Just Another RV Driver

Charles Wickware Jr. is just another RV pilot. Except… his other plane is an F/A-18E. Here’s a great report by Megan Rupe of KSEE-TV aka Your Central Valley.com.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t figure out how to embed it, so you’re going to have to go over there. But it’s a really nice report — longer on the web than they were able to run on the news, we think — and the talent and crew of KSEE deserve your eyeballs on this one. We’ll still be here when you come back.


Not sure whether the more entertaining bit is Wickware’s infectious enthusiasm for flight — he’s making a documentary of his squadron’s last Arabian Gulf cruise (we just call it that to offend the Iranians) — or reporter Rupe’s happy, refreshing enthusiam for flight and Wickware.

We enjoyed his shots of carrier takeoffs and landings. Something about his GoPro approach seems to do a better job of conveying the shot-from-a-cannon aspect of a cat shot and the slammed-to-a-standstill aspect of an arrested landing than previous films and videos. We hope to snag a copy of the documentary, when it’s done.

Because somebody will ask, his private airplane is an RV-8, and the one that flew formation with him and Rupe is an RV-6 or -7. The RV-12 we’re building is lighter, less powerful, and not aerobatic. (Not to mention, easier to build).

14 thoughts on “Just Another RV Driver

  1. Alan Ward

    Last graph seems to be a copy of the third from the end. Ok by me if you’re just doing it for emphasis.

  2. SPEMack

    Oh. That’s neat. Before I was Captain SPEMack I was C/1st Lt SPEMack of the Civil Air Patrol. My old log book shows four or so hours in a RV-8 before my solo flight in my other favorite civil aviation airplane; the C-172

  3. crookedrecords

    My brother who has his private pilots license showed me a few satirical videos by you tube user Bryan Turner that you might find funny. One is how to pre flight a Cirrus and the other is on bravo airspace and clouds. Im not even a pilot (though I do have a huge interest in aviation and fly rc planes and helicopters) and I found him to be pretty hilarious https://youtu.be/LeLsJfGmY_Y

  4. 2hotel9

    Very nice! Something positive out of a news outlet, I’m shocked. Hognose, just curious, you a member of EAA? I am not a pilot, I do love to fly. Got to take a flight in their Ford TriMotor last summer and was just blown away.

    1. 2hotel9

      Cool. I joined after the TriMotor ride, my son did too. I had been to EAA shows over the years, saw Aluminum Overcast several times but they were not doing flights because of weather each time. Whenever I hear radial engines in the sky I go out to see them. Here in western PA, Butler county, we get a lot of pass through traffic, at least one DC3 goes over a couple of times a week, early in the day flying west, mid afternoon flying east. Oh, and C 130s! Get a lot of them, apparently ANG and AFR training flights.

  5. David

    When I was a kid I had a paper route. My best friend’s dad was an airline pilot. They already knew, but I delivered a newspaper announcing their 16 year old son had crashed and died on his first solo night flight.

    1. Alan Ward

      My high school librarian and her mother, who taught business, both lost husbands in aviation. The mom lost her husband on a night bombing raid over Essen. I found out when I checked out a book on the first 1000 plane raid on Koln, the librarian shared with me his fate, then told me about losing her spouse in a civil crash about ten miles south of town as he was returning from Great Falls late at night. Later that Spring during our break, my best friend and I went to the crash site. Lots of quarter and Loonie sized pieces of aluminium, but not much else except for a large divot in the prairie.

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