BREAKING: Secret Service Bigs to Obama Detail: You’re Staying in DC

US-SecretService-StarLogo.svgSecret Service sources informed on Black Friday that selectees for the post-presidential detail have been told that they can expect to be stabilized in the Washington, DC area for at least two years, as the outgoing President has no intention of leaving the Imperial City. They can only speculate about the reasons why. It may be as simple as the First Daughters’ schooling, or as complicated as President Obama’s position as a figurehead of a “resistance” to the Trump Administration, mixed with his desire to defend his legacy to his many friends and followers in the mass media.

Some agents bid for the detail in hopes of catching a relocation to Hawaii; others expected the retiring President to return to his former home of Chicago. (it’s not really a safe place for a black man, though, with over 4,000 shootings and 720 homicides, mostly of black men, so far this record-setting year). For some of them, it’s a first shot at a top-level protection detail, and so it has career appeal.

A Washington, DC detail has blessings and curses for the individual agent, of which, a couple examples may get you thinking. There’s plenty of spare manpower available in the heavily overstaffed and underworked headquarters, so you’re less likely to lose out on vacations or other time off. But it’s also much more convenient for bosses to come out to you and exercise their micromanagerial talents.

The Obama detail is not a favorite, but it’s not one agents are desperate to avoid, either. (The Hillary Clinton detail, for example, has not become more desirable with her defeat, and wouldn’t have become more desirable with her victory. It’s been at or near the bottom of most protective agents’ preferences for decades). A cynic would note that the Obamas have a long way to go to build a Clinton-sized bankroll, and there’s no place quite as effective for selling, if your product is influence, than Washington, DC.

The decision has been telegraphed for some time, for example, in this article at the Washington Post. But as far as we know, this is the first absolute confirmation. If the President were to change his plans at this point (which he can still do), the Secret Service would have to create personnel chaos (something that doesn’t really bother the managers) and spend truckloads of money (something that does) to stand up a detail in the new location, be it Kailua or the Loop.

It is, of course, President Obama’s right to live anywhere he and his family please to, and the Secret Service’s duty to protect them, wherever they are, from the nutballs and enemies they have attracted during the President’s years of elected service.

12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Secret Service Bigs to Obama Detail: You’re Staying in DC

  1. Jim Scrummy

    I read a blurb not to long ago that he and the Mrs., were going to relocate to the Kalorama Heights area in the imperial city (fwiw). I guess they are staying for the younger one to finish high school at the nearby junior marxist academy…err I mean Sidwell Friends School or whatever it’s called.

  2. Dan

    Maybe he can continue his spendthrift ways and have a house in DC, Chicago, AND Hawaii. Does he get free travel?

    1. Tom Stone

      Dan, he has bought homes in all three places.
      I don’t know what the places in Hawaii and Chi Town ran but his little shack in DC was a cool $5.3MM before the taxpayers pay for any upgrades.
      And we will, he needs to be kept safe from the deplorable serfs.

  3. Fuel Filter.

    Captain Hussein and the Wookie have also bought a *VERY* large house near all the Palm Springs golf courses.

    He will, however, continue to “community organize” and agitate from DC.

    I’ve said for years that his real goal in U.N. Sec. General.

    That is, after Trump dismantles *all* of his “legacy” at Mach 3+.

    Too bad he just can’t go the way of Fidel (and his little dog Jarret, too).

  4. 6pounder

    A beachfront villa in Kenya would be much better. Bye bye, we’ll miss ya but we’ll forget ya.

  5. John M.

    Obama gets to tear off from being a worse president than Carter straight into being a worse ex-president than Carter.

    -John M.

  6. Texas dude

    I have a little insight into Secret Service details.

    Nobody wanted the Clintons. Sorry. They treated their Agents terribly, although Bill was considered a decent guy.

    The Bushes treat their Agents like family. Enough so that getting on Sr.’s detail was one of the most sought after assignments (and Agents working that maxed out on OT; Agents hit a “cap” because no knuckle-dragging gun-toter is allowed to make more than a Congresscritter makes). I don’t know if that holds true now that Sr. has slowed down and his life isn’t one big fishing vacation.

    The Obamas have a decent reputation. I have heard nothing negative about them from an Agent’s standpoint and they seem to treat their Agents with a modicum of courtesy.

    While she has passed, the Lady Bird detail seemed to be the worst. Not for the actual work. She was a really nice lady, by all accounts, but her threat level was really low. The USSS seemed to assign the burnouts and drunks to her detail. I caught grief from an Agent I was working with (remember, the USSS has REAL investigators who go after counterfeiters and credit fraudsters and for those guys, protective detail time is like being in Purgatory ) about not locking up one of Lady Birds agents (in my defense he wasn’t drunk THAT time and I only had a couple traffic tickets on him that I would have warned anyone else for). The Lady Bird detail is where they sent agents, if not to die then at least to get popped by the local cops for DWI.

    Anyhow, the USSS guys have a tough job, protecting people they may hate. They do put on a pretty good school for us locals about how to assist Presidential visits and the coffee mug I got from my class is holding up after a couple decades. So kudos for that, if nothing else. Trump seems to actually like the USSS guys assigned to him and the cops who support them. I hope they have a good tour for the next four years.

    1. John M.

      He thanked the USSS guys and praised them in his victory speech. That impressed me, and I think spoke volumes to how he won in the first place. He is a billionaire who actually cares about people doing difficult jobs.

      -John M.

  7. Texas dude

    Trump has broken with tradition and actually THANKED the cops working his details. He mentioned local cops (and the USSS) in his speech after winning. And he has fed and sheltered the street cops protecting his establishments in NYC and Chicago. And he has called the widows of recently fallen officers. In contrast to the lack of such things from the current administration and the periodic appearance of administration officials at the funerals of the evil doers.

    After 8 years of a President who loathes cops, this hasn’t gone unnoticed. The rank and file cops have been largely withdrawn. They want to do their jobs, but the fun and adventure is gone, and they are hunkered down in survival mode.

    You want tough and fair cops actively hunting down the bad guys. When they stop, the rule of law is balanced on a knifes edge.

    I hope our new administration continues their current stance on law and order. It is time for the pendulum to swing back a bit.

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