His Name is Anus: Murderer Missing in Mutti Merkel’s Massacre

Mutti Merkel’s Massacre?” Well, what else can we call the terrorist outrage in Berlin, where one of the terrorists admitted as “asylum seekers,” probably not working alone, killed 12 and injured 48 or 49, 18 of them critically or severely? To make matters worse, the first alien criminal they grabbed — we mentioned him yesterday, a Pakistani “refugee” named Naved Baluch, caught after wanton traffic violations that made witnesses suspect he was the Berlin killer — was the wrong guy. They figured it out when his DNA didn’t match the blood the injured murderer left behind, with the body of the dead authorized truck driver, in the juggernaut he used to commit the massacre.

Uh, he also left his ID card. And his name is Anus. (Okay, it’s Anis, Anis Amri, but Arabic transcription is pretty flexible, no? We’re going with Anus). And yes, he’s from the desert planet of Tattooine, uh, the desert burg of Tataouine in Algeria, an Islamic extremist stronghold. Well, either way he’s an alien presence in Germany.

The Germans, whose Secret State Police (and its successor, the East German Stasi, which had a lot of continuity in leadership and methods) once terrorized all Europe, seem to have lost the capability, or perhaps the will, to do good police work. Illustrating (literally) this: these pictures of Anus’s whole face showed up in an English newspaper.

The pictures the German police released had the eyes blanked out to protect Anus’s privacy. That’s right, they’re less interested in catching this sphincter muscle than they are in protecting his privacy. 

Well, to blazes with his privacy. We’d take it as a personal favor if you spread these pictures far and wide, and if you see him on the street and happen to be driving a 44-tonne class European M2-standard big rig, you know what to do. Lex Talionis, a concept from European civilization, which predates moslem civilization.

But hey, 2016 predates moslem civilization, too. Moslem barbarism, well, that’s different.

Here’s a graphic with a timeline of the crime and investigation, so far.

We’re still trying to get our heads around the German unwillingness to name and ID their suspect. It’s not just because they had the wrong guy first time, but a matter of long-standing national policy.

According to that English paper (The daily Mail; it’s a dirty job, but they wanna be paperback writers):

The 21-year-old’s ID was found under the seat in the lorry used to murder 12 people and maim dozens of others.

Yet strict privacy rules in Germany mean newspapers in the country are referring to him only by his first name and the first initial of his last surname – despite a public appeal aimed at tracking him down.

Pictures of Anis A, who if he is the driver police believe is probably armed, ‘highly dangerous’ and a member of a ‘large’ Islamic organisation, are also partially obscured, blocking out his eyes.

Media used the same naming method for Naved Baluch yesterday when the Pakistani was held in the aftermath of the atrocity.

The 23-year-old, who arrived in Germany a year ago, was blamed for Monday night’s carnage but released 18 hours later.

In line with the country’s privacy laws, German authorities will not fully name anyone they arrest over the atrocity.

It is not the first example of full names being withheld during criminal cases in the country.

Last month, only first names were released as two Syrian men, Kamel T.H.J. and Azad R., were charged with membership in a terrorist organisation on allegations they fought with a militant Islamist groups in their homeland.

A month earlier, a similar tactic was employed on the arrest of suspected ISIS airport bomb plotter Jaber al-Bakr.

The 22-year-old, had built ‘a virtual bomb-making lab’ in a flat in Chemnitz and was thought to have planned an attack against either one of Berlin’s two airports or a transport hub in his home state of Saxony, security sources said.

He later hanged himself in his prison cell – despite being on suicide watch.

No great loss. It spares the rest of us from what he’d do when the Germans let him go.

Some newspapers even keep to the rule when referring to Austrian monster Josef Fritzl, who repeatedly raped his daughter, Elisabeth, and fathered seven children by her while keeping her imprisoned in his cellar for 24 years.

Not saying Fritzl should be anybody’s role model, but who’s the real monster? He or the mohammedan?

Amri had an online presence that suggested he supports the Ansar al-Sharia extremist group back home.

His injuries that caused his blood to be left in the truck came, in a matter of sweet payback, from Christmas wreaths and scaffolding that penetrated his truck. Jesus Saves, but if you’re a murtherin’ heathen, sometimes He just turns you in to the cops.

Mrs Merkel’s tone-deaf response to the crime shows that she is at least consistent. While her citizens were being murdered by her beloved “refugees,” she was attending a pro-migrant event; when she spoke about the tragedy, her sympathies were for the perps, not the victims:

“It would be particularly hard to bear for all of us if it was confirmed that a person committed this crime who asked for protection and asylum in Germany”

When she belatedly showed up to lay roses on the scene the next day, the question might be whether she was laying them for the victims or for her own political career, which her open-doors-for-terrorists policy has put on life support.

There are two graphic ways of looking at the refugee carnage in Germany. The Mail produced a map:

The second way is to plug those same numbers in by time. Neither of these is particularly good because there’s a lot of luck (good and ill) in outcomes. Along with these “successful” plots, there have been others interrupted by German authorities or international police work.

The Mail article says that truck attacks were called for in a recent issue of ISIL’s Rumiyah (Rome) magazine, which replaced their previous magazine Dabiq when they lost the city of Dabiq. We searched two issues of Rumiyah, which are all that we are aware of, without finding this reference. But if ISIL is pushing this technique, we can expect to see more of them. (They are definitely pushing knife attacks, and we’ve seen an increase in those in Israel, the USA and Europe).


This post has been edited. Number of injured and critically injured was updated to 48 or 49 (media disagree) and 18 critically or severely.

30 thoughts on “His Name is Anus: Murderer Missing in Mutti Merkel’s Massacre

  1. ambiguousfrog

    Have you already done “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have … Lorries” ?

  2. Mr. 308

    “he’s from the desert planet of Tattooine”

    These aren’t the Jihadis you are looking for.

  3. medic09

    It seems that the Germans, rightfully ashamed and repentant of the Nazi era, have sadly swung to the other extreme. Blacking out the suspect’s eyes? So what was the point of releasing the photo at all? Hopefully someone in German intelligence or police will use that well-known ruthless attention to detail and track this guy down quickly.

  4. John M.

    “The pictures the German police released had the eyes blanked out to protect Anus’s privacy. That’s right, they’re less interested in catching this sphincter muscle than they are in protecting his privacy.”

    Were this put this in a work of fiction, it would be rejected as not credible. Were this put in a parody, it would be a laugh line.

    “But hey, 2016 predates moslem civilization, too. Moslem barbarism, well, that’s different.”

    In fairness to Muslims, they ran some decent empires in the Middle Ages, including arts and sciences. “Algebra” is not for nothing an Arabic word, given that while Europe was languishing, the Arabs (and Persians) were building on Babylonian and Greek mathematics. Khayyam’s calendar was awesome, and predated our Gregorian calendar by 500 years.

    I doubt any of us would have found these Muslim empires to be up to our standards of good governance, but few of their European counterparts of the time would have qualified either. Charlemagne was a rough contemporary of Al-Khwarezmi, and William the Conqueror was a rough contemporary of Khayyam. Neither has his name in the hall of fame for Enlightenment princes.

    Why the Islamic world is having a Dark Ages of its own at the moment is not a question that’s answered as simplistically as, “Christians civilized/Muslims barbarians.”

    -John M.

    1. Paul Rain

      Algebra is a loan word from Persian, its inventor was born a Zoroastrian and may have remained one til his death, and every achievement of ‘Muslim civilization’ was coopted from actual civilisations- whether they be Persian, Indo-Aryan, Greek or Roman.

      1. John M.


        Al-Khwarizmi was Persian (as was Khayyam), but Algebra is an Arabic word, since Al-Khwarizmi did his work in Arabic, in Baghdad. I can’t find a translation of Al-Khwarizmi’s Algebra book online, but Infogalactic reports that there’s a pious Muslim preface to the book.

        There’s no question that the Arab (and other Muslim) empires were good at borrowing things, but they also–at times–created an environment for learning to flourish. That’s not nothing. After all, is it an indictment of Western culture that 20% of Nobel Prize winners are Jewish?

        -John M.

        1. bloke_from_ohio

          Regardless of the historical veracity of the often touted islamic golden age, it matters little when these savages are pulling this nonsense in the name of their god now.

          I doubt some of the kafir thinkers who worked in squiggle and dot did so by choice. I am convinced many of the discoveries the middle age caliphates get credit for is more a function of Arabic being used to record the discovery than anything else. When in Rome do as the Romans. When dominated by the caliphate, write in arabic and pay the jizya (assuming you qualify for second class status and not just outright excitation).

  5. Dienekes

    Looks like governments only get all efficient over political crimes (Committee of Public Safety, Cheka, Kempetai, Gestapo, Stasi, et al). When it comes to their most basic obligation, protection of its citizens against foreign and domestic threats, well, that’s just too hard.

    I just hope we got rid of the Lightbringer in time to come to OUR senses.

    1. Gray

      No, it will prove not to be so.

      He will, I predict, light in D.C. to continue his previous occupation of “organizing”, and use every possible means and opportunity to sabotage the new administration.

      I will enjoy being wrong.

  6. staghounds

    It would not be the most stupid thing in the world to leave someone else’s documents at the crime scene. Maybe an accomplice’s who is already safely out of the country, maybe just stolen ones.

    Also “despite being on suicide watch.” For some German values of despite, watch, and suicide.

    1. Bert

      Indeed, what kind of idiot would take their very own and REAL ID DOCUMENT with them on a pre planned attack mission which included their own escape (or an extraction aided by accomplices?). Not a lone wolf intending to martyr himself here, by all appearances.

      Nothing to be gained from bringing true ID- And LOTS for their accomplices and friends to lose.

      Now show me a confirmed DNA match from the blood in cab with some samples from alleged perp’s dwelling, ditto for prints in the truck and his dwelling, cell phone position tracking data from his phone along the attack inbound route, and some surveillance camera images showing someone the right size, color and shape in the driver seat and bailing out of the cab?

      I mean, we are GERMANS here. This is how we DO things. Dot the i, cross the t, double check that conclusion before the press release. And sometimes even WE suspect evidence that is just too good.

    2. Mr. 308

      “The 21-year-old’s ID was found under the seat in the lorry used to murder 12 people and maim dozens of others.”

      Yea, am I the only one not really buying this one?

      I mean, really? Just lying there… just like that… after they nab the wrong guy and let him go they are all like ‘look lads, look what I found’.

      Uh huh.

      1. Loren

        When our house was burgled in Perth (theft being an Australian national pastime) the perp left his CV in our driveway.
        Yep, the are that stupid.

        1. staghounds

          I didn’t mean to say they aren’t, I’ve seen plenty of left behind documents with independent proof of guilt. I was just saying that millions of people are looking for someone else’s face s a good thing if you’ve done a high profile crime.

        2. Hognose Post author

          What, burgs have CVs?

          Position sought: International Jewel Thief.
          Experience: smash-n-grab, second-story, locks and safes, getaway driver.
          Education: 3 years, State Prison advanced criminality institute.

          1. Loren

            Just an Asian gang banger who for some reason had a CV complete with address, education,etc. Fell out of his car in my driveway. Good thing too as when I called the cops about the burglary they expressed limited interest (not their house is it?). I then told them all about the guy. Amazingly they caught him after he pawned some of my stuff and another guy’s gear who’s house he had also robbed.
            Always helps if you solve the crime for them. Course he didn’t spend a minute in jail as that’s Australia’s way of crime encouragement.

    3. Mike_C

      True, but on the other hand, the world is sometimes not only dumber than we think, it’s dumber than we can think.

      1. Mr. 308

        Too true.


        “Leland Ayala-Doliente, 22, and Holland Sward, 23, were traveling from Las Vegas to Bozeman, Montana, with some 20 pounds of marijuana. Court documents show the men were using marijuana during their trip and when they entered Idaho, they felt they were being followed by undercover police officers.

        Rexburg Police Cpt. Randy Lewis told EastIdahoNews.com that at the time they weren’t being followed by anyone.

        Once they reached Rexburg, the pair exited U.S. Highway 20, parked their car and called 911. They said they just wanted the police to stop following them.”

  7. Paul Rain

    Merkel should know about how a nation’s secret police (as the full name of the Gestapo was).. she was a filthy Stasi informant after all.

    One can only hope she learns about the difference between Sunni dog and European traditions some time soon. When ISIS hang an enemy, they hang them from a lamppost without explanation. It is enough to know that the capricious hand of Islam can strike at any point. When a German German hangs a sign saying Volksverräter around the traitor’s neck, it will provide fair warning to those who would destroy Europe.

  8. Keith

    I heard on the radio earlier today that ISIS had claimed responsibility for the attack for what that’s worth.

    1. John M.

      Darn those murky motives again. Should we blame it on the NRA or on Christian conservatives?

      Why not both?

      -John M.

  9. Tom Stone

    We have had a religious war on our hands for a while now and it won’t go away soon. However, I find it useful to keep in mind that there’s a honkin’ shitload of Muslims in this world.
    And that there are vast cultural differences between Indonesian Muslims and those from Egypt.
    All religions that prosper have a lot of variation over time and Islam is not a young faith.
    Good grief, just look at the variety of Baptist sects here in the USA.
    So yup, we have Muslims who are enemies and Muslims who are not enemies.
    US policy choices in the Mid East have not had good outcomes for quite some time and there are some quite identifiable threats ( And some that won’t be identified in time).

    1. Kirk

      “So yup, we have Muslims who are enemies and Muslims who are not enemies.”

      No, what you have are Muslims who are open about what they intend and how they act, and then you have a bunch who are better at taqiyya.

      No Moslem adherent is safe to have in a community of non-Muslims, once that pernicious faith has begun making its inroads into their minds. Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter when, doesn’t matter about the ethnicity of said adherent–They’re all dangerous. Period.

      We have a very unfortunate view of the Bosniak Muslims here in the US, thinking that they were innocent victims of the evil Serbs. That is so much bullshit, to put things plainly–The nature of what was going on in Bosnia is invisible to the average American, simply because we’re so naively stupid that we take what is said by these people at face value. When Izetbegovic started up with his whole “we need to get back to real Islam…” BS back in the 1970s, what US diplomats and other suchlike idiots heard was an “innocent” desire to return to a state of nature before Communism, and we thought it good. So, like a bunch of dumbasses, we encouraged that and lent that fool and his minions legitimacy, extending diplomatic coverage so that the Tito regime didn’t just kill his stupid ass–Which Tito probably should have done. Instead, we exerted influence and applied pressure to make him a legitimate leader, and likely at the connivance and behest of the Saudis.

      Full flower of that bit of brilliance came to bloom in the late 1980s, when Tito was dead. The Serbian politicians who rode the whole thing into power were a bunch of murderous thugs, but they had their reasons for what they did–Long memories, and the knowledge that the Moslems were on the rise in the Balkans yet again. That’s how they were able to get the whole train going–Had Izetbegovic been ignored by the rest of the ethnic Bosniak Muslims, like as not, those guys like Milosevic and Karadzic would have had a very hard time gaining traction. However, the recognizable code words and actions of Izetbegovic pretty much played into their hands, and we got what we got. To a degree, the protections and cloak of legitimacy we threw over Izetbegovic back in the seventies led to the whole ugly denouement–Not least because we played right into the hands of the paranoids who wound up running the asylum that was Yugoslavia.

      But, that’s the nature of the Muslim minority in any country: They aren’t willing to accept a place where they’re living side-by-side with others. Everywhere that Islam is, becomes a desert. Syria was once majority Christian; Islam was a thin veneer smeared over the top of a majority culture after the conquests. Took them centuries, but they managed to virtually extirpate the entire faith in that country, and we’re watching the end games as we speak. Same-same with Zoroastrian Persia; Yazidi Northern Iraq, and anywhere else that Islam gains a foothold. Peace with these people as your neighbors is impossible; ask the Christians of Indonesia, where the Islamics like to behead their little girls just for having the wrong religion.

      I remember talking to a couple of our Yazidi interpreters in Iraq; they told me stories of how they lived side-by-side with their Moslem neighbors, and of how they’d hidden those neighbors when Saddam came for them because their tribe had done something to piss him off. Same neighbors, I’m told, were the ones who turned those Yazidis over to the ISIS animals when they came along.

      Do not fool yourself; Islam is not a religion you can live with in harmony and peace, if you are not a Moslem. Everywhere along the borderlands, and anywhere they are the majority, life is a living hell for anyone who dares to profess to another faith. Let them gain enough of a foothold in your community, and soon enough, you’ll find out what it is to be a Christian in Syria, or elsewhere. That is the nature of Islam, no matter what their faith-mandated lies are to you.

      I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but as far as I have been able to ascertain from my reading and research, Islam is the only faith in the world that has built into it a mandate to lie about anything and everything to outsiders, so as to further the faith. This feature of the religion, which is more a totalitarian political/lifestyle movement than religion as we Americans understand it, makes it virtually impossible to take any adherent of that faith at their word–For them to take the oath of American citizenship, for example? How the hell do you differentiate between an honest man taking that oath honestly, and one who is doing so in the full knowledge that falsity to non-believers is not only tolerated, but positively encouraged?

      The blithe assurance that “not all Moslems are dangerous” is so naive as to be delusional; how many “radicalized young men” whose fathers were “good immigrants” do you have to encounter committing terrorism before you figure out that it isn’t the men, it is the religion?

      Blind acceptance of the idiotic ideas about Islam which were put about in the aftermath of 9/11 are going to get a lot more people killed; Germany is about to learn through sad experience just what Aesop was talking about with his fable about the scorpion and the frog.

      1. bloke_from_ohio

        Whether or not Kirk’s characterization can be applied universally to all adherents of the faith is immaterial. I really want him to be wrong, but the guys we are actively fighting absolutely believe the things Kirk is accusing them of believing. Maybe there really is a silent moderate muslim majority. It does not appear to make much difference either way.

        Theologically speaking the tenants of faith in his outline would get very little push back from the folks out torching families in Iraq, crucifying folks in Syria, and driving trucks into crowds in Europe. Da’esh might take offense to the condemning tone of the piece though.

        The sad thing is that it is not a bunch of bed sheet wearing racists in the west just making this stuff up. The jihadists lay out almost all of what Kirk alludes to in their own literature and propaganda. You don’t even need a security clearance to see it because they put that stuff out there for the whole world to see. Our enemies are not being subtle. But our leadership in the west won’t publicly acknowledge it.

    2. Loren

      “there are vast cultural differences between Indonesian Muslims and those from Egypt.”
      I think that’s pretty much wrong when it comes to killing innocent Westerners.
      Google “Bali bombings” sometime.
      We’re at war with all the bastards.

  10. staghounds

    Most Moslems don’t want religious war and murder any more than most Germans didn’t want world war and genocide seventy years ago, or most people in British North America didn’t want violent insurgency in 1776.

    Most people just want to live their lives without politics at all.

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