Friday Tour d’Horizon, Week 46

It’s Tour d’Horizon from home at Hog Manor, and we did indeed throw this together at just about the last minute, and, er, it showed. Arrgghh. What can we say, we’ve been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather (roll on Global Warming, says us in the higher latitudes). We’re fixing what needs fixing… the only light in the firmament is that Scott is taking the week off, but as you’ll see in the comments, others have stepped in and taken up his slack.


I don’t wanna work, I just wanna bang on my gun all day.

Exactly What all the Stuff in an AK Cleaning Kit is For

We thought we knew these things, thanks to SF Light Weapons school and the OPFOR armorer’s guide, back in the day. Here they’re used to detail and field strip a 7.62mm AKM.

The same fellow has created many other videos, but most of them are very dependent on the information conveyed in their Russian-language narration. This one has no narration, just music. It’s like a silent movie, all about the AK cleaning kit!

ATF Overhauls Form 4473

This is the form that an individual must complete to take delivery of one or more firearms from a Federal licensee (dealer, importer, etc.). The old form is still valid until 15 January 17 but starting on 16 January the new form must be used. Many of the changes consist of legalese in the instructions and warnings, for example, a bold-face warning that the Feds do not recognize State marijuana legalization. An example of the form is here(.pdf) and the changes described here.

Gun stocks slowly recovering

Despite the propaganda, for instance by Bloomberg hireling Kyle Stock here, or antigun activist Steven Witt in the New Yorker, the gun stocks have continued to recover from the bubble-deflation of the election. Ruger closed at 53.20, almost back to where we bought it (but down over $10 from its pre-Trumpslide peak), Smith (which has filed to change the name of the holding company, but will still produce guns in the S&W subsidiary) closed at 24.13, still over $4 below its 11/8 peak, and Vista Outdoors at $40.02, which is actually higher than its position before the election.

Meanwhile, Remington Outdoor Company’s last SEC statement (25 Sep 16) (.pdf) directly contradicts the unsourced report of losses in Witt’s New Yorker article, suggesting that Witt may have fabricated that part of his article.

Gun Poly-Ticks

Crime Initiatives

Elites of both parties hate, hate, h-a-t-e, the death penalty. There’s something about an Ivy League education that makes your eyes go all misty when you think about the hardships condemned criminals face, but that leaves you as cold as the orbit of Jupiter to the sufferings of victims and their families. We can’t explain it; we can just observe it.

Victims’ rights campaigners, tiring of their high-handed dismissal by Democrats and Republicans alike, took a new tack: initiative petitions or referendums to preserve, protect, and streamline the death penalty in their states.

In addition to the victims’ bills of rights reported last week, three states, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and — of all places — California, voted in favor of the death penalty in the recent election. One of these days, some politician will figure out that that is actually a popular policy. It passed in California, for crying out loud. Overwhelmingly.

Straw Buying in Washington State

In Washington, the anti-gun Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, released a report on how no one who is rejected by NICS for a firearms transfer has ever been prosecuted, and uses that as part of his call for more restrictions on, oddly enough, the state’s legal gun owners whose transfers went through.

Fun fact: not only have the Feds not prosecuted any straw buyers in Oregon, even egregious cases, but neither have any of the State’s Attorneys.

You know, the guys who work for Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Slacker is a Pacific Northwest thing, after all.

Lawsuits against Human Rights

Glenn Reynolds of Tennessee Law examines attempts to ban guns by litigation, and the legislative response that cut those suits off at the knees, and compares them to 1st Amendment litigation abuse in the past.

[B]oth First and Second Amendment rights were, at different times, targeted by litigation campaigns involving cooperation (“collusion” might be too pejorative a word) between private litigants and government actors, where the litigation was focused more on limiting the extent of the rights than on compensating discrete injuries.

You can download the paper at the Social Science Research Network (free login req’d).

Usage and Employment

The hardware takes you only half way. The wetware in your brain housing group is what makes your weapons work. 

Tensing Jury did Hang

That was the way it was looking last Friday’s Tour d’Horizon, but after press time it became official, and the judge declared a mistrial. Prosecutors are certain to try again, possibly with charges that are less than a stretch.

Cops ‘n’ Crims ALL NEW

Cops bein’ cops, crims bein’ crims. The endless Tom and Jerry show of crime and (sometimes instantaneous) punishment.

Ran Into a Sore Loser

Mitchell Mormon Jr and his date Shaunita Walker were outside a bar in Atlanta at 0300 (mistake one) when they were confronted by a belligerent Hispanic guy.

She says Mormon jokingly told the man he voted for Donald Trump and he would be gone next week.

Walker says the argument continued, the shooter went around the corner, came back with a gun and opened fire.

Mormon and Walker were both hit. The humorless hispanic Hillary voter remains at large.

It was a first date for the couple.

Remember, the illegal who may be gone after 20 Jan 17 can still kill you, today.

Trannies Behaving Badly, I

dana-rivers-mugshotThis critter, one Dana Rivers, was arrested for… well, we’ll get to it. Rivers has a complicated history.

Rivers is the former David Warfield, a teacher at Center High School in Antelope in the 1990s. She taught American history and broadcast journalism, and was suspended in 1999 after disclosing plans to undergo sexual reassignment. She eventually resigned.

Rivers was living in the South Bay and had followed intensive hormonal therapy with complex surgery to create female sex organs. She was working on a book and was an activist for transgender people like herself.

At the time, Rivers was also hoping to return to the classroom, but it unclear how she was making a living at the time of her arrest last week.

Arrest, huh? OK, why has Rivers-née-Warfield got that PO’d-looking mugshot? What’d he, she, whatever, do?

Police said Rivers was covered in blood and about to ride away on Reed’s motorcycle when she was arrested. Authorities say the motive might have been a dispute over property. She was booked into Alameda County Jail on three counts of murder, arson and possession of metal knuckles.

Police say Rivers set the house on fire where the three were found in the 9400 block of Dunbar Drive about 12:30 a.m. Friday.

Murder! Who’s dead?

Patricia Wright, 57; Wright’s wife, Charlotte Reed, 56; and the couple’s 19-year-old son, Toto Diambu-Wright. Police said the two women were both stabbed and shot, and the man was stabbed. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said Rivers was covered in blood and about to ride away on Reed’s motorcycle when she was arrested. Authorities say the motive might have been a dispute over property. She was booked into Alameda County Jail on three counts of murder, arson and possession of metal knuckles.

Was there ever a more Golden State crime, at least, since the early retirement of the Manson family? We have a Women in Sensible Shoes couple (NTTAWWT) and their grown-up step-, adopted- or turkey-baster-baby killed in multiple violent ways by, not just any old tranny, but a tranny activist. (Among Rivers’s issues: converging the Boy Scouts).

Just last week we wrote,

See, trannies are just like anybody else, they’re not mentally ill at all, and if you disagree, they’ll blow your gizzard out. Because nothing says “picture of mental solidity” like shooting someone…

…or stabbing ’em, for that matter.

Meanwhile, the New York Times thinks trannies should get a pass on prostitution arrests. After all, is there any reason a tourist would come to New York F’n City, except to take a walk on the wild side?.

Officer, Arrest that Man! For What He’ll Do Next Week!

The old Bullwinkle Show gag has become a reality with PredPol, “Predictive Policing” software, which is used by 40% of the nation’s largest cop shops. It helps catch criminals and even deter crimes. Naturally, the Atheist Criminal Lovers’ Union wants to stamp it out. Why? Because it catches criminals by crime, and criminals’ racial breakdown doesn’t match the nation’s population, which is doubleplusungood. We have a way to handle this: most ACLU attorneys and leaders have never done any hard time. Time to take one for the team, in the name of racial statistics.

The Perils of Kathleen: Old Cases, New Faces, and New Accusations, Too

Just when you think she’s hit all the heights and plumbed all the depths that newspapermen call “embattled,” we have the Changing of the Lawyer Guard, new charges from former loyalists, and Pennsylvanians finally find out what they’ve been paying for her lawyers — hey, it’s less than $1000 an hour. Unless you consider expenses, then it’s more like $12k an hour. (These are the lawyers before the mob lawyers who didn’t get her off, but then, she was guilty, which always complicates a defense).

  • Item 10-11 Nov: Kane Hires New Lawyer. Pro-Kane paper spin: “To handle appeals.” Anti-Kane paper spin: “To keep her out of jail.” Pick one.
  • Item 14 Nov: Legislative Panel Continues Probe into Kane misconduct. Hears testimony that (in addition to the stuff she’s already been convicted of) she “thwarted an investigation involving a Scranton multimillionaire who later gave Kane a sizable campaign donation.” She quashed subpoenas into casino kings Louis DeNaples (an organized crime figure) and William Conaboy, who supported her; she tried to suborn a false public statement from narcotics agent Cynthia Pugh; she promised a better labor agreement to the FOP if it backed one of her loyalists.
  • Item 14 Nov: Effort to Keep Kane from Public Office is how another paper headlines their story on the investigation, but there’s a few more details, including the implication that the US Attorney (a political ally) for the District of Pennsylvania and the FBI (the Sword and Shield of the Party) were brooming cases to protect her.
  • Item 16 Nov: The State paid her attorney $880 an hour to attend her press conferences. Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you lie. And with expenses and travel — you can’t expect a mere $880/hour to cover expenses, can you? — the oily Benjamin Klubes parlayed the 30-minute presser into, not $440, but $6,160, or the equivalent of $12,320 an hour. Plus. So far, Klubes’s firm has cashed $385,000 in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania checks for corrupt Kathleen Kane’s benefit, but there’s a pile of unpaid invoices, too, that allegedly have yet to be added up. Attorney Doug Gansler also lied to newsmen when he told them “the prosecution is truly independent” — released documents show that it was coordinated with Kane at every turn. Finally, the attorneys billed Pennsylvania for time spent being interviewed by and promoting themselves to the press.

For what started off as a single tawdry scandal, this has become a remarkably deep vein of villainy and corruption. Who do they think they are in Harrisburg, Illinois?

Trannies Behaving Badly, II

In this case, an 18-year-old girl who imagines she is a boy was so intent on trying to use the boys’ room at school, that she/he/it assaulted the school cop.

If there is one immutable principle in American law enforcement (or global), it’s this: attacking the cops never ends anywhere but a jail cell or a morgue slab. Lucky kid got the cell, this time. Consider it an opportunity for applied learning.

The next day, Evans confronted deputy Carmen Lehmann, the school resource officer, in the cafeteria and “screamed” at her, “You told me last year that I could use any restroom that I wanted to use,” the report says.

The officer replied that she never told anyone they could use specific restrooms, and the student began to curse her loudly in the crowded cafeteria, the report says.

Lehmann walked away, hoping to de-escalate the situation and asked the school’s behavioral health specialist to escort the student to the office. But the student continued following the deputy, at one point throwing a book bag at the officer, the report says.

“I made it to my office and attempted to shut my office door in the hopes that (the student) would calm down, but (the student) slammed into the door, shoved me and continued to be belligerent,” the report says.

Hey, they’re just like anybody else. “Anybody else” who is bat guano crazy.

Behaving Badly to Trannies is Just as Bad

Hey, they may not be our recommendation for your kid’s next role model (especially the homicidal ones, and the even more common suicidal ones), but that doesn’t mean people have a license to abuse and attack them. They’re humans with the same rights as any of us, dammit. So we do not approve at all of attacking them with a hatchet, as some crumbs did in Charlotte:

[O]ne of the assailants was armed with a hatchet and used it to cut her.

The victim required dozens of stitches and still has marks on her body from the attack. She had stern words for her attackers.

Police have already arrested three people connected to the attack. The suspects have been identified as Destiny Dagraca, Dajion Tanner, and a 15-year-old.

“I just want to tell them if they are in jail, they need to live in jail,” said [victim Ralayzia] Taylor.

Or of flogging them, which is apparently a thing in Pakistan.

The video shows the gang leader pinning the woman face down on a bed with his foot and beating her with what appears to be a leather belt. At one point, while another gang member continues the flogging, the leader places his foot on the victim’s neck and twists her arms.

The Pakistani cops, who often turn a blind eye to this sort of thing, didn’t, in this case. They have ten suspects in custody.

Victims Turned Crimefighters

  • Item: Invaded the Wrong Home. An 88-year-old veteran, Charles George, fought off a 37-year-old home invader who attacked him. The fleeing crook, Benjamin Tremper, was caught by the police with a bunch of the vet’s valuables. Tremper had gone to prison for home invasion, carjacking and solicitation of murder, but California’s revolving prison door sent him out to invade homes again a few weeks ago.
  • Item: Saved the Cop. A Lee County, FL, deputy, Dean Bardes, stopped a car after a high-speed chase — only to be assaulted by the armed suspect, knocked down, and beaten. An armed citizen ordered the suspect to desist, or he’d shoot. The suspect didn’t stop. “Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him!” commanded Bardes. The citizen fired three shots, killing the suspect. Bardes was briefly hospitalized but has returned to duty.
  • Item: Stupid is as Stupid Does. You’ve probably heard about this one. Two Philadelphia area brothers held up a local pizzaria, and, tripping on their whole gangsta thing, started to pistol-whip the one customer in the store. Who then proceeded to pull his gun and shoot them both. Since the shooting, it’s emerged that (1) the brothers’ guns were realistic looking Airsoft toys, modified to conceal the orange tip; (2) the shooter’s permit was administratively expired, but he was during a legal grace period; and (3) the local prosecutors are not going to prosecute the licensed (if expired) carrier, they can’t prosecute the expired (but unlicensed) robber, but when his surviving brother is good enough to leave hospital he has a date with a court — possibly for felony murder (as his brother’s death is a consequence of their mutual robbery attempt, but certainly for robbery.  The mean IQ in Pennsylvania went up as a result of this shooting, and it’d have gone up more if the other brother checked out, too.

Trannies Behaving Badly, III

In this case, it’s not criminal yet, but this report by Katharine Kersten at First Things enumerates some of the issues with the tranny lobby’s aggressive pursuit of children.

His Suicide by Cop Failed…

And the Nevada felon who wanted to end his life, instead lived to get six years in prison… and thank and apologize to the cops who shot him in Reno in June 2015. Read The Whole Thing™.

Unconventional (and current) Warfare

What goes on in the battlezones of the world — and preparation of the future battlefields.

Top. Men. Or, Close Enough for Government Work

As everyone knows, the Democrat side of the Beltway Party is kind of thin in credible defense policy people. One that they consider their very best is Bob Work, currently lame duck Deputy Defense Secretary.

Work just submitted a report to Congress, comparing the Azores to a UK location for an intelligence fusion site. Large portions of it were plagiarized.

Where did zero-integrity Bob Work steal the info?


That’s like the armed robber that held up the 5¢ lemonade stand….

His defense was that, even though the document was plagiarized, it was close enough for government… Work.

Earmark Ripoff Deferred

House of Representatives Republicans were on track to bring back the corrupt practice of “earmarks,” which used to drain vast sums from the defense budget, when Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) deferred the vote — for now. Earmarks are money specified go to a single firm, nonprofit or person, usually placed in the budget by a single Congressman, invariably as a quid pro quo for campaign contributions or other bribes.

Every earmark is a product and producer of corruption. There’s no honest justification for them.

Congressmen of both parties, but especially the majority Republicans, believe that the anti-bribery position is “leaving money on the table,” and they feel entitled to sell chunks of the defense budget (and other budgets) to the highest bidder, so the proposal will be back. As soon as they think they can get away with it.

The vote was going to be taken in a closed-door caucus, by secret ballot, to prevent constituents from learning of  the corruption of his own House member and to protect incumbents from ads on the issue two years from now — however overwhelmingly the House approves bribe-taking, each individual Representative has plausible deniability. “Oh, I’m the one of 435 who voted against. Sorry, but there’s no proof because the vote was secret.”

Veterans’ Issues

Is it time to disband this thing yet, and letting all its bloatoverhead seek its own level in the Dreaded Private Sector™?

A Problem in the ‘Shire

New Hampshire has a unique, so far as we know, policy that was negotiated by 20 or 22 of the state’s hospitals (we have 26. We’re small!) and the DVA, so that state vets can get treated at the hospitals using Veterans Choice, and the hospitals give a discount for the assurance that they’ll get paid. It’s what a leaner and smarter VA would look like, except for one thing: the VA hasn’t been paying the bills. Instead, they’ve stiffed the hospitals, and there is, naturally, no accountability anywhere.

Every single account with every single hospital is running 90 days in arrears. Some arrears are months longer than that. Some of the hospitals, doctors, and other providers have never been paid a dime for services they’ve rendered to vets. While this is uncomfortable for the hospitals, it’s solvency-threatening to the providers, and has caused about a 20% falloff in participating providers. (It’s also why they stalled out and didn’t get all hospitals on board. The early adopters let the facilities on the fence know how the VA blows up their Accounts Receivable.

There seem to be two problems: one is the general inefficiency, idleness, and incompetence of VA accounts payable personnel and managers, and another seems to be that VA did not retain the money appropriated by Congress for this, but repurposed it. “For what?” is anybody’s guess, but executive bonuses have never been ninety days in arrears in VA history, which should illustrate VA priorities.

The War on Bibles

Militant atheist and failed Air Force officer Mikey Weinstein (despite an Academy education, he was uncompetitive for promotions and finished his minimum obligation as a USAF lawyer) runs something called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Weinstein is an atheist of Jewish extraction whose principal drive appears to be hatred towards the Christian majority, and whose principal objective is to establish his own atheism as a state religion. To that end, he has pursued various expressions of religious belief. His current crusade, if we may use such a word, is to eliminate bibles from military libraries, veterans’ hospitals and even — we are not making this up — chapels.

Weinstein’s Final Solution to the Christian Problem has seen VA managers do what they always do, when they’re not screwing the veterans: fold to pressure groups, and then screw the veterans together. More information at the American Council for Law and Justice, which is putting the VA manglers in a difficult position by pushing back.

Lord Love a Duck!

The weird and wonderful (or creepy) that we didn’t otherwise get to. 

Seconds before Happiness

Was the title that Gerard Van der Leun gave to this when he posted it on Gab. No doubt all three of these souls long since have passed on to their reward, but thanks to this image, and the expressions on all three faces, their love lives for evermore.


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  1. Gary Johannsen

    yep you discover some of those by yourself when you monkey around with the clean kit for a while. it becomes apparent the whole rifle is like that, there’s much more ingenuity than meets the eye. more tricks on shooting and other usage built-in to the design, you just have to know what to do. till then they’re hiding in plain sight. very different from the AR and that’s what I like about the AK. confirms the reason for that warm fuzzy feeling. had no idea you could do all that though. good video.

    1. John D

      Not all by design, much of it discovered and improvised, and the guy forgot to open a beer.

      You can pretty much take apart an M16 with a dime and a 5.56 cartridge.

      Sarge would not be happy.

    2. DSM

      Yep, pretty ingenious. I was noticing some of add-ons to those rifles. The extended tab on the safety what appeared to be an extended mag well on that AKS.

  2. John M.

    Ok, I’m going to try to round up some errors.

    First, did you compose this in the Big Easy? I thought Big Easy was last week. It says you composed this in New Orleans in the lead-in.

    “Victims’ rights campaigners, tiring of their high-handed dismissal by Democrats and Republicans alike comma, Took a new tack: ”

    It looks like you have a Johannine Comma in there, or anyway a Hognosian one. “Took” should be all lower-case too.

    “This week, we have a local ‘Shire bias in the stories.”

    I counted zero crime stories from either New or Old Hampshire.

    “US Attorney (a political alley) for the District of Pennsylvania”

    I’m pretty sure that wants to be “ally.” If there is a political alley in Pennsylvania, keep me away from it.

    -John M.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Busted. My habit of using last week’s as a skeleton for the new is now outed (I have occasionally let slip the NEW and OLD tags I use on stories, too). I’ll try to fix them.

      1. John M.

        Maybe you could bold all the text when you start the new week’s post. Then as you work your way through, you can either delete (last week’s stories) or un-bold (any text you want to carry through). Just a suggestion.

        Also, I find that working in WordPress, I find more things to fix when I do a proofread in the “Preview” mode after I’ve proofed it a couple of times in the editor.

        -John M.

  3. KevsBlogBrother

    The defendant stated that he flew home yesterday from his trip to New Orleans with the BlogFather. However, I have compelling evidence that the BlogFather was ACTUALLY in Jupiter, FL with the BlogBrother yesterday for the ENTIRE DAY.

    1. Hognose Post author

      This is where I break down on the stand and scream my confession.

      HAMILTON BURGER: I move a directed verdict of guilty, your honor.

      PERRY MASON (sighs): You can’t win ’em all. No objection, Your Honor.

      THE JUDGE: In accordance with the laws of…

      PERRY MASON THEME Up and Over.
      Roll CREDITS.

  4. Loren

    “hoping to de-escalate the situation and asked the school’s behavioral health specialist ”
    My high school didn’t have a resource officer but did have a behavioral health specialist. A 5′ nun with a ruler and a list of parents phone numbers. Worked very well in the 60’s. (See Blues Brothers)

    1. Hognose Post author

      I dunno. It didn’t seem to put Joliet Jake and Elwood on the right track in life, did it?

      Best part of that movie IMHO is all the Stax/Volt performers who have since moved on to the celestial sphere.

      1. Loren

        Perhaps not all of my school mates did well either, although plenty of doctors and bankers and occasional contractors like me but as far as I know no outstanding dirtbags. My point being the school itself was just fine. It’s remarkable what zero BS tolerance can achieve.
        The best part of the Blues Brothers for me was the part between the opening scene and the end credits. It help if you grew up near Chicago and relate to the whole Midwest thing.

    1. Toastrider

      The libs are already sweating at the prospect of Jeff Sessions as AG. There’s been a full-court press to paint him as a racist and KKK lover.

      Which is unintentionally hilarious as Sessions made sure the head of Alabama’s Klan chapter got the death penalty for murder. I suspect he also passed info on to lawyers to smooth the way for the civil lawsuits that bankrupted the Klan and broke it permanently.

      1. Hognose Post author

        Yeah, putting Klan members to death, in the NY Times that’s proof of being a Kloset Klan Kleagle or something. (Wasn’t the Times’s beloved Sen. Byrd an actual Kleagle? But that’s okay, he was — like most Klansmen from its salad days — a good Democrat).

        Of course, if you’re from anywhere south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and practice any religion closer to Christianity than, say, santeria or Reform Judaism, the Times assigns you to the Deep South Christian Racist bigot bin.

        1. John M.

          And if you’re from north of the Delaware Memorial Bridge and don’t reliably vote for Democrats, then they just call you a racist, no matter what religion you are.

          -John M.

  5. Nadnerbus

    Wasn’t Bob Work the chief civilian cheerleader for the LCS flustercluck during its “transformational” birth pains?

    Too bad he couldn’t have plagiarized a Euro frigate instead.

  6. John M.

    Can I get an assist keeping up with The Narrative? I can’t figure out whether to refer to trannies as “she” or “he” during the past. The article cited here refers to the tranny as a “she” during the time that “she” presented as male. But when I look up Caitlyn Jenner’s Olympic records, she’s listed as the medal winner in the MEN’S Decathalon.

    So we either need to talk about how “he won the Olympics” or should we retcon her Olympic wins to the female side of the ledger?

    Wasn’t she always a woman stuck in a man’s body, and just living a lie? Or was she at one time a he?

    I’m just so confused!

    “Rivers is the former David Warfield, a teacher at Center High School in Antelope in the 1990s. She taught American history and broadcast journalism, and was suspended in 1999 after disclosing plans to undergo sexual reassignment. She eventually resigned.”

    I think I’ll just stick with using the pronoun assigned by their chromosomes. Simpler that way.

    -John M.

  7. Tim, '80s Mech Guy

    And for the second time this week you have that Lou Reed tune stuck in my head…”and the colored girls sing…”

  8. RostislavDDD

    Off. Returning to the old conversation.
    Permiakov for murder in Gyumri, was given a life sentence.
    As I said.

    You, as understood speak Russian? Good story, ordinary crime Afghan war (only the names have been changed)
    Even more interesting continuation, letter “praporschika Pryakhina” colleague
    The last section is very good, very rigid memories for Afgan. Genuine names of the criminals exist.

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