Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 52

Last Tour d’Horizon of 2016, which conveniently ends on a Saturday.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

That’s Not an Auction, Mate. This is an Auction:

Rock Island’s next Regional Auction is going to take place Feb. 16-19. Why four days, when past auctions have been two or occasionally three?

Ten thousand guns. That’s a one followed by four zeroes. Here’s the catalog. There are 2093 lots that are curio and relic firearms. Winchester? 892 lots. Colt, 784. Mauser is represented with 180, and Springfield Armory (mostly, the real Springfield Armory) with 230, including a rare Springfield .45 M1911 made in 1914.

You know you want it.

And a fake Luger prototype, which they give the dignified name of “professional copy” to:

That’s one of over 100 Lugers, including at least a dozen Artillery (lange Pistole.08) and at least one Navy model.

Gun Stocks update

Pre-Election closings: RGR 64.40, SWHC 28.45, VSTO 38.94.  [8 Nov 16]
-6 week’s closings: RGR 53.20, SWHC 24.13, VSTO 40.02. [18 Nov 16]
-5 week’s closings: RGR 52.50, SWHC 23.82, VSTO 41.05. [25 Nov 16] [short trading day and week]
-4 week’s closings: RGR 50.25, SWHC 21.10, VSTO 39.66. [2 Dec 16]
-3 week’s closings: RGR 51.90, SWHC 21.07, VSTO 38.62. [9 Dec 16]
-2 week’s closings: RGR 53.45, SWHC 21.59, VSTO 36.81. [16 Dec 16]
Last week’s closings: RGR 54.05, SWHC 22.11, VSTO 38.02. [23 Dec 16]

This week’s closings: RGR 52.70, SWHC 21.08, VSTO 36.90. [30 Dec 16]

Red means “lower than the previous week.” All three stocks are lower this week.

Disclaimer: Your Humble Blogger holds RGR, bought at about 56.40 on 9 Nov. It bottomed in the 40s later that day. We still think it has longterm growth potential, and we like the dividend, but we’ve lost (on paper) thousands of dollars.


Gun Poly-Ticks

Eurocrats Impose Sweeping Gun Restrictions

Pro-gun Activists Lost; the Euro restrictions passed. The New York Times is ecstatic. Their photog captured Jean-Claude Juncker in the early stages of his Hitler salute, fittingly enough.

California Laws

In California, loopy new laws effective tomorrow raise the minimum wage in steps to $15 (a subsidy for automation developers), encourage the distribution of EpiPens (from a company controlled by the family of politician Joe Manchin), banned sports teams named Redskins and redefined underage hookers as victims-of-trafficking instead, insuring a ready supply of the underage hookers so popular in Sacramento. There are also, being California, plenty of loopy new gun laws. ABC TV-7 LA:

People who own magazines that hold more than 10 rounds will be required to give them up starting Jan. 1.

Good luck with that. Previous bans everywhere have seen compliance rates from rounds-to-zero to approximately 30 percent, and no ban has ever seriously restricted criminal access to weapons.

But of course, this ban is not aimed at criminal access, but at yours. 

Buyers must undergo a background check before purchasing ammunition and will be barred from buying new weapons that have a device known as a bullet button.

NICS for ammo is just a “sickener” meant to shrink participation in shooting sports. The Bullet Button is a California-only perversion that turned a detachable-magazine firearm into a firearm with a magazine only removable by a tool, such as the tip of a bullet.

Law enforcement officers will be required to follow the same rules as civilians by securely storing handguns in a lockbox out of plain view or in the trunk if the weapons are left in an unattended vehicle. SB 869 by Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, closed a legal loophole that had exempted authorities and concealed weapons permit holders from those rules. The move came after stolen guns were used in high-profile crimes.

The reporter doesn’t want to mention that the “high-profile” crimes were things like the murder of Kate Steinle, committed by a criminal alien, who was free to commit the outrage under California and San Francisco sanctuary-for-violent-criminal-aliens policy.

Usage and Employment

The hardware takes you only half way. This week the theme is Safety

Safety: Don’t do this.

We”ll just put this out there:

[A] woman shot in the eye at a South Carolina gun range earlier this week has died.

Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore told local media outlets that 24-year-old Sarah Bonner from Lawrenceville, Georgia, died early Thursday after being on life support for several days.

She was shot in the face Monday while visiting friends and family for Christmas. Shore says an autopsy is being done, and the bullet will be examined to show which gun it came from.

Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Sheila Cole said in an email that investigators are examining whether the shooting was an accident.

Now, it might not be an accident. It might be one of those rental range suicides that have been creeping out ROs and range owners for the last few years.

Safety: And Don’t do this, either.

One suspects that “the second officer” has beaucoup ‘splaining to do, back at the cop shop:

Police in Weatherford near Fort Worth say officer Chris Bumpas was conducting the stop Thursday evening when he discovered there was a warrant for the arrest of one of three people in the vehicle.

Police said in a statement that the man became combative and struck the officer with a flashlight.

The second officer couldn’t subdue the suspect using a stun gun and fired multiple shots, striking Bumpas and the suspect.

Police say Bumpas is recovering from surgery on his abdomen. The suspect, whose name hasn’t been released, is in guarded condition at a hospital.

We’ll bet he’s in “guarded” condition. But while we often make fun of cop marksmanship, the joke’s not funny this time. May the officer recover.

Safety: It’s Always Loaded, Especially With Someone New

This guy should have known better — he was a 71 year old lifelong gun owner and NRA member, and one of the few friendly voices we had in the legacy media. But M.D. Harmon was showing a kid and his father a gun in his own house, and when the kid handled the gun, it fired a single shot, killing Harmon instantly.

What state is your firearm in, people? Loaded. Form the habit. Harmon never expected an accident, either.

Safety: A 12-Year-Old Boy

After hunting with family and friends, the party returned and were handling a gun.

Spencer Bennett Jr., died at a friend’s home in Noxubee County on Thursday after a high-powered rifle discharged.

Bennett had just returned from hunting with a friend and an adult shortly after 6 p.m. Calhoun said they apparently were passing around the firearm when it discharged accidentally. He said Bennett was shot in the upper abdomen and died at the scene.


Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

Chicago Racks up Records

While the rest of the world was celebrating a Christmas message of peace and light, the black gangs of Chicago were braving cold weather to commit dozens of shootings and at least 13 murders, bringing the city tally to 785 homicides, of which about 90% (705) were by gunfire, by midway through the weekend.

New Years’ weekend is only getting underway, but as of 10 PM Friday night, it seems probable it will break the 2015-16 record of 4 killed 40 wounded is probable (3 killed, 4 wounded with Saturday, Sunday, and Monday’s day off still to be counted).

The box score is 793 homicides of which 713 were by firearm, with one long day yet to go.

In an interesting statistic, while Chicago and other police ended the criminal careers of 11 perps with well-placed gunshots, since the legalization of self defense over the objections of the Chicago political combine, non-cop self-defenders have nailed 9 of the varmints. One of them just today. (He actually shot two robbers, but Chicago’s very experienced trauma teams saved one).

One factor? With the police having “gone fetal,” in the memorable phrase of the cop-loathing mayor, Rahm Emanuel, arrests are way, way, down: 28% according to the higher-ups, and 35% by Second City Cop’s estimate. If you don’t arrest criminals, they’re available on the street to do killings. Funny how that works.

As the year ends, Chicago’s homicide clearance rate is a mighty 18.4%.

All stats, of course, are from

The Perils of Kathleen: Back in the News

The anti-gun, convicted felon former Attorney General remains a headline producer.

  • Item: State Wants to Stiff Kane Email LawyersKane ran an investigation on a cost-no-object basis into off-color emails sent by other public servants. Her objective was, apparently, a tu quoque defense, which she should have learned in law school doesn’t work. The State has paid almost $400k but the lawyers want a total of nearly $2 million.

A spokesman for Attorney General Bruce Beemer said Thursday the office is trying to negotiate an “acceptable settlement.” The spokesman says the office has paid $385,000, while the Buckley Sandler law firm is seeking approximately $1.5 million more.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

Jews to Obama: Thanks, We’ll Pass on your Boxcars

After the injury of a UN vote to condemn Israel — something signaled years ago when the anti-Semite, seething, and man-jawed Samantha Power was named UN ambassador — the Obama followed up with an insult at a national menorah lighting ceremony. They sent, as the traditional government participant, a nominally Jewish entry-level political appointee who has been working to redefine zionism as terrorism.

But the rabbi leading the ceremony, Levi Shemtov, let the official, acting undersecretary for terrorism in the Treasury Department Adam Szubin, say he piece, then insulted Szubin in turn, albeit politely: he brought up the name of perhaps the most hated Jew in the most Jew-hating Administration the United States has ever had, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Szubin was left to seethe in silence at what was otherwise the high-water mark of his career as a payroll patriot.

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to o disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™? (Nothing this week, sorry).

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to.(Nothing this week, sorry).

33 thoughts on “Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 52


    Heh. Things are better here in Oz than in California! I can buy as much ammo as I like without any background checks! Livin’ the dream…

    And the 12 year old boy was shot by a firearm that “accidentally discharged”, according to the story. All by itself, as they do, without human intervention apparently.

    The should say that someone through carelessness or stupidity or both violated three of the 4 laws of gun handling. They pointed a loaded firearm at that boy, put their finger on the trigger and pressed it. They took his life under horrific circumstances, and now the have the rest of *their* lives to carry that burden. FFS, such things should never happen.

    And while I’m here, best wishes from Australia to Hognose and all the members of the Weaponsman community as we head into 2017. Good luck, Godspeed and keep your powder dry. Have a great year y’all.

    1. LCPL Martinez USMC

      ***“and redefined underage hookers as victims-of-trafficking instead, insuring a ready supply of the underage hookers so popular in Sacramento.”***

      That Redding, CA kidnapping and found case is actually a symptom of a bigger problem in Cascadia, ie. N. California, Oregon, and WA , there’s more more of these kidnapping as sex slaves.

      I’m surprised there was no traction after her interview like 2 weeks ago. Instead we’re still talking about Podesta’s emails.

      Back then, when you talked about white slavery in America you’re basically talking about Black gangsters who don’t have access to cocaine they can cut as crack any longer (Mexicans don’t like blacks), so they pick up Iceburg Slim’s books and get into pimping, convince a run away White girl from the suburbs, bring her to the city, and she turns tricks for you…

      But the stuff happening in Cascadia, because mainly Mexican cartels now operating in the Emerald Triangle, ie. Mendocino, Humboldt & Trinity counties (there’s Russian mafia elements there as well, which is ironic since they were there too in the 1700s-1800s for the beaver/otter pelt trade) ,

      Cascadia is essentially under siege and all the games the cartels played in Mexico they’re now playing in Cascadia (they can’t play it in Socal, because police are on to them, so they are now preying in small town Cascadia).

      Cascadia is undersieged, more and more of these kidnappings are happening.

      1. John M.

        All is not as it appears with that Papini case, or so my hunches tell me. I’m not ready to blame that one on the cartels yet.

        -John M.

    2. Loren

      Actually you have to first get a gun license (with full background check) to buy ammo for that gun only and show that license at the store. Hardly matters when you get the background check.

  2. Tom Stone

    The Ammunition background checks are a form of backdoor registration. Say Uncle Bob or Grampa Jim kick the bucket leaving behind a wingmaster or an m1 carbine, whatever.
    And the heirs don’t bother “Voluntarily” registering the gun but do shoot it from time to time…buy ammo for a caliber you don’t have a registered firearm in and a flag goes up.
    There will be fewer false positives because of the new restrictions on loaning firearms.
    2 Million new guns bought by Californians this year and that doesn’t count home builds.
    It seems odd to me that the press never seems to notice a correlation between public corruption and crime…

  3. E Garrett Perry

    The Czech Republic already has their response prepared- a pair of binding Parlimentary Resolutions passed in the last few weeks, stating that the CR will not, under any circumstances nor for any reason, comply with any EU effort to muck about with their gun laws. Then last week, this dropped:

    “Citizens of the Czech Republic have the right to acquire, possess and carry firearms and ammunition for the purpose of protection of life, health and property and thus participate in the provision of internal order and security as well as of territorial integrity, sovereignty and democratic order of the Czech Republic. Terms and conditions shall be determined by a law.[142]”

    It’s not Constitutional Carry, but it’s the strongest protection in Europe and stronger than many US States. Note also that although the Amendment states a collective/State interest, the individual Rights both to a firearms and to its use to protect Life, Health, and Property are given top billing- the collective interest is served by the individual Right, but the collective is subordinated to the individual.

    And this Constitutional Amendment was proposed by the Ministry Of The Interior- by the government itself.

    Friends say the Amendment is expected to pass at a walk, potentially in an emergency joint session of Parliment. A vote on leaving the EU is expected to take place sometime in 2017.

    The EU has their response from the Czechs, to wit: “No. We won’t do that. You can’t make us.”


      1. E Garrett Perry

        They’ve -tried- all sorts of stuff. Unless Herr Reichsfuhrer Junker plans on digging Heydrich up and sending in the Luftwaffe, this latest will end up the same way all the other crap did- just faster. That’s the lovely thing about the EU- none of the diktats actually mean anything when you’re dealing with a country which doesn’t use the Euro and doesn’t consume a bunch of Brussels money. The EU has very little that the Czechs want all that badly, and so far as I can tell they have -nothing- that the Czechs want badly enough to comply with this nonsense. Locals are already calling this a “Wife Law:” honored (seemingly) while your wife is actively watching and focused on you, but never complied with in any meaningful way. My impression is that this is effectively a dead letter, at least in the CR (and probably Finland too).

        1. E Garrett Perry

          Oh- some further digging seems to indicate that the EUVD package has been agreed upon by the working group charged with writing the bill: ie this was the equivalent of a Congressional Committee getting a bill’s language settled. It still has to be passed by the EU Parliment- it almost certainly will be, but the vote looks like it’ll take some time to set up, which gives various states time to take whatever action they choose.

  4. Scott

    Typos ‘n such:

    the murder of [something here goes?], committed by criminal alien

    up with an insult ata national menorah lighting ceremony.

    But the rabbi leading the ceremony, Levi Shemtov, let the official, acting undersecretary for terrorism in the Treasury Department Adam Szubin, [something here goes?] then insulted Szubin in turn, albeit politely: he brought up the name of perhaps the most hated Jew in the most Jew-hating Administration the United States has ever had, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

  5. James F.

    It was the murder of Kate Steinle, which became an issue in the Presidential campaign. The gun was stolen from a BLM ranger’s car.

    It was in a backpack in his car. Not clear if the car was locked or not, but I don’t think it was in the trunk. The BLM agent hasn’t been named, nor has the FBI agent who had the same thing happen to him in San Francisco, but since they’re federal, Brown’s stupid law wouldn’t apply to them.

    In the meantime, Brown and the city of San Francisco both refuse to cooperate in enforcing Federal immigration law against the “undocumented.”

  6. John Distai

    I am kicking myself for my lack of safety in handling this week. I was in a gun store this week looking at something with my son. The clerk clears the weapon and hands it to me. It was my responsibility to go through the same procedure as a model for my son. I fouled up once, and then caught myself the second time.

    On an off-topic note, this blog has often emphasized that anything can be a weapon, it’s the mind that makes it a weapon. A few weeks ago, I found a book titled “A Guide to Improvised Weaponry – How To Protect Yourself With Whatever You’ve Got” by MSG Terry Schappert and Adam Slutsky. Schappert is a member of U.S. Army Special Forces.

    The book has several short passages that describe some scenario, and how an object present in the scenario could be used as a weapon. Some of the scenarios are entertaining, but the point is to think creatively to get out of a jam.

    I showed this book to my video game-addicted son this morning. The games were forgotten, and he was engrossed in reading about the scenarios and the creative use of weaponry. It was refreshing to see a book capable of pulling a kid away from electronic addictions.

    1. Hognose Post author

      I know Terry; he was a medic and later an 18F in 19th Group when I was in 20th. I ran into him in … Louisville? Rhode Island? I think, in RI, when I was on a project for another government agency.

      He used to have a TV show, “Warriors.” And he’s been involved with other TV shows since (“Hunting Hitler,” I think).

  7. Keith

    Happy New Years to all the folks here.

    Wish I had the money to bid on some of that in that auction. Fake Luger or not it looked great. And I like my (modern) Springfield Armory Military Model but I’d like to have one saying “Government Model” on the side. Oh well, more rich man’s toys.

    Shot at three times in my life by people violating one or more of those four laws.

    God bless and keep the powder dry.

  8. Aesop

    The word is that to those that own them here in Califrutopia, mags holding more than 10 rounds aren’t illegal. They are simply undocumented.

    I wouldn’t know personally, as all of mine (both of them) were tragically swept overboard while I was cleaning them while yachting in the Catalina Channel, at the 500-fathom line.
    At any rate, 10-rd magazines carried Pancho Villa bandolero-style will become the new normal.
    Viva gun fashion!

    The ammo rule is to laugh.

    Phoenix, Vegas, Reno, and Free Utah are within a tank of gas away. There are no cavity searches at the border (only agricultural inspection stations). So unless one tries to conceal an ammo haul in a watermelon rind, the number of similarly “undocumented” ammunition purchases promises to be legendary.

    And secondary sales of ammo to those bereft of the will to travel promises to create a booming (you should forgive the unlooked-for pun) black market in private ammunition sales. IANAL, but unless one attempts to make a living doing back-of-the-truck ammo sales at a big city CA swap meet, there is no way short of invoking Godwin’s Law in this discussion they’ll ever make any dent in that trade, and if they do, the ammunition won’t be flowing, it’ll be flying.

    One Trump SCOTUS appointment could render these new CA anti-2d Amendment laws all moot anyways, in due course.
    And Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t getting any younger, either.

  9. Bill Robbins

    “Undocumented magazines.” Nice. Now, how about all those little magazines that dream of holding more than 10 rounds? Don’t all magazines deserve a chance?

    1. John M.

      No, officer, that’s not a 30-round AR-15 magazine. It’s a 10-round AR-15 magazine for .458 SOCOM. See? I wrapped a piece of tape around the magazine and wrote “.458 SOCOM” on it so I won’t get it confused.

      -John M.

  10. Jim Scrummy

    Will Chiraq make it to the magic 800? I think it will. The stupidity will be commencing as soon as the “sun” goes down.

    Who would’ve figured that a muslim prezzy would be anti-semite? Didn’t the Jewish vote go overwhelmingly for zero and hilly? Samantha Power and John Kerry, two horse faces uglier and dumber than Mr. Ed.

  11. JAFO

    On the California child prostitution law:
    The change has been described elsewhere as legalizing child prostitution, but Hognose has it right. Prostitutes under 18 years old can no longer be charged with prostitution. Pimps, customers etc. are still breaking the law.

    In any juvenile case, the primary state interest is to sort the kid out, punishing criminal behavior as necessary, taking the kid out of an abusive household or whatever. Lots of the kids can’t be helped, and as a society we are not terribly good at sorting out those who might be helped. Some of the worst abuse cases I’ve seen have been in foster homes. But we have to do something with these kids. Figuring out what to do is the judge’s job, with the advice of social service types, who range from a waste of space to the very committed and capable.

    This is a foolish change to the law. Imagine a seasoned pro of 17, with four years in the game, a $500 a day habit, and two pages of priors (drug possession, prostitution, maybe a little larceny or assault). Now the judge has to go the pure social services route. The judge can’t lock the kid up, or use the threat of lockup. That kid is going to run away and be back on the streets in a month.

    1. LCPL Martinez USMC would be the drug equivalent of this.

      In lieu of incarceration , invariably leads to a tangent industry, either to rehab or in this case , the oldest profession , find another profession? So another career/trade program. And judging from state sponsored/subsidized rehab programs, it’ll be a waste of taxpayer money.

      IMHO a drug habit can be kicked, a lot of people find Jesus. But the realization that your pussy is worth a million bucks, cannot be easily forgotten. So maybe a lesson in business or accounting, maybe legal stuff? But once women realize the ATM affect of a certain part of their anatomy(ies),

      like the security/protection industry, it’ll grow. Mind as well legalize.

        1. Hognose Post author

          Thing is, a woman’s youth and beauty is what an economist calls a “wasting asset.” Use it or lose it, because you won’t have at 40 what you had at 30, and at 30 you’re missing what you had at 20.

    2. Aesop

      It gets better; per the local constabulary in jail ward discussions, rape of an intoxicated person, in that it is unlawful but requires no force, is now no longer a crime of violence, and has been downgraded from felony to a non-violent misdemeanor under Califrutopia law and jurisprudence.

      Meaning, to put the finest point on it, that one could date rape 5000 or 50,000 drunk chicks, and yet still not be disqualified from purchasing or possessing firearms for any reason thereby, whatsoever.

      Top. Men.

    3. bloke_from_ohio

      It all comes down to what you are actually trying to do with the law. If you want to keep people from paying each other for sex, then this new law will not help. But then again outright banning hookers will pan out about as well as every other time a government tried to ban something. Unintended consequences being a pain, it is incumbent us all to decide if such a ban is worth spend time and money on in the first place.

      If you are trying to remove the state as a party to the kind of coercion that underpins sex slavery, then you might get somewhere. There is a logical argument for decriminalizing prostitution. By doing so, it should become easier for victims of human trafficking to seek help from authorities. Those people forced “into the life” will avoid getting help from the state for fear of punishment. The effectiveness of such a scheme in bringing trafficked folks into the light remains to be seen. But removing the state from the equation, or better moving them to the other side is a good thing, assuming your goal is less sex slaves and not just no hookers. Because sex slaves and prostitution in general are not the same thing despite being interrelated.

      Like all laws, this will obviously be abused. Folks who legitimately “chose the life” can and will use it as cover for their activities. This is unfortunate if you truly care about stopping prostitution in general. However given that under current law, pimps can use the threat of punishment from the state to coerce those under their control to remain as such, I don’t see the major problem.

      The fewer catch 22s the government forces on people the better.

  12. Dienekes

    That (real) Springfield Armory 1911 might be the one I had about 30 years ago. Not quite unfired, but close, and straight as a string. Sold it for top dollar then, and no doubt the current price will be eye-watering. Another in a long list of ones I should have kept. Que sera, sera.

  13. Steve M.

    Happy New Year!

    Firearm safety is terribly critical. It’s an absolute shame that a man who had a history of vocal support for gun rights, must be misused and misaligned by the media now to fit whatever twisted point they want to make. The article on Harmon’s tragic passing says the gun went off. It did, but…..

    I was talking to a newer, younger gun owner not too long ago about accidental discharges. I explained to him that guns don’t just go off. I did the humbling thing and explained to him the circumstances about an errant 115 grain XTP bullet exiting the barrel (as if fired!) of a Glock 19, which happened to be mine, which happened to be in my hands, which happened to surprise me. I explained to him my finger was ON that trigger. I fired that gun. I broke all the rules. By the grace of God, I was lucky. It was a wake up call! Aye, They’re always loaded!

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