Leave the Lying to the Trained Professionals!


You won’t believe who’s all bent out of shape because cops told a lie.

In Santa Maria, California, the police chief issued a false press release that two petty criminals had been arrested and handed over to ICE. And the press duly reported it. Why did the cops lie? So they had time to nab the two small-time hoods before another gang, MS-13, carried out a plan to murder them.

While the mild deception worked perfectly, and nobody got whacked, the media are outwaged. The news director of KSBY-TV, one Kendra Martinez, was “deeply troubled”:

[W]e are concerned this type of deception can erode the basic trust of our residents and viewers.

Heh, heh, the TV news gal says “basic trust.” Bwahahahahaaaa!

We’re sure that her outwage has nothing to do with the fact a double murder is much, much better for ratings, when you’re an “it bleeds, it leads” outfit like KSBY-TV.

She wasn’t alone. A professor at a journalism school executed a Grandmaster Level concern troll:

…it could raise questions about the department’s future credibility. However, he said the public is unlikely to appreciate the importance of that issue, particularly when the police said it was matter of life and death.

Anybody seen any credibility or trust survey numbers of police relative to journalists lately? Not that professor, apparently.

Let’s hear from the editor of Santa Maria’s one hanging-on-by-its-fingernails newspaper, Marga Cooley:

They used a public system paid for with public dollars to present false information to the public.

“‘What is NPR?’ Journalism for $2000, Alex!”

Of course, newspapers too sell more papers, increase their ABC circulation, and can charge their advertisers more money, when they have murders to report. Peace and harmony is great for society, but it blows for journalists.

It wasn’t just the lives of the two small time crooks, José Melendez and his other brother José Melendez (seriously. They do have different middle names), that the cops were trying to save, but the integrity of a long-running and complex gang operation, Operation Matador, which subsequently bagged 17 members of MS-13 and related gangs for 10 murders and conspiracies to whack 8 more people (including, presumably, los hermanos Melendez). After the operation was completed, and the accused murders and miscellaneous malefactors were safely dossing down in durance vile, the cops then admitted their ruse — and set off a media tantrum of purest distilled outwage. 

It really blew us away that, of all the people to get upset about the cops telling a little white lie, it would be the same media who celebrate Walter Duranty, Herbert Matthews, Janet Cooke Stephen Glass, Mike Barnicle, Jayson Blair… need we go on? You can tell they’re lyin’, ’cause their lips are moving.

Suddenly they’re very concerned that the police might bruise their credibility. Well, they would know what bruised credibility looks like, wouldn’t they? Strict neutrality between the police and MS-13 may be what a journalist calls righteous these days, but it’s unlikely to bring the trust back.

27 thoughts on “Leave the Lying to the Trained Professionals!

  1. 11B-Mailclerk

    Only the Press is allowed to lie to people.


    -No one- is allowed to make the press look foolish.

  2. Nynemillameetuh

    I can’t imagine saving the lives of two criminals went over well at the station.

    1. Irish 6483

      Two pretty crooks to nab 17 REALLY bad guys? Every cop I know, myself included, would take that deal any day.

    2. Hognose Post author

      You might find it hard to believe but most murders are of people who were, at a minimum, taking risks, and many of them (a plurality, probably) are of other criminals, like the two near-victims here. The truly innocent victim, like a cabbie or convenience store clerk, is a minority. And as far as I can tell, detectives might give the innocent vic 110% but they sure put 100% into finding and locking up the guy who shot a gang member, or the robbers who plugged a crack dealer after hitting him for his stash and money. And I’d bet if you told any one of ’em, you can get a call tonight for the homicide of some young puk who probably needed killin’, or you can skip it, they’d pass up the OT to let the kid live.


    I don’t read or watch a single mainstream media outlet here in Australia anymore. Not one. They are all shills and stooges spreading lies for big business and the gummint, end of story.

    In fact, so much of the crap they peddle is actively harmful that I regard them as my enemy. I pay them no attention and no money and would hurt them if I could.

    1. Winston Smith

      LSWCHP, you have put into word exactly how I feel and act a half a planet away from you(USA). I refuse to subject myself to that propaganda.

      1. Quill_&_Blade

        There are different kinds of stories. Some events are politically neutral, those get reported accurately, for the sake of trying to maintain credibility. Others, get reported in a rigged statistics sort of way. Their biggest ploy or crime is the tactic of omission. When was the last time you heard the MSM talk about the national debt? Frog in the water, they are unequivocally trying to destroy the US. I read the MSM all the time, but it’s to see neutral news, see their reactions to events, and to get a feel for “what they’re up to.” The citizens of the former USSR were very good at “reading between the lines”, we can do the same.
        While I’m at it, there are two things that might be a threat to what control they have of the media: One is a list mentality, it’s excellent when people like Hognose don’t let them bury Islamic terrorist incidents. I don’t need to go full conspiracy mode to point out that they rely on new events to hide yesterday’s inconvenient stories. They don’t have to make false flag operations, shoot maybe they do make them, but they can exploit any thing. CAR CRASH IN THE MIDWEST KILLS TWO TEENAGERS!!! Really? Bad stuff, but is that NATIONAL news? The other possible threat would be different media. Be careful about thinking comments on a blog, or memes on FB are reaching people. It’s quite possible that the PTB like having people think they’re protesting, when really, they’re talking in an echo chamber. The blogs you go to, and your friends on FB are often of the same mind as you.
        Below is a sign that was on a truck.

    2. Cody pinder

      I have a question for the Australian man. How did giving up your basic freedom of being able to defend yourself and your family work for you guys…. Not trying to be a dick but I don’t know anyone from Australia. I’m surprised you would trade your cold steel for hot air, that worked so well for the Russians, Germans, Cambodians…. I could go on but I digress, great article, great site man. Maybe you could do an article on Australia and show people that criminals DON’T TURN GUNS IN!
      The last thing a felon worries about is another felony.

      1. S

        As an expat Aussie who was front and centre at the time, I’ll say a couple of things, perhaps helpful I hope.

        Once upon a time, we had no registration or permits for long guns. Pistols and full auto were exotics but at least the little guns weren’t that far out of reach….and those are really only luxuries anyway. Guns guns everywhere, and nary a blood puddle to point at as evidence that bangsticks are bad or ordinary folk can’t be trusted with them. Actually, the few problems were concentrated amongst urban criminals and bent cops.

        Then came a mild permit….40 or so multiple choice questions for mirror-foggers for a license, no registration per se. Long guns still available in any paper ad, and any sports store worthy of the name.

        And behold, in one emotional moment Martin Bryant allegedly shot up a conveniently isolated tourist spot with marksmanship and tactical skills that would be commendable in a highly trained pro, under remarkably fortunate coincidences, just after a contentious national election in which immigration and sovereignty loomed large with a ghoul called Economy lurking offstage.

        Huge peaceful demo’s reported as insignificant gatherings of fringe elements, and many innocent long guns “bought back” and destroyed…..and maybe one or two regrettably accidentally misplaced during landscaping or lost on fishing trips, so sorry.

        When guns are outlawed, you save up what you have for when it reallly does matter, and eat a lot of fertiliser in the meantime….and exercise discretion as to how and when you blab about it. Those with legit guns now jump through many narrow hoops and are priority customers on the confiscation list. Maybe these volunteers are careless with their ammo so the unseen bit of the iceberg is nourished just enough to stay viable.

        In the Aussie expanses, firearms are a multiplier of other considerable advantages…important, but not so overwhelming as in purely urban places. Location, timing, employment, vulnerability…. a fleet in being is more effective by remaining unengaged, than in a glorious battle of annihilation. How many resources would it take to look under every wattle and gum out back? And what gain if you find something only to have handed over fresh equipment?

      2. LSWCHP

        We didn’t vote for gun confiscation. It was done by government fiat, and wasn’t part of the policy platform of the government at the previous election, so a compmete surprise to everybody. More than that, the government in question was a conservative crew!! It was one of the greatest betrayals ever.

        Still, we’re not completely helpless. I own 7 long guns (6 bolts and a lever), 2 revolvers and 2 semiauto 9mm pistols. I don’t consider myself disarmed by a long stretch.

  4. Nadnerbus

    They should have known it was a misinformation sting from the get go. Handing over illegal criminals to ICE? In California? That’s not how Democrats get elected.

  5. jim h

    I love these stories. ive conducted so many false stories during interviews and interrogations, and *nobody* seems to believe that a cop can say whatever he wants during the run-up so long as he tells the truth on the stand. and at the moment of arrest, the look of disbelief on the face of the bad guy is like ice cream on the successfully prosecuted arrest cake. this little shenanigan sounds like a great deal, and trust me folks, to pull that off, you’d need departmental command level approval and a serious case of the ass for the ones they nabbed. something tells me these guys were not simply some random gang dudes on their way to a murder or two.

    I have come to view the term “outrage” with the same amount of who-gives-a-crap as “racist” these days. they’re just way, way overused.

  6. Jim Scrummy

    Wut? Cops lie? Tell me something I already don’t know. The precious snowflakes in the press lie 24/7/365.

    Three rules. 1) Never talk to the po-po, unless you have an attorney present. 2) Never talk to the press. As a onetime evil corporate lobbyist lackey, I learned this lesson the hard way by talking to the press the first time, after that it was always, “no comment”. Always. 3) Don’t forget rules 1 and 2.

  7. John M.

    The press has turned into a parody of itself. It dutifully disregards its own fake news (has it been so long since George Zimmerman the white Hispanic and “hands up, don’t shoot”?) and has vapors over the police protecting the community. Give me a break.

    -John M.

  8. kaf

    Where I live, the local paper is basically a press release publisher. They simply take any local government entity press releases and publish them with a byline, as news articles. I assume it’s the same for television news.

    If that’s your business model, then the pearl-clutching by the media seems a little overblown.

    1. John M.

      My most-local paper (the hyper-regional daily that has been trying to carve out a niche in the shadow of the large metro daily) started using a crop of interns from the local State U to write their stories. It was embarrassing. I had preferred that paper due to its lack of a paywall and its limited preference for pushing The Narrative–after all, there’s only so much Narrative that can be pushed when you’re rewriting local biz press releases and covering the latest structure fire–but it got too bad to deal with and I haven’t read them in years now.

      Layers and layers of editors.

      The press in this country has adopted a myth for itself that would make most dynastic monarchies blush. And like most dynastic monarchy myths, it’s 99% baloney. (Please, tell me all about how you “speak truth to power.”)

      -John M.

      1. Hognose Post author

        Essential problem facing the legacy media: It’s very hard to “speak truth to power” when your lips are wrapped around the very base of “power’s” reproductive tackle.

  9. Greg

    Nobody in Australia (parliamentarians & senators, excepted) voted for the 1996 “National Firearms Agreement”. It was a knee-jerk, opportunistic reaction to a mass shooting, led by a Prime Minister with a historical global antipathy to firearms.

  10. Aesop

    As soon as I read that they were being handed over to ICE, I would have known I was being had.

    That never happens here.

    It is tantamount to saying they were taken to the police station on the back of a unicorn which was pooping strawberry-scented glitter.

    And a non-zero number of both law enforcement and the local populace would have preferred los Melendez “whacked” FIRST, then go about rounding up the MS-13 contingent.

    Because in fact, you can have your cake, and eat it too.

    If they coincidentally knocked off a couple of mentiroso journos, chalk it up to “cost of doing business”. Win-win.

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