-duty home for the Air Force’s duds.

  3. Dan Patterson

    I thought McNamara and The Whiz Kids were long gone; them and their damnable 5.56 pos and the Wesley Clark/Shock and Awe bullshit school of tap-dancing assholes.

  4. runalltheway

    Before you reach for the oxyacetalene torch, just consider all the other uses the LCS class could be put to:
    – They’d make great props for SF movies.
    – They could provide much needed fire safety training (look how aluminium burns, children!).
    – They could be painted hyper colour pink by hippies and show up at burning man.

    Please don’t deny future generations a chance to line up and laugh at them, like we do with ‘visions of the future’ from the 1950s.

    1. Boat Guy

      There will still be photos – and the existential hurt carried by those of us who love warships.
      Scrapping makes the most exonomic sense; use as targets (and subsequently artificlal reefs) would be far more statisfying; particularly if everyone in a decision-chain who approved the abomination were aboard at commencement of fire.

  5. Larry

    Hey, part the engines out separately, at least, and I might buy that 2.25″ pop gun it calls main armament. With the magazine and mounting, that should keep both trespasser and rodent populations down.

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  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    er…better to name them LACS–Littoral “Alleged” Combat Ships, or better still: “SOTH,” viz. “Scrap On-The-Hoof”

    “The Pentagon office responsible for testing new weapons and platforms told the Senate that the ships cannot sustain battle damage that other ships would be expected to recover from, likely necessitating their eventual abandonment in sustained high-intensity combat. It also found widespread reliability problems, (something a string of high-profile engineering failures this year highlighted), construction quality problems, and inability to meet stated combat requirements. The conclusion was that “LCS does not provide a lethal capability in the primary missions it was built for, and given the change in [their operating concept], its design is not survivable in those missions either.”

    A total cluster-F


  8. Haxo Angmark

    both the LCS and the F-35 are minor symptoms of Imperial collapse. Trump is making noises about canceling the latter $trillion boondoogle, but I’ll believe that when it happens.

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