Seasonal Sunday

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la- wait, wait, wait. What’s so jeezly jolly about it?

Well, let’s consider that for a minute. We’re in a nation and a world beset by problems, and yet, and yet —

  • If you look at a newspaper from 30 years ago, there were horrible things happening… that never did come to pass. Newspapers (and TV) sell strife, discord, and fear. Yet, in most times and places, and in the long run, strife doesn’t actually prosper. Today’s newspaper counter-Cassandras will look similarly off target from a generation ahead.
  • If you are happy, unhappy, or have mixed feelings after elections here or abroad, bear this in mind: while elections do have consequences, nations survive greater calamities all the time; and election victory never brings the victors everything they want.
  • As gun folk, the culture is, slowly, moving our way. Some day, some bright spark in Hollywood will discover that there’s an awful lot of people with disposable income that they could be getting, if they told stories that spoke to us. That will be the signal that the preference cascade has overwhelmed the opposition.
  • We’re building a freakin’ airplane. That’s not exactly downtrodden and depressed. (Even if Your Humble Blogger did indeed squash a rivet wrong Friday, and we had to drill it out last night).
  • Fidel Castro kicked the bucket, after a long evilness. Pretty amazing to see the reactions: the President and Secretary of State seemed to be really saddened. On the other hand, more level-headed people celebrated.

You know, it is the season to be jolly. Fa-la-la-la-la, la la la LA.

Edited to Add: Yesterday, the Blogbro swung by and we visited a local guy who has a side business, with his wife, making and selling natural maple syrup in a sugar shack in their back yard (yes, a sugar shack really is a thing). Kids, that high fructose chemical crap that IG Farben or whoever makes and sticks Aunt Jemima’s picture on is not maple syrup. Read the ingredients! (Good luck understanding them without a couple of good undergrad chemistry courses).

30 thoughts on “Seasonal Sunday

  1. James

    Nothing beats real maple syrup,and with the good stuff a little goes a long way.I have seen many sugar shacks,some,old school bucket collections and some gravity fed sap lines from the tree taps to either a collection point or if enuff trees for operation right to the shack,looks like a forest on IV’s,or,with bucket system,a milking of a herd of trees.Amazing how many gallons of sap needed to make up a gallon of syrup,a 40 to 1 ratio and up depending on sap!You then realize why the stuff seems pricey,a lot of work.The price really seems a bargain though when you have some.

    Me dad had 600 acres in Vt.,lost a lot of maples due to ice storms but had some great maple tree covered hills,perfect for a gravity sap collection style system,unfortunately,he died,and as for his wife,well,gonna need a new spot if I ever want to try to do a little meself.Oh,needed to also find some new hunting grounds,yep,we just don’t get along.

  2. medic09

    We use real maple syrup as an all-around sweetener. And for those who care, it is lower glycemic than most other popular sugars.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Bullet points 3 & 5 a big YES!

    I almost had a celebrate Fidel is dead party! Unlike my Pope, I am not going to pray for that piece of whale excrement. Raoul (and a few others), you’re next, tick tock.

  4. Loren

    I’m doubtful that Hollywood producers will ever bring out any good gun stuff. They just don’t have the life experience to do so. Not to mention prejudice.
    Remember Mel Gibson trying to get The Passion of Christ produced? In the end he had to do it himself. Later there was heard lamination’s and Oy Vey’s through out LA over the lost half a billion in gross but still years later no further Christian (as opposed to old testament) themed major movies were produced.
    Gotta think it’s not an accident.

  5. Desertrat

    A Saturday night in Austin, Texas, was clear, cold and moonlit on December 6, 1941, The next day’s news on the radio was “rather exciting”.

    Came June of 1950 and I was glad I had no friends or relatives in the 24th and 25th Infantry Divisions.

    Returning to the office from lunch, I listened to the news on my car’s radio on November 22, 1963.

    Hard to get a serious case of the panics, these days…

      1. Matt

        It looks cool but it really isn’t doing much. You can actually watch the cannonball bounce off the roof at 0:34 if you look closely.
        It reminds me how stone fortresses were still relevant until the advent of the explosive shell. All this is doing is kicking up dust.

  6. mitch

    Life is really wonderful.
    Snacking on fresh venison jerky.
    Rejoicing in Castro’s death and laughing at the commies having another cry, after hillary’s fail.
    Soros next???
    Did I mention life is good.

  7. S

    The muzzle band is quite distinctive… first guess, a Schneider Canon de 155 C, but the breech is different and no recoil system under the barrel. So, I’d guess again at something earlier, like the French Mle 1878 120mm. At any rate, a de Bange breechloader without recoil system, though I’d lean toward Turkish and perhaps Krupp origin. What, can’t the Saudis do better than this?

  8. Quill_&_Blade

    Guess it depends on how you look at it. A woman is fined $139,000 for not baking a cake, the sitting president mandated that all kids nationwide be forced to partake in pervy bathrooms and showers, and half the country voted for the end of the country. A brief respite is all we have, the work must continue, the first part being to identify what the problem is…

        1. John M.

          Aren’t you in the Bay Area? Seems to me that you’ll be several orders of magnitude short.

          -John M.

  9. Badger

    Castro. Enough tears (of joy) to pull “Hunting Che'” off the shelf for a quick re-read. To Major “Pappy” Shelton & the Boys I life my glass. Music? Sure.
    Fa-la-la-la-laaa, la-laa-laa-LAAA! :)

  10. Billybob

    I of course don’t know your age.
    I remember when SOF magazine first hit the grocers newsstands. I was buying Shooting Times & SOF when my friends were buying comic books.
    I’m sure it effected my formative years.
    Later as a young adult I was in the mountains of Guatamala, the inlands of Panama and Honduras, and there developed an even deeper hatred of Cuban Communism.
    I wish I could have seen Rhodesia. Castro’s death brings a tear of joy to my eye.
    Save your rope we are going to need it.

    1. John Distai

      A far left friend at work recently went on a tour of Cuba. She railed about how great a trip it was. I joked that she had the Potemkin tour. To her credit, I don’t think she downplayed the poverty.

      I joked that I also wish I had taken a tour of Cuba and South America. As a Special Forces soldier hunting Castro and Che’s bands of communist guerrillas. At least she had a good sense of humor about it, and we’re still friends.

      I don’t think I’ve seen her since the election. I may pay her a visit to chide her about her recent “losses”.

        1. John Distai

          She’s probably been working hard to write a new “Fair Share” tax bill to have the recount money taken directly from my paycheck. Because I’m “privileged”, and I haven’t suffered enough.

  11. Alan Ward

    Happy to celebrate the death and eternal torment of a failed pitcher but successful mass murderer.
    Sad to live in a country where our enlightened PM orally fellates the now deceased monster.
    Sad, but utterly expected liberal recount BS.
    Happy my Raiders are tied with the despised Patriots for best record in the AFC.
    All in all a good time to be around.
    Only a few more Castros to kick the bucket before I can go on vacation there in good conscience.

  12. Mike_C

    Dead Fidel: one down, another to go. Which is to say, a good start.

    >Read the ingredients! (Good luck understanding them without a couple of good undergrad chemistry courses).
    Good rule of thumb: If you can’t read the ingredients list in one breath, don’t eat it. (Not that I necessarily follow this rule.)

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