A Small Milestone or Two

fireworks_imageThis morning, just before noon, reader Hayabusa left a comment on a When Guns are Outlawed post. (We have always wondered whether he named himself after the bird, the airplane, or the motorcycle, three noble things that share the same Japanese title. But that’s his business).


Little did he know it, but by our reckoning, it was the 50,000th approved comment on this blog, since the blog went live on 1 January 2012. We were expecting that milestone to come up, but were floored to find another comment milestone happening near-simultaneously.

In a remarkable coincidence, another comment today was the 20,000th this year, which gives you an idea just how much more popular reading WeaponsMan and commenting here is than it was in its earliest days. By the end of the year, over 40% of our total comments since Day 1 will be from this year.

The 20,000th comment of 2016 was this one by Daniel E. Watters.



We are grateful for every page you read, every link you click, and every comment you make, especially ones that extend our own knowledge or correct our own misconceptions (a specialty of Daniel Watters, among others). Thank you very much.

As we come up to our fifth anniversary, we feel like we ought to give back to those readers who have been so generous with their time and comments. We have some prizes set aside (books and things) and need to figure out what kind of contest to have. Suggestions, friends?

36 thoughts on “A Small Milestone or Two

  1. Loren

    Well you could give a prize for the commentator with the most typos (that would be me).
    Just give the rest to Aesop.

  2. SPEMack

    Hell, I get a prize every time you post something that leads me down a rabbit hole to new knowledge. Doubly so when you take the time to respond to my leg view of the world replies.

    Glad your blog is growing, Hognose. Thank you for the community, witicisms, and free ice cream. You, Tam, and OldNFO are my daily must reads

  3. Tim, '80s Mech Guy

    I keep the site running and have never closed it on purpose. I don’t always agree with the angle taken by Hognose and certainly not by some of the comments BUT I look forward to intelligent conversation with folks who understand that I can see thier point AND disagree with them at the same time.

    To Grown Ups and another 50k comments! ( Raising a bottle of formerly American owned beer )

    Much thanks to Hognose for all the work he puts into the site despite having a life and building an airplane in his basement and hating on Bubba etc.

  4. ToastieTheCoastie

    Darn! narrowly missed my 15 minutes of fame. Guess I’ll have to shoot for the 100k comment spot.

    Congrats though, the blog certainly deserves the traffic. Any plans to add a paypal button?

      1. Daniel E. Watters

        Al, I truly miss the time I spent with you and the rest of my MCRC & Shooter’s Choice compatriots. I haven’t made it back since 2003, and probably won’t be able to visit again any time soon.

  5. David

    The posts are excellent, but when I started reading the comments is when I really got hooked. I start my day here. Thanks to you and those who comment. This place is a treasure trove.

    1. John Distai

      Me too. I keep getting to work later…and later…and later…each week. (And then staying later to make up for it.). All because of the comments on this blog.

      As for prizes? Do what Oprah would do! “Everyone in the audience, check under your chairs! (Pointing) You win a hand job! And you win a hand job! And you win a …”

      Kirk should win a prize for the longest posts. (“You win a hand job!”)

  6. Hillbilly

    I very seldom comment, but stop by daily to read the latest articles and comments.
    Congrats on running a heck of a blog Hognose.

  7. Tom Stone

    I come here every day both for the quality of the writing and the content.
    Having blogged for several years ( About Sonoma County Real Estate, one post got me fired) I am well aware of the thought and effort involved.
    I also appreciate the quality of the comments, almost all of the commenters here would be welcome in my home.

  8. DSM

    Congrats! One of the first sites I check every morning and then periodically throughout the day (if the boss man isn’t around…) just for catching up on all the comments. One day there will be a post involving obscure Air Force security trivia and I will have something useful to add to the party for once.

    As for a contest, shoot I’m unoriginal, a plain old fashioned raffle will keep it fair and equitable. Have an entry requirement of a donation to a preferred charity or something so that way it’s win-win. You also know better than anyone who you find to be the most credit at what is ultimately your playground so if you singled out those people no one here would disagree.

    1. Hillbilly

      I will always owe a debt of gratitude to the AF security force member who was my roommate at jump school.
      On our 3rd jump due to my own mistake I was oscillating on impact with the ground and messed up my hip.

      The next morning when he saw that I was barely able to move and with him being the pace man (being maybe 5’3″) during the run to the rigging shed he held the pace to a crawl that I could gimp along too. Good dude I wish I could remember his name.

      I also met a couple of really squared away AF security guys at the 08 Ft Benning International Sniper Comp.
      I had no idea at the time AF even had a sniper course.

      1. DSM

        The AF has had a small presence at Benning, outside of JTACs and the like, mostly out of legacy from the Vietnam era Combat Security Police units. They get a certain amount of Ranger school slots as well, my last unit sent three folks through and I’ve known many more folks with tabs throughout my career. Our jump school folks are mostly from just a few units; in Germany, Georgia and I think PACAF was standing one up when I got out. The idea is that they jump in with the Army to establish airfield security so the Army can keep pushing outwards to do Army things without having to worry about protecting the airfield. The unit out of Germany did it in the north in OIF.
        The AF called (still calls?) their sniper school CPEC for close precision engagement course. It’s an evolved course from a National Guard course down in Little Rock. When I was down in GA the group spent over a $100K on M24s but big AF didn’t have their stuff ready so didn’t want us using them. Our Ops Officer was prior Army with a long tab and with all sorts of connections that brings. He coordinated an MTT of sorts with an Army reserve unit for training so that’s how I got my time behind those rifles. It really gave me an appreciation for how underused the capability is; airfields are friggin’ huge and flat with little cover so either we expose ourselves to get closer with our carbines or we employ something with more reach without hosing the place down with bullets. I had gained some upper level interest in employing a better equipped designated marksman capability but the AF ended up just haphazardly issuing ACOGs without much additional guidance or thought.

  9. Hayabusa


    I was busy at work today and haven’t been back to the site until just now, so I didn’t realize that my previous comment was some kind of milestone.

    I feel honored!

    As you, Hognose, are obviously aware, “Hayabusa” is Japanese for peregrine falcon, the fastest non-human animal on earth. That name has since inspired a WWII fighter plane (the Nakajima Ki-43, U.S. reporting name of “Oscar”), and, much later, a Suzuki motorcycle, the GSX1300R Hayabusa, which was, for a time, the fastest-accelerating motorcycle (and, indeed, probably the fastest-accelerating street-legal production vehicle of any kind) on earth.

    As for the nickname, I used to own a Hayabusa (the motorcycle, not the bird, and certainly not the WWII fighter plane), until it was stolen from me a few years ago. Which is another story entirely.

    But thanks again for the shout-out. Love the website. Please keep up the great work.

  10. John M.

    Perhaps one of the books could be awarded to “Least Informed Commenter”?


    -John M.

    1. John M.

      Jokes aside, Hognose, really you owe the likes of me nothing at all, and we all owe you enough beers to ruin that diet for a good long time.

      -John M.

  11. Bush in Oz

    Hognose, The continuation of this fine blog is reward enough, the quality and wide variety of subjects posted by yourself and the comments made by technical specialists make for fascinating reading and makes this blog a daily read.
    However, I am sure that most readers are probably keen book readers so maybe some sort of raffle for commentators over the past 12 months may work ok?
    Along those lines I have inherited a number of mid 1970’s BlackPowder and other Gun Digest magazines and catalogues from a long deceased uncle who used to hand build 50 cal Kentucky Long Rifles. My brother and I have also inherited one KLR each (as we are the only family members with firearms licences). I do have very fond memories of my uncle taking us shooting with his newly built KLR, he and his son and my father ( his brother ) and my brother and I shooting out into the Victorian bush. I was about 12 years old and hearing protection not available or seemingly needed ( it was the mid 1970’s ) and knocking some tin cans over at about 50 yards or so. The KLR’s have such a long barrel that the sight picture was brilliant to shot with. This uncle also had a original 1870’s or so Winchester lever action hanging on his living room wall ( this was well before the all guns MUST be locked up edicts were required) which he used to shoot with as well, as young teenagers my brother and I used to wonder where this rifle had been in the USA and who had owned it and used it. Unfortunately some scumbag burgular ended up stealing the rifle so my uncle ended up locking his rifles in a safe after that.
    If you have any interest in the magazines or catalogues send me a email and I can arrange to send some of them over to you.

    Bush in Oz

    1. Hognose Post author

      In most of the USA no license is required for a black powder muzzle-loading weapon. (In some places like Massachusetts and New
      Jersey, it is). It seems to vary in Europe. Interesting to learn it’s required Down Under.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. A long visit to your country/continent is on my bucket list.

  12. Keith

    I also don’t always post but I do check back several times a day for always informative posts and discussion. Trust in God and keep your powder dry folks.

  13. Drew

    prize? Hell, i think the best prize is reading excellent posts multiple times a day, followed by more intelligent discourse in the comments than I can find on the editorial page of any newspaper. all WITHOUT advertising.

    can i send you some beer money at least?

  14. Cap'n Mike

    This has become hands down my favorite site on the Internet Hognose.
    It is us that owe you the debt of gratitude.

  15. Alan Ward

    Adding my thanks and congratulations, I too feel that no reward is necessary. The blog, its information and the excellent group of commenters are more than enough reward. Having said that, anything that you have cluttering the Manor, with which you wish to part, and that can clear Canada Customs, would be received with sincere thanks.

  16. Bush in Oz

    Hognose, As many commentators have said the best reward is to just keep the site running and posting. The posts that you make on many varied topics are amazing, that combined with the high level analysis that many commentators make, make this blog a daily must read.

  17. Sommerbiwak

    I can only support and agree what the other commenters have already said. Great site. Informative posts. Keep up the good work, Hognose! :-)

  18. AJ from Nj

    Bravo Zulu!

    Love this blog. Daily reader for 3 years!

    Btw, at work you’re blocked for “hate speech/ violence” thru the firewall. That’s a big milestone if you ask me! I got reprimanded too, you’re welcome, but thankfully you had a good piece on history to justify my indulgence!

  19. T. O'Reilly

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Given the combined life experience and writing ability of the group here, I’d love to see some sort of (short) writing contest for the swag.

  20. Aesop

    I get my prize every time there’s a new scoop of free ice cream here.
    Hognose, you’re a true renaissance man, a gentleman and a scholar, and there’s damn few of us left.
    And excluding myself, you have one of the best commentariats on the ‘net.

    I don’t think it will take nearly as long to get the next 50K comments.
    Best wishes, and be excellent to one another.

  21. Mike_C

    Belated congratulations on the milestones, and as others have said, the blog itself is reward enough.

    Keep up with the Hognose Reclamation Project too. On a purely selfish note, I hope to be reading you for a long time to come.

    >Btw, at work you’re blocked for “hate speech/ violence” thru the firewall.
    Haha! TPTB managing each of the offices where I might be found block “weapons” oriented websites. The one with sorta a federal affiliation (though it isn’t a .gov) blocks WM. This other one cheerfully blocks all manner of weapons sites, but “weaponsman.com” sails through just fine. Heh.

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