When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Meth and HIV

Say good-bye to Stefano Brizzi. He’s decamping to a whole new zip code, to wit, Crowbar Motel. The New York Post:

Stefano Brizzi, a 50-year-old former Morgan Stanley computer programmer, was handed a minimum sentence of 24 years to life for the savage murder of Officer Gordon Semple, 59, in Brizzi’s London flat last April, The Guardian reported.

What’d he do, exactly?

A crystal meth-addicted “Breaking Bad” fan … killed and dismembered a cop he met on a gay dating app….

Brizzi was also slapped with a seven-year term to run concurrently for obstructing a coroner when he attempted to dissolve Semple’s corpse in an acid bath like the character Walter White in the hit AMC series.

During Monday’s sentencing, Judge Nicholas Hilliard said Brizzi’s addition[sic] to crystal meth had destroyed his life, adding, “Regret you express now for Mr. Semple’s death has to be seen against what you did over a number of days to his body.”

You have to love the way that judges get all sympathetic when the perp says he’s sorry. Hell’s bells, sorry he got caught is what he is.

And why did he do it?

During the trial, prosecutors said Brizzi had HIV and had been ordered by Satan to “kill, kill, kill.”

Ah yeah, the old Orders From Satan™ trick. Didn’t work at Nuremberg, either.

Brizzi had admitted to police that he chopped up and disposed of Semple’s corpse, but that the 30-year police officer died accidentally during a sex game gone awry.

“Honest, I didn’t kill the guy. I just cut him up into bite-size pieces.” Somehow, we don’t think that sounds any better.


11 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Meth and HIV

  1. Bert

    A few decades back, I recall a 1/2 Irish, crazy intelligent and now paralyzed/blind/mostly brain dead person involved in my craft apprenticeship saying to an English fireworks person: I don’t hate you because you’re gay- I hate you because you’re ENGLISH!

    Damn, the average get of the ones who survived the appaling filters of WWI and WWII are a scurvy lot. Used to be THE ultimate group of profitable pirates, conquerers, colonialists and general profit/territory driven cold blooded killers.

    Lo, how the mighty have fallen.

    1. John M.

      I’m pretty confident that someone in London in 2016 with the name “Stefano Brizzi” had at least half of his ancestry avoid the filters of WWI and WWII. At least the filters that used British uniforms.


  2. AJ from Nj

    It’s curious how many gays and other sexual deviantsare showing up lately involved in crimes that involve drugs and too-gross-to-describe activities. NTTAWW being queer, just saying.

    I wss listening to a podcast and the guests were talking about how gross it is to be at some gyms bc they turn out to be hookups for gay dudes and they just act like it’s spring break. Men being men, we are always the ones looking to “get some” sometimes literally as well as figuratively, so with two men I surmise the willingness to hook up is 10x more than in a normal male and female couple tat just meet up.

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