Traitor Requests Preemptive Pardon

mad-magazine-trading-private-bergdahlWith the motions phase of his trial not going well, Bowe Bergdahl — through his radical lawyers led by elderly Stalinist retread Eugene Fidell — has requested that his name be added to President Obama’s last great list of pardoned prestoopniki.

The request for pardon shows, perhaps, that Bergdahl and his lawyers know what’s been obvious to anyone following his saga — the dude’s guilty, guilty, guilty.

White House and Justice Department officials said Saturday that Bergdahl had submitted copies of the clemency request seeking leniency. If granted by Obama, it would allow Bergdahl to avert a military trial scheduled for April where he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. The misbehavior charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

If the pardon isn’t granted, Bergdahl’s defense team said it will expand its legal strategy to the new administration by filing a motion arguing President-elect Donald Trump violated his due process rights with scathing public comments about the case.

Bergdahl deserted his post in 2009 and went over to the Taliban. Hundreds of Americans risked their necks searching for him, and some of them were killed. Others suffered life-changing wounds.

In May 2014, the Administration made a secret deal with the Taliban to swap 5 terrorist leaders detained in the Guantanamo Bay facility for the traitor. Unlike the men who were placed at risk or injured seeking him, or the families of the slain, or, for that matter, any of the soldiers who went to Afghanistan and did their duty, the turncoat’s release was celebrated by President Obama. Giving the President’s general tilt towards jihadi terrorists and against American fighting men, a pardon is a real possibility.

Bergdahl is unlikely to be as celebrated by President-Elect Trump, who has pointed out that “in the old days,” we shot traitors like him.

Fidell, the Leftover Left activist leading Bergdah’s delay-disrupt-deny defense, thinks he can use Trump’s hostility to his client to get the traitor sprung, if appealing to Obama’s fondness for his client doesn’t work.

Fidell said he plans to file a motion seeking dismissal of the charges against Bergdahl shortly after the January inauguration, arguing Trump violated Bergdahl’s constitutional due-process rights.

The defense has been noting Trump’s comments about Bergdahl in what they’ve dubbed the “Trump Defamation Log.” A version included in the court record lists 40 such instances as of August.

“All of these things put together and repeated rally upon rally for basically a year have a cumulative effect that I think is totally at odds with the right to a fair trial,” Fidell said in a phone interview.

Unfortunately for Gene Fidell, whose dream world would be a regime where radical lawyers could control who could speak and what they could say, his dream isn’t becoming real.

Good luck with the technicalities, because everyone knows, regardless of legal maneuvers, that Bowe Bergdahl is a traitor and a prince of Blue Falconry. Even the Taliban don’t want him back!

14 thoughts on “Traitor Requests Preemptive Pardon

  1. DSM

    The Office of the Pardon Attorney won’t review the case because he hasn’t even been sentenced so that appeal has to be made directly to the President. I don’t know that he would do it honestly, there is little to no political gain to it and in actuality the reverse would most likely be true.
    As for Trump violating his due process rights, good luck with that. Trump was in no position at the time, nor even now, to deny him so much as a soda let alone due process. Pound on that table a little more, Mr. Fidell.

  2. jim h

    it will be interesting to see exactly what the administration does here. they might just glad-hand it off and let the decision be made later. of course, his asking for a pardon is an express admission of guilt as far as I am concerned. but even if he was pardoned, I don’t think he’s make it very long on the streets before some “accident” happened.

    speaking as a pissed off E5 combat vet, I would not mind being the aforementioned accident that happened to him.

  3. Roger

    Pardoning Bowe Bergdahl would be as much of an affront to veterans and those serving as the election of Mr Trump is to progressives. At least with Mr. Trumps election, many folks are ecstatic and our country will be a better place for his win. Not so for the pardoning of a traitor. There is NO win for out country. No win for anyone, save some radical lawyers and a sergeant ( ?,! ) that should face a squad with his back to a wall.

  4. Josey Wales

    But for the fact that guys were killed looking for him, I’d be OK with a VERY LONG prison sentence. As it is though, he needs to pay the price for his actions. Let guys from platoons that lost people searching for him
    make up the firing party.

    If pardoned, I would be surprised if Bergdahl lived to a ripe old age. In line with Heinlein’s “Committee for Aesthetic Deletion”, someone with nothing left to lose is the ideal candidate to pay him a visit. One final service to society…..

    1. Hognose Post author

      That’s actually what the NVA did, when they won, to their guys who came over to us (Chieu Hoi’s). They gave them to the unit they deserted and let them do what they will. Most of ’em killed ’em. By 1975, of course, a lot of those units had totally different personnel so it wasn’t like it was the guys who actually knew him.

  5. Boat Guy

    Add me to the “Doesn’t one have to be convicted before one can be pardoned?” camp. As for an “affront to veterans and those serving” it’d just be one more added to an already staggering total.
    “Pardoning” him and returning him to the scene of his crime might work as well; you like it in Afghanistan? Off ya go…

  6. Tom Stone

    No, you don’t have to be convicted to recieve a Presidential Pardon.
    I looked into it a while back when it seemed like HRC might actually be pursued for her crimes.
    I see a few “Fuck Bo Bergdahl” T shirts around town and doubt one in ten know who Bo is, if that.
    And a firing squad is too good for him, hang the bastard with a new rope.

    1. DSM

      Yep, as I recall you had to have been convicted and had completed the sentence before going through the official channels. But, the President can pardon anyone at anytime provided the fed has jurisdiction. The example that kept coming up obviously was Nixon. After the fact Ford related he offered it with the assumption of guilt to Dick. Mr. Berg dark may be the current President’s butt boy in thumbing his nose at the military that’s a burden to him but to pardon him also arrives with the acknowledgment of guilt. That won’t play out well.

    2. Glenn 555

      Heh! Reminds me of a saying on the boats….”Hell, you’d bitch if you were being hung with a new rope!”

      1. Hognose Post author

        That was current in SF as well. I wonder if we got it from you guys. The guy that brought it to my team was a New York cop.

    3. jim h

      regarding billary, I do believe that while not having been convicted, one DOES have to be charged federally. I don’t believe it’s set up for a simple “ominous Dominus” while making the sign of the cross and letting the little scamp run. you can’t blanket pardon someone for crimes that have not yet been charged. if she’s not officially charged, there can’t be an official pardon AFAIK. but I was always under the impression, however, that with military pax, a conviction was necessary before a pardon could be given.

      I don’t see this actually happening though; there is NOTHING to be gained from pardoning this crap weasel. no way to look magnanimous, falsely wise, or any way to use it to distract from another upcoming scandal.

      save the firing squad. I don’t want to shoot him. id rather hold him down and push the bullet through his skull with my thumb.

  7. Videodrone

    Given his known preference for Mendo Loco (he was rounded up at a pot bust shortly after he returned to CONUS) it wouldn’t surprise me if he shows up here again

    There are some well fertilized trees here and there…

  8. Keith

    Give him a fair trial then execute with a squad drawn randomly from the units that lost honorable soldiers looking for him. Make it a public execution on every major net work and every internet channel.

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