When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Meth Moms

It’s the child-abuse equivalent of Oscar Season out there, folks. Here’s another entry in the Mom Of The Year™ stakes, one Erin Piche-Pitts; she didn’t whack the kid with a gun, which is good because she’s a prohibited person on several grounds, and if she’d killed the kid that way she might be in trouble.  And yes, she looks unhappy in the mugshot because she’s just killed her baby. Indeed, she just did that for the second time; she killed another one the same exact negligent way seven years ago. Via CBS News:

A central Florida woman has been arrested following the second “co-sleeping” death of a newborn within seven years.

Erin Piche-Pitts, 25, was warned by numerous agencies about the dangers of sleeping in the same bed with an infant following the 2009 smothering death of her 13-day-old baby girl, reports CBS affiliate WTSP. That death was ruled accidental.

Why are people with hyphenated names (unless both sides of the family have a long tradition of postnominal letters, like KCMG, OBE, DSO and all that) such monumental losers? It’s almost as if the name expands as the character contracts, or vice-versa.

Piche-Pitts reportedly gave birth to another child, a boy, on Sept. 18. She was warned again by a primary care physician about the dangers of sleeping with the infant during the infant’s Sept. 21 exam, the station reports. Police said the mother had also completed a “Healthy Start” training program and was provided “counseling and information” about how to properly put an infant to sleep on their back.

Amazing. “Parenting classes” by “trained professionals,” applied to a negligent mother, produced… a negligent mother.

Despite the warnings, police say on Piche-Pitts fell asleep in her bed with the boy in the crook of her arm Oct. 6 at her Polk County home. She awoke about two and a half hours later to find the infant unresponsive under her, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

The child was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Piche-Pitts is charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child due to negligence in the boy’s death. Deputies determined that after the repeated warnings, the boy’s death was “through her own culpable negligence,” reports the Orlando Sentinel.

What could make a mom fall asleep on top of her baby

Deputies say Piche-Pitts has a criminal history which includes charges for burglary, possession of methamphetamines, battery and domestic violence.

via Erin Piche-Pitts, Florida mom, charged after second infant’s “co-sleeping” death – CBS News.

3 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Meth Moms

  1. John Distai

    This is sad. I unfortunately became acquainted with meth thanks to some neighbors I had.

    For the readers, if you have neighbors that display odd, paranoid behaviors, or you smell weird chemical smells in your neighborhood, take notice. Meth addicts are ubiquitous and exist in all socioeconomic classes. Living in a “nice neighborhood” provides no insulation from them or their activities.

    If you are in the market for real estate, talk to the neighbors adjacent to the home you are interested in BEFORE making an offer. Strike up a conversation. Ask about the property. Feel out the neighbors and see if there were any previous concerns about the property, or if the neighbors themselves are odd. Test for issues if necessary. Life is too short to deal with these people and the destruction they leave in their wake.

    1. DSM

      No joke about really scoping out the neighborhood. My dad has been in plumbing & heating for decades and has in the past few years ran across some of the meth problems in our dumpy little home town. A crew he sent out gave him a call thinking there was some sort of gas leak. He went out there and took a look around and then called the gas company. Their guy came out, took two steps out of his truck, and called his dispatch to call the police. Ended up being the next house over was cooking up their weekend stash. I worry about him getting hurt having to fix whatever jimmy-rigged contraption they’ve built.

  2. Mike_C

    >What could make a mom fall asleep on top of her baby
    Psychic fatigue secondary to the mental trauma of being named Piche-Pitts. Members of her support group, including Nancy Bonnano-Peele, Sally Appel-Corr and Kim Plumm-Stone have expressed their willingness to testify on her behalf.

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