VA Supremo Lied to Defend Perv PA


Mark Wisner, the pawsy perv PA of Leavenworth. Why is he smiling in a jail mugshot? Looking forward to dropping the soap?

Physician’s Assistant Mark Wisner (WISE-ner) admitted to sexually abusing veterans at the Leavenworth, Kansas VAMC. As the investigation continued, more young male vets came forward with tales of groping. Wisner tried to minimize his conduct. It was only one. It was just “touching.”

Wisner might have been charged with serious crimes, but instead, VA leaders cut a deal with him: go quietly, and you can retire. And VA officials at the very highest level continued to watch Wisner’s back, in a way they don’t look out for mere veterans.

Secretary Bob McDonald, whose tenure has been marked by management of the VA for, by, and of the employees, even lied to protect the pawsy perv.

In September, Sen. Jerry Moran questioned VA Secretary Robert McDonald on the handling of Wisner’s case. McDonald maintained Wisner resigned.

Because a pension from a VA job is a precious, untouchable entitlement — whereas veterans’ benefits are mere prolefeed for a lesser class than the exalted nomenklatura. Why, if you punished the pervs, the next thing you know, you’d be looking to fire the merely incompetent.

The VA spokesman at Leavenworth (every facility has a few, and they’re all getting six figures to lie to the public and the media) also lied about Wisner, until caught.

In previous statements from the Leavenworth VA, leaders only said Wisner “left.” The spokesperson did confirm to 41 Action News Wednesday he retired.

The difference between “resigned” and “retired” is not semantic. It means Wisner is still getting paid — your tax dollars in action.

VA-veterans-affairsA timeline established by KHSB 41 Action News described Wisner’s downfall. To that, we added a few other key moments in this long-running case.

  1. 19 May 14: VA opens an investigation file on Wisner, after he is credibly accused of groping a patient. VA interviews him, and he admits “inappropriately touching” “at least one” patient. VA keeps him on.
  2. Feb 2015: Wisner, now accused by seven vets of groping, surrenders his PA license. Wisner “acknowledged in a consent order that he used his position as a physician’s assistant to commit sexual battery against veterans.” VA keeps him on in “administrative” status.
  3. 9 Jul 15: Documents show he did genital and testicular exams that were not medically indicated, “for his own pleasure.” VA keeps him on.
  4. 12 Jul 15: Two brothers groped by Wisner speak out on KHSB. VA keeps him on.
  5. Aug 2015: Wisner accused of overprescribing painkillers. VA keeps him on.
  6. 7 Aug 15: Wisner appears in court on sexual battery and felony aggravated criminal sodomy charges. VA keeps him on.
  7. 27 Apr 16. A veteran charges that, “Wisner repeatedly fondled him and made inappropriate remarks regarding the veteran’s genitals. He also claims Wisner suggested he would withhold pain medication if he did not allow Wisner to touch his private area.” Wisner did these examinations without gloves. VA keeps him on.
  8. 24 Jun 16: Prosecutors add an additional sexual battery charge. Around this time, Wisner retires from the VA with full benefits.
  9. 29 Jul 16: Wisner is revealed to have a criminal record for sex crimes in California from 1987. He admitted this when hired by VA in 1992. VA hired him anyway. And VA kept him on. VA refuses to discus his hiring, but the Leavenworth six-ligure spokesman describes Wisner’s serial groping as, “the timely, high-quality care and services [vets] have earned and deserve.” The spokesman also lies about Wisner’s departure.
  10. 3 Aug 16: Wisner’s accusers now number fifty. Lawyers working for McDonald and VA are not working on Wisner’s criminal defense, but they are trying to stamp out malpractice suits, on the interesting grounds that when he started groping, he was magically off the .gov clock and on his own time.
  11. Sep 2016: Sen Moran asks VA Secretary Bob McDonald about Wisner. McDonald lies. To protect him? To protect the VA? Because it’s become a habit? VA keeps McDonald on.


15 thoughts on “VA Supremo Lied to Defend Perv PA

  1. Sommerbiwak

    Ceterum autem censeo veterani administratinem esse delendam

    (very probably I did some latin grammar wrong. sorry)

  2. John M.

    “VA leaders cut a deal with him: go quietly, and you can require.”

    I think you mean “retire.”

    -John M.

  3. Tom Stone

    If you think the corruption and dysfunction of the Federal Government is bad now, give it a year or two under Clinton.
    It is obvious that there is no possibility of reforming the system peacefully, those avenues have been closed.
    Change will come, it is inevitable.
    However the process is likely to hurt millions of innocents and the outcome is not predictable and it’s not likely to be a good one for the majority of American subjects.

    1. Boat Guy

      Damn few innocents past the age-of-majority. There are however a lot of potential noncombatants…

  4. Alan Ward

    Those assaulted ( I won’t insult them by calling them victims) should find a decent lawyer, file a class action lawsuit against Macdonald and every other GS in the pervs chain of command and demand access to all files about the dickheads involved. Hit the pricks in the pocketbook and see how fast they start to cover their butts by cannibalising each other. Then get each person assaulted to petition the Congress critters from their home district, their district of birth and every district that houses a base on which they served, RON’ed. or did TDY. Hopefully, there will be enough of the apparatiks sufficiently appalled to do something other than demand just a hearing. If the public groundswell grows, we might even see Pelosi and the other lefties get behind it like they did on the victims of 9/11 veto.

    1. RSR

      Good post. As you clearly know, THIS (elected reps holding unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats’ feet to the fire) is the only way change will happen…

  5. Roger

    At the very least, those VA employees guilty of malfeasance, abuse, mishandling, mistreating etc should be fired and lose all of their benefits, including retirement. No appeal, No plea bargaining, No compassionate reductions.
    In addition, those in positions of power, should be sentenced to spend 5 years as a goatherd in Afghanistan, then shot by a firing squad manned by veterans that survived the VA’s malevolence.
    That’ll learn ’em to never mess with our vets.

  6. Trone Abeetin

    At least he wasn’t doing digital rectals to get his jollies. I suppose he would’ve had to use the glove then. Or trim his nails real close.

  7. Cap'n Mike

    This sounds eerily like the Archdiocese of Boston Priest sex abuse scandal and coverup, but without the public outrage.
    If only the VA was somehow mistreating transgenders, the problem would be solved overnight.

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