When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Stranglin’ Thumbs (again)

-guy strangling girlWelcome to New York F’n City, where guns are actually outlawed. And yet, malefactors manage to factor their mal anyway. Who’d have thought it?

And the victim in this case, a woman shorn by heartless lawmakers of any practical ability to defend herself effectively against a stronger man,  defended her life with the best improvised weapon that fell to hand. Ineffectively. The New York Post:

The fight early Saturday inside the Bedford Technology store on Bedford Avenue near Church Avenue ended in the girlfriend’ s apparent strangulation — and was caught in all its savagery on store surveillance video, sources told The Post.

A co-worker found Deneisha Smith, 27, of Flatbush, dead inside the store and alerted cops, who ID’d the boyfriend using the chilling footage, sources said.

“It’s a vicious attack lasting over 10 minutes,” one source told The Post. “And the woman fought for her life,” at one point cutting her attacker in the neck with a piece of broken glass.

When cops knocked on the boyfriend’s door a few blocks away, he was home — with his wife and four kids, one source said.

The boyfriend, whom police did not immediately identify, tried to cut himself in the chest as cops moved to arrest him — possibly to cover up his earlier injury.

Obviously Romeo here needs a whole new Zip Code. But New York also needs a new way of looking at self-defense. You’d think it would embarrass Manhattan sophistos that their self defense law and policies give innocent victims like the late Deneisha Smith no chance at life.

9 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Stranglin’ Thumbs (again)

  1. Pericles

    What woman wouldn’t feel safer knowing that when she is kidnapped, robbed, raped, and murdered, we can watch it all on video. I’d bet those videos would make one of the highest rated TV shows in the country.

  2. Loren

    I wonder how Deneisha thought having a boyfriend with a wife and 4 kids would all work out well for her. Isn’t there something in Darwinism about females seeking out the fittest to breed with?
    Maybe the Deneisha’s of America’s urban underclass might seek men with some class instead of those with none.

    1. Pathfinder

      Wouldn’t be the first time that a women didn’t know the man she was dating was married.

    2. John M.

      Women are more interested in social proof than men are. If he’s married, that just meant that he’s been vetted by the sisterhood.

      -John M.

  3. bloke_from_ohio

    Being denied the tools for self defense is a crime against humanity. Proponents of the ban may not have put the murderer’s hands around her throat, but they certainly made it harder for the victim to remove them. .

    That scenario sucks all the way round. Ate up is an apt description. I feel for the wife and kids, as well as the murder victim. Even if the woman knew she was wrecking a home, death was not deserved for it. If she didn’t then it is even worse. I hope the criminal justice system gets this one right. But, I have little faith in that hope given the jurisdiction involved.

    Few things boil my blood like disloyalty. But, I am always baffled at the “he will leave her/him for me” crowd. The fact the object of the other woman/man’s desire has already been disloyal to the current spouse is not an indicator of future behavior. What do they think is going to happen when it is time for them to be traded in for a newer/better/different model? How can they ever be sure there is no other man or other woman? I just don’t get it.

    1. John M.

      Many puzzling decisions can be chalked up to emotional decisionmaking. This is a difficult thing for most rational thinkers to get their minds around, but it’s as real as the weather.

      -John M.

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