Black Ops Matter

black-ops-matterHere’s a charity T-shirt sale that we can recommend without reservation: these Black Ops Matter T-shirts we’re originally made for an annual fundraiser for the families of fallen special operations and clandestine service personnel, Spookstock.

Yes, it’s really a thing.


They were so popular at Spookstock, that the limited stock (spook stock?) on hand sold out. So a second fund raiser was created and run. Every dollar collected, over and above costs, goes directly on a 50/50 split to two worthy foundations: the special operations warrior foundation, or the clandestine service foundation.

These foundations support the family members of fallen operators and intelligence officers; for instance, by providing college scholarships. You’d think that a grateful government would do that, but you’d think wrong. So these two foundations stood up — SOWF first, initially to deal with the kids of the eight men killed at Desert One on a fruitless hostage rescue attempt in 1980. Since then, there’s been some mission creep of a good kind, providing greater benefits to a wider range of widows and orphans, as the endowment has grown. A group of clandestine service retirees, seeing the good that SOWF was doing for their uniformed counterparts’ families, realized that the civilian intelligence officer community needed something similar, too, and so a parallel organization was born, the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation.

Plus, the T-shirts are kind of cool. We ordered two.

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