When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Wells

wellOf course, there’s a small matter of whether the murderer, in this case of a ten year old girl, is an outlaw. See, he already was arrested before the crime, and ICE was directed to let him go, in accordance with Administration policy that Criminal Aliens’ Lives Matter, and Their Murder Victims’ Lives Don’t.

Smith County Sheriffs have confirmed that Gustavo Zavala-Garcia, 24, was charged with Capital Murder for the death of Kayla Gomez-Orozco, 10.

“He’s given us information from him, and we’ve been able gather enough evidence in our investigation to charge him with that crime,” said Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith.A relative of the slain little girl, Zavala-Garcia was the lone suspect in the case. He illegally entered the United States on an unknown date and unknown location.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers first encountered and lodged a detainer on Zavala-Garcia Oct. 10, 2014, after he was convicted in Smith County for assaulting a family member, which caused injury. He entered ICE custody Oct. 21, 2014 and was released on bond the same day.

via Uncle Charged In Death Of Child Found In Well; Was In US Illegally « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

The girl was missing almost a week after going missing at a church. All the time that searchers were seeking her, she was raped and murdered and lying at the bottom of that well.

Because Gustavo Zavala-Garcia is some politicians’ model of the American public they’d rather have than the one they’ve got now.


Law enforcement officers know that people are individuals, not stereotypes. But they also know that a stereotype — a profile — often can be a pearl of wisdom built up around a grain of truth. In search of such a pearl? Ask any law enforcement officer you know and trust if there is any distinct population group that is more likely to be associated with child sexual abuse. (There’s also one other kind of crime the same group also “wins” on).

10 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Wells

  1. Mike_C

    > a pearl of wisdom
    Funny you use that expression. Old-school Medicine is big on “pearls” dispensed by wise clinicians (or so they fondly believe themselves to be) to their students and trainees. Why do I bring this up? Medicine is ALL about probabilities based on stereotypes, at least in the initial diagnosis phase. That’s why students are taught to “present” patients in a set fashion. From this structured information one mentally constructs an initial “differential diagnosis” (ordered list of possible causes for the presenting problem) which is then verified (or refined, disproved, etc) based on further exam and testing.

    “Mr Smith is an 75-year old man with diabetes and a 50-pack year smoking history who presents with one hour of left-sided, dull chest pain with radiation down the left arm that began when he was shoveling snow….” takes one down a very different path than
    “Ms Jones is a 23-year old marathoner who recently began upper-body weight training for her first ever Tough Mudder race. She complains of chest pain that is sharp, and focally tender to palpation…”
    Or let’s give them abdominal pain. With young Ms Jones having abdominal pain, one might consider an ectopic pregnancy, whereas most clinicians would not put pregnancy of any sort on old Mr Smith’s differential. And so forth.

    This combination of initially considering both group-based propensities and individual characteristics (never forgetting that the individual part is ultimately the most important) while in parallel marshaling objective evidence, works pretty well for medicine, and many other areas involving human beings. But somehow it’s unthinkably vile evil badthink in the context of law enforcement. Actually it’s coming to medicine as well. Some things cannot even be mentioned. A friend published a case series on acquired parasitical infections (worms) as a result of solid-organ transplant. Among dozens of facts about the donors and recipients, he happened to note that in all of the cases in his series, the donor was from a Central American country. The journal editors made him take it out, because they wanted to “avoid the appearance of racism”.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Mike, I’m gobsmacked. This:

      he happened to note that in all of the cases in his series, the donor was from a Central American country. The journal editors made him take it out, because they wanted to “avoid the appearance of racism”.

      Is how these well-meaning dipwits skip clean over “the appearance of” and feed actual, no-$#!+ racism.

    2. John M.

      “[W]hereas most clinicians would not put pregnancy of any sort on old Mr Smith’s differential.”

      Sounds transphobic to me. Deplorable. Besides, Obamacare mandates that he have pregnancy coverage, so why not put it to some good use for the office and order a whiz quiz for it? It won’t hurt anybody but the taxpayer.

      -John M.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    This is the crap we (and many other parents) worry about every day. I can’t protect my kids 24/7/365, which sucks. I wish I could. But what I (and the Mrs.) try to teach to our kids is situational awareness, remaining physically active (in case they have to run for it), and knowing our neighborhood and how to lose people in it who may want to do harm to them.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Note that the perp was a relative. Very common it’s the weird uncle or cousin. (Not as common as the #1 winner of the domestic kiddie diddler stakes, the “momma’s latest live-in boyfriend”).

      1. Billybob

        Just to prove your point.
        My first child rape case, I was dispatched to the daycare to interview 5 yr old.
        Suspect ; Hispanic undocumented live in boy friend.
        After interview, when he hadn’t showed up to pick up child, I dispatched beat partner to residence.
        They made the arrest stop as he was leaving driveway with all his stuff loaded into car.
        He had seen my car at the daycare and suspected the worse.

  3. Trone Abeetin

    Well, when you consider the age of consent in Meheeco is twelve coupled with tradition of love kidnapping….. what could possibly go wrong when you let Pedro run rampant?

  4. Paul Rain

    Well, at least that other area of over achievement lends itself to humorous songs..

    “Half past 5 I’m in the pub
    Six O’clock it’s home for grub
    Eight O’clock I’m back to the bar
    Sod the walk I’ll take the car

    Knock it back
    Have another one
    Drinking and driving is so much fun

    In the motor off you go
    Not too fast and not too slow
    Keep your head and keep your cool
    Must avoid that rightful pull
    As you meander down the road
    Don’t forget your highway code”

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