Spooky Sunday

At some time today, we’ll be putting the Demon Dog and other Halloween decorations out, which makes it Spooky Sunday.

We’ve been engaged on the new social media platform Gab, which is still in beta. Imagine Twitter, but with more than twice the characters per post, and an institutional commitment to free speech (vs. Twitter’s commitment to social engineering). Highly recommended. Your Humble Blogger is, of course, @hognose and frequently gabs about #guns.

Had a week of sticking to diet but off-and-on on exercise, so we saw — we are not making this up  — a one day gain of 3.3 lbs (1.5 Kg), followed by dieting off a half-pound a day… ending the week at a new low that was a half-pound below last week’s record. It makes for a weird looking graph for this month so far:


Especially when you consider our real objective has to be below the bottom of that graph. It doesn’t look quite so bad when we look at the whole thing:


It’s more work than we might like. We know what we need to do (doesn’t everybody, about most things?) and we just need to ruck up and execute.

Not all the news is even that good. Got the news that Tom Greer died after an incredibly brief illness. He is best known to the public as author Dalton Fury, a name guys ribbed him about. He was a legendary special operations leader, who came up from a private in the Ranger Regiment; even there, his contemporaries tell us, he was marked for advancement. (I do not recall him ever serving in SF, just Rangers and other special operations forces).  Here’s a non-fiction essay of his worth reading. We lost a good one there.

We spent 3:30 (that’s three hours thirty minutes, not three minutes and a half) on the phone with a friend (and former leader) in Fayetteville. He came through the storm all right, just lost power for a few days (others are worse off). His wife is fighting severe illness, and it gets him down. On the phone, all that dropped away and we solved all the problems of life, the universe and everything (especially special operations).

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon and evening with an old teammate (an 18E commo man, but he’s a gun guy, naturally) and introduced Small Dog Mk II to his rambunctious German Shepherds. (Yes, plural). However, because we wrote and queued this post up before leaving for his house, we can’t tell you whether SDMkII got eaten or not, unless or until we update the post.  Still, he has such separation anxiety, we didn’t want to leave him.

Finally, we’re meeting the Blogfather in New Orleans soon. We don’t know the city; we’ve never done anything except drive on through. We know the former D-Day Museum is a must see (now the National WWII Museum), and we saw online the LA Guard museum, an old fort, and a Confederate War Museum… we’re wondering if readers have any recommendations, and that’s not just gun stuff, but also food and entertainment options. We’ll be in town about five days.

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  1. Pangur

    Keep on fighting the good fight on diet and exercise, you’ll get there.

    “Finally, we’re meeting the Blogfather in New Orleans soon.”

    So this is great news but might be regarded, in the context of the diet and exercise goals, as a “temporary setback,” (but well worth it if what I hear about NOLA food it true).

  2. Rick2gun

    I have been to NOLA several times for trade shows that often coincided with Mardi Gras season. We never took or rented a car while there. Almost everything is within reasonable walking distance. Several times I rented a bike to tour the the downtown area on scouting missions. The airport is some distance away from downtown but the cab rides were not unreasonably priced.

    The link below is a very nice diversion for part of the day.
    The first link is very good for a quick hitter type exposure to NOLA cuisine. TIP: Pick up some Joe’s Stuff seasoning at the store at the school. It a great blackening spice for fish. The second link is the home page of the school.



  3. John M.

    Slow and steady wins the race, Hognose.

    As for New Orleans, I’ve never been there, but my recommendation would be to check and make sure your NH CCW is valid there. And enjoy yourself regardless.

    -John M.

    1. Hognose Post author

      I’ve always enjoyed his tales, and find him a kindred soul in many ways. Not bring dog or kids (or, for that matter, gun, because I must transit the un-American sector of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, where the reigning SED equivalent refuses to recognize the 1986 law permitting free transit of firearms.

      1. John M.

        Surely a man with skills such as yours could devise a way to transit a firearm through Mass and NY that both complies with FOPA and is totally undiscoverable by a state trooper?

        And if by transiting through the People’s Republic, you mean flying out of Logan, then you have my sincere condolences. Those people can do unspeakable things to checked bags. Southwest flies into and out of MHT and that’s good enough for me.

        -John M.

  4. SGT.BAG

    See the Dueling Oak in City Park where lotsa blood was shed for honor.
    Please no selfies in NOLA with your shirt off and tons of party beads.

    Carry on.

  5. Bill T

    New Orleans is NOT Civilian gun friendly. I was told by the NOLA Cop, “Where you are going you can use that carry permit to wipe yo’ skinny white ass, Mo***r-F****r!” while escorting me to the police van.
    I spent a particularly sleepless night in the Parish Lockup for simple possession of a firearm (Alabama Permit was NOT sufficient) I think that being sober and with family made me stand out in the French Quarter.
    They finally released me to the custody of MY local Sheriff back in AL. After 6 weeks they gave me a “Noll Prosse (SP)” and I did not have to come back for court or pay any fine. They kept my .25 Raven (More dangerous to the shooter than the “shootee”.)
    Since then, I keep my skinny white ass and my money OUT of New Orleans. There is no reciprocity agreement that I know of, Maybe it has changed but I doubt it. Traveler beware Louisiana, especially New Orleans.

      1. Bill T

        Hog, It was a LONG time ago. Don’t remember the exact year but it was when the World Fair was in New Orleans. Also there was a total solar eclipse the next day. I’ll dig down and get a date. Even if the State of Louisiana honors NH’s CCW I still would not trust New Orleans PD and Judges.
        As I said, I stay away. If I want red beans and rice with smoked sausage I cook it myself!
        I’ll check dates and get back to you.

        1. Bill T

          Well, It was a LOT longer ago than I thought, My L o n g night in the Orleans Parish Lock Up was May 30, 1984. The eclipse at the World Fair was the next day about noon May 31, 1984. That was 34 years ago! Wow, Time really does fly.
          I would check with some one in the NOLA PD before carrying in the city.
          They are probably crazier now than they were then.

          If someone reads this who lives in New Orleans and loves it, My apologies to you and may God Bless you but I calls ’em like I sees ’em.

          1. Bill T

            Yeah, You’re right. Alabama didn’t have open carry, legally, until last year.
            When I get foot-in-mouth disease sometimes it’s serious. LOL

  6. wheelsee

    Check the battleground at Chalmette, part of the Jean Lafitte NHP…… You may know it better from “The Battle of New Orleans” by Johnny Horton. The battle was actually fought AFTER the the Treaty of Ghent was signed (welcome to early 19th century communications). You can drive or ride on the Creole Queen.

    Take a ride on the St Charles streetcar (oldest continuously operating streetcar in the world).

    While at the WWII museum, see why they were called Higgins boats. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas is nearby and has a good exhibit on offshore drilling. If kids are going, the Audobon Zoo is worth a morning trip.

    Jackson square with St Louis cathedral, and Cafe duMonde with chicory and beignets…….bring a towel, or a dog to lick the excess powdered sugar off your face……

    Whatever you do, enjoy and laissez le Bon temps roulet…………..”let the good times roll”

    1. H

      Before retirement I got to NOLA three or four times a year on business and would second most of what wheelsee says but would add the following:

      I actually feel sorry for anybody who did not get to drive across the Huey P. Long bridge before they widened the roadways. It’s pretty tame now.

      I would not go any-freaking-place down there after dark by myself.

      The National Cemetery next to the Chalmette battlefield is worth a quick look-see. The battlefield itself is worth a detailed visit. Do not – repeat, NOT -miss it.

      Kenner Seafood is a great local joint out by the airport. There are better places but for an out-of-towner they always treated me well and it seemed like home. Exit Loyola off I-10, go north a couple blocks and it’s on the right. Check your diet at the door, however, and don’t go at a peak lunch/dinner time if you’re in a hurry.

      Destrehan Plantation is pretty good and easily accessible off I-310.

  7. KirkC

    Second visiting the Audubon Zoo, if you’re bring children.

    As for food, I can recommend the po-boys at Domilise’s (Uptown riverside, below Jefferson) and most items at Drago’s Seafood. Catch breakfast at Coulis on Prytania, and have a beignet at Cafe duMonde. If your diet doesn’t take a hit, you aren’t getting the most out of your visit.

    In addition to the Higgins boat story, the WWII Museum has a terrific aircraft display. And if you have the time, get out of the city for an airboat ride through the bayou.

  8. Rick

    Did you ever sit down and think about how many hours you put into getting to the start of the diet? Normally we gain about 2 pounds a year, so you are looking at destroying 20 years of work or so. Keep at it, I’m sure you already feel a lot better.

  9. JSW

    Daughter just graduated from Tulane, so I can say I know the town pretty well now.
    I would never stay in the French Quarter. Nasty place.
    If you have a carry permit, the French Quarter is a damn good place to utilize it after the sun sets.
    My impression of the local police attitude is that anyone lawfully carrying was appreciated for being on standby…
    Stay uptown near Tulane. It’s only 10 minutes or less to the War Museum which is now officially amazing from its humble start as the D Day museum. You can easily spend the better part of a day in that.
    Be sure and sign up for the small tour across the street of the PT Boat restoration that is nearing completion.
    The Confederate museum is OK and nearby. That can be seen in a couple of hours at most.
    Take a picture in front of the Lee Monument, it is destined for demolition by the fascists in charge.
    It’s a food town and my kid lived off the cheap oysters and beer happy hours.
    I’m talking a dozen huge oysters and local beer for less than a saw buck. Superior Seafood uptown is a great place for that.
    Any restaurant owned by local boy made good, John Besh is going to be good. Great guy and former mortarman with the Marines in Desert Storm. His Brasserie, Luke is a favorite.
    Marines drink for free on the Corp’s Birthday.
    Don’t drive around the place in your own car. 3 wrong turns and you may think you are in Mogadishu. Locals drive like it is Somalia and the streets are astonishingly bad.
    I put Nine tires on the kids Honda in four years bad.
    The Big Easy is unique. Best seen early on foot, nearly every corner makes you stop, look around and imagine the history,
    Helluva town

  10. Jim Scrummy

    In regards to CCW permits (for the record I am 100% for Constitutional Carry), having a backup permit is something nice to have. States such as VA, FL, AZ, and UT (need to take a class with a Utah certified instructor-I believe), are shall issue for both resident and non-resident (as long as you pass the background check(s), get fingerprints(for some) and pay the fee). Just food for thought.

  11. Aesop

    Twenty pounds in 2 1/2 months is outstanding, especially – not to put too fine a point on it – with no-longer-the-testosterone-or-metabolism-of-an-18-year-old-recruit.

    Just do your best, as holiday season approaches, not to find all that weight you lost, right where you left it.

    Continued best wishes on your Less Hognose Project.

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