Join the Force


“Join the Force!” Says the Fort Worth, TX, PD.

Some of you may relate to the travails of the firearm instructor.

We’d say, “Use the Force,” but before you get to Jedi level you might be well-advised to begin with, “Use the sights.” Just sayin’.

Also, who has seen that look of blank shock and dismay, directed from the guy who just ND’d at his weapon, as if the machine done did it?


We replaced the embed, which was working here, but apparently nowhere else, with one direct from FWPD’s you tube channel. Let us know.

They’ve used this theme before. Here, last year’s recruiting cycle: Darth Vader interviews for a patrolman job.

And this spring, an attempt to bring in a lateral hire didn’t quite work out. They sized up the guy on a ride-along and it went… well, just watch.

9 thoughts on “Join the Force

  1. Alan Ward

    I think something is missing in the post. I couldn’t see any embedded video or photo.
    Or maybe my school computer is really just a boat anchor.

  2. Roger

    Clearly, the post is intended to display either the number of holes in the candidates target or
    the amount of gray matter between the candidates ears.

  3. DSM

    I did read an interesting analysis of the whole “Stormtroopers can’t shoot” joke. The original Star Wars was on the TV not long ago and it reminded me of it. When Luke and Obi-Wan find the slaughtered jawas he remarks that the blast hits were too precise and accurate. And then later when they escape the death star it was all a ruse to allow them to escape so they’d lead them to the good guy base. Now the rest of the saga doesn’t do much to support it (apparently intergalactic travel doesn’t imbue people with the sense of cover and/or concealment?) but it was an interesting article nonetheless.

  4. Sabrina Chase

    See, this is why cloning is a Bad Idea. Somebody in the lab grabs the Abie Normal jar by mistake. Now you’ve got thousands of the gomers and they can’t be trained, even if you do force-choke a few to encourage the others.

    And the ones that *really* wash out turn in to … Bubba Gun-Smites! Explains so much, really.

  5. Eric Atkinson

    The real problem is that those “Blaster bolts” are only moving about 60 miles per hour. Its to easy to just step out of the way. That and the stormtroopers don’t seem to you their sights.

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