Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 51

Hey, the Tour d’Horizon is on time. Who kidnapped Hognose? (Or is that piglet-napped?)


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Variants of the Beretta 92/M9, explained

In this sticky post at Arfcom, the variants of the venerable Beretta are run down. Did you know that the first ones had very different slides? We knew about the safeties and stuff, but didn’t know about this “stepped” slide, and we’ve owned lots of Berettas and shot many more.

Did you know how the frame profile of an early 92 and the military M9 differs from that of a commercial 92FS? We didn’t know that, either. Check out this thread and learn a little more about these remarkable firearms. Yes, they’re bashed at one end by the 1911A1 devotees and at the other by the Glockenspielers, but this pistol’s place in history is secure.

New LaserLyte Training Targets

To illustrate the changing of the target guard, they blast a few of their old targets with something other than the standard laser cartridges.

Hat tip: All

Gun Stocks update

Pre-Election closings: RGR 64.40, SWHC 28.45, VSTO 38.94.  [8 Nov 16]
-5 week’s closings: RGR 53.20, SWHC 24.13, VSTO 40.02. [18 Nov 16]
-4 week’s closings: RGR 52.50, SWHC 23.82, VSTO 41.05. [25 Nov 16] [short trading day and week]
-3 week’s closings: RGR 50.25, SWHC 21.10, VSTO 39.66. [2 Dec 16]
-2 week’s closings: RGR 51.90, SWHC 21.07, VSTO 38.62. [9 Dec 16]
Last week’s closings: RGR 53.45, SWHC 21.59, VSTO 36.81. [16 Dec 16]

This week’s closings: RGR 54.05, SWHC 22.11, VSTO 38.02. [23 Dec 16]

Red means “lower than the previous week.” All three stocks are lower than they were on 8 Nov 16. But all three are up this week, on a general rise of the market.

Disclaimer: Your Humble Blogger holds RGR, bought at about 56.40 on 9 Nov. It bottomed in the 40s later that day. We still think it has longterm growth potential, and we like the dividend, but we’ve lost (on paper) thousands of dollars.

Gun Poly-Ticks

Wanna Wear a Yellow Triangle?

State Senator Danny Verdin of South Carolina wants you to.

Mad Duck UN Gun Control Play

A short piece at The Washington Times explains the history and concequences of the UN Arms Trade Treaty that President Obama has submitted to the Senate for Ratification. It is a direct attack on the right to own and use firearms and all kinds of weapons.

What happened was not just part of the usual give and take of such negotiations, but a deliberate act of bad faith by Hillary Clinton. The firearms community was under the impression that the Department of State was negotiating in good faith. However, release of Mrs. Clinton’s Benghazi emails revealed the truth. As it turned out one of the reasons she supported the treaty was because it was opposed by the NRA.

Along with Mrs Clinton, the villain of the piece is Tom Countryman, an example of the sort of prep-school inbreed that always serves the State Department and the nation, and always serves them both badly, due to greater affinity with foreign oligarchs’ scions, whom they closely resemble. The Senate should reject it, but you never know with chinless, gutless, nutless Mitch McConnell.

Does the Constitution Require Reciprocity?

That’s what New York lawyer Rafael Mangual argues in National Review.

[T]he Constitution may actually already require national reciprocity for the more basic right to keep a gun in the home — not because of the Second Amendment, but because of the constitutional right to travel.

…the fact that a state’s regulations may not violate the Second Amendment doesn’t mean they don’t place an undue burden on the right to travel.

His point is that It’s an interesting argument, if a technical one. It may have found an outlet at the #NeverTrump precinct of National Review, though, specifically because it’s not what Trump says he’ll do, and because it might undermine what Trump says he wants to do, provide carry reciprocity (Mangual argues only for possession reciprocity, in the home, which is something only a few benighted states deny new arrivals).

Usage and Employment

The hardware takes you only half way. 

This is Winning Ugly

A Philadelphia woman fired two shots at a would-be armed robber. She didn’t hit him, but the cops nabbed him as he skedaddled, still holding her purse and the club he’d been robbing people with.

However, she did hit someone else — what’s worse, the store security guard. He’s in stable condition with a bullet in the shin. She’s not expected to face charges, but a little remedial instruction on the flat range might be in order.

This is Winning Ugly, too.

We didn’t know whether to laugh or cheer when the store clerk seemed torn between continuing to shoot at the fleeing felon, or taking another drag on his cigarette. “I’m not just the smoke shop salesman, I’m also a customer!” Even if he is a CZ guy… this is pretty ugly.

It is still winning, though. The good guy didn’t get shot. No bystander got shot. The criminal was a no-go at robbery.

The clerk wrote when posting the video:

Castle doctrine, baby. Shout out to CZ-USA, beautiful performance from my CZ-75 SP-01 Tactical. This was in Houston, Texas at Smoke Alley on Westheimer.

The two crims are wearing yellow baseball caps. Gang color? One enters the store and quickly pulls his gun and announces a robbery while the other stands guard outside. In seconds they’re both fleeing a fusillade of 9mm rounds, and, one hopes, contemplating a career change.

This is Winning Clean

Robber Kevin Johnson — before receiving four well-earned shots and assuming ambient temperature.

The guy’s going to be fired by anti-gun Uber, who would be perfectly happy if he and his rider had been murdered. But he’s still sucking oxygen in the free air, and one robber is slabbed and the other jailed — that’s a W on any scorecard.

The Uber driver’s vehicle was then cut off by a Dodge Caravan minivan on the William Lehman Causeway.

“The driver of the Caravan exited the vehicle and he had two firearms in his hands and he pointed them at the Uber driver and demanded items from the driver,” [Aventura, FL, police spox Sgt. Chris] Goranitis said. “This was an attempted robbery.”

But the unidentified Uber driver was also armed, and he proceeded to fire at the would-be thief, police said. The suspect, who was not identified, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the Uber driver fired in self-defense.

Johnson, after. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the dyin’.

The passenger in the van took off, but has been identified and is wanted. The dead robber Kevin Johnson, 24, robbed someone else just before he unwisely tried to rob Uber driver Namique Anderson. Johnson’s two guns were recovered at the scene, next to his cold, dead body. Police confirmed that they don’t expect to charge Mr Anderson.

Cops ‘n’ Crims

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

Mad Duck: Get Out of Jail Free Cards to More Criminals

Most of the new 78 pardons and 153 commutations went to drug dealers who carried guns while dealing, but a few went to unarmed dealers, and a handful went to other violent and white-collar criminals. Mark Knoller notes (via Twitchy) that 148 pardons and 1,176 commutations so far, the commutations are more than the previous 15 presidents combined.

The Cop was a Crim, I

This is not the way to accelerate your fast food order, there, lawdog.

Drunken off-duty Deputy Marshal Charles Brown, 30, stumbled into the fast-food joint in Bay Ridge around 1:20 a.m. Saturday and quickly started a beef, according to police.

The fried lawman began yelling at cashier Joanna Diaz, 41, about the long wait for his food, police sources said.

Brown then allegedly pulled out his loaded service weapon and pointed it at Diaz before wheeling around and training his gun on terrified customers inside the 86th Street eatery.

The marshal zeroed in on a 21-year-old man behind him in line who tried to intervene on the cashier’s behalf, cops said.

As workers frantically dialed 911, Brown’s order came up, and he paid for his food and fled, sources said.

Sheesh. Judgment Juice® and guns… isn’t there a block of instruction at FLETC about this?

Crooked State Rep who Took Cash Resents Wrist Tap

Hey, the laws are for the little people, says the corkscrew-spined ex-PA state rep, Louise Bishop. She got a better deal than anyone else – 6 months probation. Her excuse? When the lobbyist slipped her a roll of bribe money, it was all rolled up, so she didn’t know what it was. A reporter swallows that line whole… naturally.

Crooked Hedge Fund Maklers Tried to Abscond

They were planning to flee to Israel ahead of the authorities anxious to investigate a fraud that turned out to have cleaned investors out of over $1 Billion.

Maybe the Israeli authorities will claim them, like Pollard.

Crooked Central Banker Convicted, but Walks

Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund fled France ahead of a court verdict that did indeed go against her, for misusing public funds; but it turned out to have been unnecessary, because the court refused to penalize the old fraudster.

France is so crooked that there’s actually a court that speciaizes in public corruption cases, the Cour de Justice de la République. (We need one of those). Lagarde’s predecessor at IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, stepped down after charges he raped a hotel maid — nothing happened to him, either.

Murder: What Comes Next

A package of interviews at the Philadelphia Inquirer is designed to make you think, and, perhaps, tickle the fancy of the Pulitzer Board. The subject? The aftermath of homicide, and its effects on the families of the victims — and of the perpetrators. To make sure they had enough murders, they set the story not in Philly (which has plenty) but across the river in Camden, NJ (which has even more).

The Perils of Kathleen: Back in the News

The anti-gun, convicted felon former Attorney General remains a headline producer.

  • Item: Judge Refuses to Dismiss Lawsuit. Kane (and her former butt-boy Jonathan Duecker) tried to get a judge to throw out a lawsuit by two special agents, who have made (the judge ruled) a credible claim that Kane and Duecker retaliated against them for testifying to a grand jury investigating some of her political allies. They charge that:

Kane denied them promotions and publicly exposed their private emails during the Porngate scandal in retaliation for their disobeying her orders not to testify before a grand jury that was investigating corruption allegations against Democratic state legislators from Philadelphia.

Kane, a Democrat, declined to prosecute that legislative corruption case….

Unfortunately for Kane, the Philadelphia DA picked up the case, and her pals got convicted despite her attempt at blocking. And now she’s gotta answer for her retaliation against subordinates. Isn’t an Attorney General supposed to know that crime doesn’t pay?

And unfortunately for the gun owners of Pennsylvania, her replacement is Josh Shapiro, another guy who blames crime not on the criminals that do it, but on all the gun owners that don’t.

Ivy League Prof About to Walk for Bludgeoning Wife

Despite perjury in a related civil case, a multimillionaire former economics professor, Rafael Robb, looks like he’s about to walk free next month. After bludgeoning his wife to death while she wrapped Christmas presents in 2006, Robb got the unusual gift of a plea deal for a max of ten years in the can, and it looks like the State will honor the deal, even though Robb seems to have worked with his lawyers and his prison rabbi to try to cheat his wife’s family out of her assets. Nice guys, all of ’em.

TSA Perv Gives Genital Grope

And, the groped lady being a CNN type, she video’d the whole thing.  And even she, with her global platform, got the usual high-handed response from TSA: crickets. No one will be held accountable. When has any one of them ever been held accountable? For anything? 

No one good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent has ever been employed at TSA in any capacity whatsoever.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields. 

She Still Doesn’t Get it Dep’t

So, where was Mutti Merkel while some ISIL assel was running over dozens of her countrymen in service of the moon god Baal (aka Allah)? The Sun (coarse UK tabloid):

Merkel – who attended an award ceremony to celebrate the International Day of Migrants the day of the attack – said she was “shocked and shaken” by the tragedy.

Shocked? If so, she was about the only sentient being on the real-world side of a university campus not to see this coming.

The open-door approach, criticised by political allies and foes, may seal Merkel’s fate if the attacker turns out to be a migrant let in to the country.

Well, we don’t know what rock the Sun’s Sam Webb and Allan Hall (authors of the piece) are sleeping under, to throw that “if” in there. A good 12 hours before the dateline on their report, the attacker had been ID’d as a “refugee” from Pakistan, admitted in February. (OK. They’re now saying that he denies it, which gives the Merkel crowd plausible deniability too. Hey, maybe it wasn’t a rapefugee. Maybe it was Willi from Würzburg just acting up? Maybe he was under the control of SPECTRE’s brainwashing ray? Update: They are now saying another “refugee” did it).

The Sun article has a picture of German protesters from a previous rally, holding a sign that reads: “Wanted: Orban. For sale: Merkel.” (Victor Orban is the Hungarian leader who’s been determined to protect his nation and his people from the immigrant wave).

Back to the Jihad

Excerpt from the Reuters wire story sets the stage…

President Barack Obama plans to transfer as many as 18 more prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay military prison before leaving office, a source close to the matter said, further shrinking the inmate population but still far short of meeting his longtime pledge to close the facility.

Americans and allied forces risked, and lost, lives bagging these terrorists, completely apart from everyone else they killed, injured, enslaved, or oppressed.

There were 242 jihadis in the tank when the oceans stopped rising and the planet began to heal. There are now 59, and 41 will be left when President Obama leaves. Most of the nearly 200 released have returned to jihad. 

Navy: What Book List?

For weeks (months?) the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program  book list has been “under revision” — and blank.

“Navy Reading” is an official Navy page — an empty one.

A Good Choice for SECARM

We’ll just put this out there

President-elect Donald J. Trump has picked Vincent Viola as secretary of the Army. Viola is the founder of several businesses….

Viola is a 1977 West Point graduate. He trained as an Airborne Ranger infantry officer and served in the 101st Airborne Division. He is a graduate of New York Law School. In 2003, he founded and helped fund the creation of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

During the time when Viola served, every infantry officer (indeed, at one point, every male officer) was automatically cycled to either Airborne or Ranger school, but Viola did both. Not necessary, for a guy not planning on a career.

Frankly, anybody would  be better than outgoing social engineer Eric Fanning, whose only efforts during his term as Secretary of the Army were focused on stamping out dissent in the ranks, pressing Women in Combat, and “integrating sexual minorities.” Fanning leaves behind a weaker, less ready Army than he inherited. Viola’s business past is as an entrepreneur, not a turn-around artist, but a turn-around artist is what he has to be at the Pentagon.

You gotta love the press. Most of the headlines describe Viola as a “hockey team owner.” He is, but that’s probably not how he “identifies,” to use a favorite catchword of the press and the Eric Fanning crowd.

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to o disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™? (Nothing this week, sorry).

A Thought on First Aid Kits

Most vets have more medical training than the average citizen… that’s especially true these days with so many troops trained as Combat Lifesavers. Dark Angel Medical makes truly decent first aid trauma kits, both individual and team sized. They want everyone to know that you can buy these with Flexible Savings Account funds and some kinds of Health Savings Accounts, and if you have an FSA you may be up against a year end “use it or lose it” limit. Naturally, they would like you to spend the money with them. After you see their kits you will want to. (They also do training classes, for those who aren’t vets (or aren’t up on the latest techniques). They keep track of the lives their trainees have saved… over fifty, so far.

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to.(Nothing this week, sorry).

 Insha’allah Alone is Not Enough

So Pakistan International Airlines sacrificed a goat next to one of their jets.

Pakistan’s embattled national carrier has been widely mocked for sacrificing a goat next to a plane to ward off bad luck, weeks after one of the country’s worst air disasters.

This is the airline where the captain tells you what your destination is… “insha’allah.”

Can You Pass a Harvard Entrance Exam? [.pdf]

But wait, there’s a trick. It’s from 1869.

Merry Christmas from the Heathens at Apple

OK, they say “Happy Holidays,” but this is the funniest Frankie since Mel Brooks’s.

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  1. Clarence Chen

    The math on the Harvard test ain’t too bad, but everything else is Greek (and Latin) to me.

    1. John M.

      If my ancestors were not better men than I, then surely they made better use of the stuff they were made out of.

      What percentage of people with BA/BS degrees in this country do you think could earn a 50% on this exam? My guess is that it rounds to zero.

      -John M.

      1. Clarence Chen

        Well, to be fair, we don’t really teach Greek and Latin anymore, and our modern history has more subjects, because history has progressed. But the math is fairly basic, and I bet quite a few BS could do decently. But for the BA’s, seeing as what passes for art these days, I’d keep my expectations low.

  2. John M.

    Incomplete paragraph alert:
    “Unfortunately for Kane, the Philadelphia DA picked up the case, and her pals got convicted despite her attempt at blocking. And now she’s gotta answer for”

    -John M.

  3. John M.

    I flew a PIA 747 domestically (i.e. intra-Pakistan) once. It wasn’t half-bad. It was leagues better than the BabyFlot I flew a few times shortly after the turn of the century. [shudder] When your seat plays refusenik when you try to return it to the upright and locked position, it’s not a comforting feeling. (Upright it would do. Locked, not so much.)

    Plus, I’ll bet that goat was tasty.

    -John M.


    I’d like to wish a Very Merry Christmas indeed to Hognose and all the other ladies and gentlemen who contribute to WM.

    As always Hognose, your tremendous efforts here are gratefully appreciated.

  5. Differ

    One of the comments on the Uber story illustrates the abject failure of reason:
    “Since when do we give the death penalty for petty theft? That man may have been a thief, but they did not deserve to die for it.”
    Since when was armed robbery petty theft?

    1. bloke_from_ohio

      Without the coercive power of violence and/or the threat there of, a mugging is just a guy asking for your wallet on account of them wanting it.

      By their very nature robberies like this require coercion and are facilitated through either violence or the threat of imminent violence. The attacker must convince the victim that he/she is threat and that giving in to their demands is preferable to defying them. Otherwise the would be victim could just kindly decline the perpetrator’s request/demand and go on their way.

      The use of force (to include deadly force) against muggers and the like is therefore not focused on preservation of the victim’s property. Instead it is focused on ending or removing a very real threat to the health and safety of the person being attacked. The defender does not just kill the guy, they use force to stop the threat. Some attackers die as a side effect, but that should not be the goal. This is a distinction that many get wrong on all sides of the debate.

  6. Keith

    Merry Christmas to everyone here.

    Glad to read of the self defense cases. In The People’s Republic’s springing up across the country all of those upstanding citizens would be cold on the slab and the criminals walking free.

    I am a “good, decent, honest, competent, moral, ethical or intelligent” person and I work as an armed contract security officer because I have too not because I want too. My only other options in this area were Wal-Mart or fast food level minimum wage jobs.

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    Okay, the food is in the oven, so I wish everybody here a peaceful Christmas. Thanks for a year’s worth of information and entertainment.

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      indeed very professional and tasteful conduct.

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