Terrorism: Economy of Force

ISIL flagOne of the consequences of our contretemps with the Russians is that we’re experiencing a Great Relearning of things they learned in long conflict with Chechen and other Islamists. One of them is this: attacking terrorist funding and logistics only goes so far, because compared to national armies or security services, terrorism runs on a shoestring budget. It is by its very nature an economy of force operation.

Recent analysis of high-profile terror attacks inspired by ISIL in France bears this out. We have edited the excerpt below: we have inserted values in $USD based on today’s rounded exchange rate ($1.22=£1), further rounded to the nearest $500 or so.

The string of attacks in France, which have killed more than 200 people in less than two years, were funded by jihadis selling cheap ‘made in China’ clothes and accessories on the black market, as well as insecure consumer loans.

Researchers at the Centre for the Analysis of Terrorism in Paris combed the bank accounts of bloodthirsty jihadis behind the Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan and Nice attacks.

The perpetrators of the January 2015 attacks, which targeted Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket – Amedy Coulibaly and brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi – spent a combined total of £23,000 ($28,000).

More than £18,000 ($23,000) was used to buy a range of heavy weapons, including two sub-machine guns and two semi-automatic pistols, and a rocket launcher.

Heavy weapons? Well, it’s an English paper. If they looked in many of our readers’ gun rooms or safes, they’d go up like Guy Fawkes. FOOM!

Between them, Coulibaly and the Kouachi brothers killed 17 people: 12 people were killed in the attack on the Charlie Hebdo newsroom, and four people were killed in the attack on a Jewish supermarket. A female police officer was also shot dead by Mr Coulibaly.

The November 13 Paris attacks – when shootings at the Bataclan theatre and bomb blasts left 130 people dead and hundreds more wounded – were the most “expensive and complex” said the CAT researchers, and cost the radical Islamists a total of £73,000 ($89,000).

According to French weekly le Journal du Dimanche, where the study was published, ISIS chiefs gave each terrorist £2,600 ($3,000) to spend on the attacks – the rest they paid for themselves.

Two of the attackers, brothers Salah and Brahim Abdeslam, ran a bar in Molenbeek, Belgium, and took money directly from the till.

Hasna Aitboulahcen, the cousin of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the ringleader behind the Paris massacre, gave the terrorists £3,500 ($4,500) before blowing herself up.

The extremists spent £24,000 ($30,000) on travel, £17,000 ($21,000) on secret hideouts, and £14,000 ($17,000) on suicide vests and guns, including six AK-47 rifles.

In addition, the ISIS executioners spent £10,000 ($12,000) on rental cars, and £7,000 ($8,500) on phones and fake ID.

The Nice attack, which took place on July 14 whilst crowds were busy celebrating Bastille Day, the French ‘Independence Day’, was the least expensive, and cost ISIS fanatic Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel no more than £2,200 ($2,500).

Mr Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, who has been described as a “sex-obsessed, pork-eating alcoholic”, used the money to buy a gun and to rent the 19-tonne lorry he used to plough through the Bastille Day crowds. The ISIS convert killed 86 people during the attack, including 30 Muslims.

CAT researchers also said that suspected terrorists’ bank accounts should be checked on a regular basis, as keeping an eye on their financial transactions could help prevent future attacks.

via How European ISIS terror attacks cost just £2,000 | World | News | Daily Express.

You should be reassured that, while the Diverse Vibrancy coming to a refugee shelter near you could very well kill you, at least they won’t be profligate spendthrifts whilst doing you, and they will dispatch you in a practical, economical manner.

The linked article says that surveillance of the suspected jihadis’ bank accounts might help to expose them — a few paragraphs where it describes how several of them scammed the necessary money off of cash businesses and thefts. That’s what passes for deep thinking in Journalistan.

Jamming their money up, or watching their money, is not going to be effective when they need very little money. It’s reminiscent of the great extremes and risks our special operations forces and airmen took to bust trucks on the Ho Chi Minh trail, when the while North Vietnamese combat effort in South Vietnam needed only 4,000 to 6,000 pounds of supplies of all classes daily. It sounds like a lot, but consider this: you not only had to bust trucks, you basically had to bust all of them, because the enemy ran his whole war on less than 2-3 trucks a day. But MacNamara never thought that one all the way through. (Show us your shocked face, on a screwup by Mac?)

12 thoughts on “Terrorism: Economy of Force

  1. John M.

    “Consumer loans,” whatever those are, and skimming money out of a bar’s till are decidedly haram activities for our Muslim antagonists. I guess if you can’t make it to jinnah one way, you’ll have to go another.

    -John M.

    1. Bloke_from_ohio

      It is not haram if you are doing it to a nonbelievers till. Then it is not just okay, it is righteous. It is right up there with the theological gymnastics that says blowing yourself up is the same as dying in battle and therefore gets you the same “privileges” in the afterlife.

      1. John M.

        It’s most definitely haram if you’re profiting from alcohol trade, sales or distribution, e.g. managing a bar.

        -John M.

        1. bloke_from_ohio

          Those who die in battle for “the cause” get an automatic pass no matter what they did before they go full splode-a-dope. The typical jihadi can straight up guzzle booze and pork rinds the night before his appointment with foom, and it won’t make a difference from a theological perspective. Most of them won’t of course since the main draw of the religion of peace is dominance and his peers probably won’t let him. Policing things like what their fellow mujahedeen do and don’t eat is easier than say reducing the suffering of the innocent people in Mosul. But, the way the “system” is set up there is no reason why they can’t sin it on up before they decorate the town square with their entrails and the entrails of a bunch of infidels. As Hognose has often said, murder is a sacrament for these guys, and it appears to cover all sins. That is what I have gathered about the underlying ideology da’esh is pushing from reading their propaganda. A skimming of dubique reveals that all is permitted for “the cause”.

          It is frankly quite brilliant when viewed from an analytical perspective. What is easier, living a “moral life” according to some rule set, or killing a bunch of people. You don’t even have to actually accomplish anything of real military value with your attacks. As long as you give it a good old fashion try, you get to enter paradise. Even botched attacks and attackers are hailed as heroes and martyrs.

          It should be no surprise that a lot of these guys already have criminal pasts before they strap on their boom belts. The imams of jihaidi mosque look for troubled youth and convince their charges to blow themselves up for allah. Da’esh sells “marterdom” as twisted kind of repentance in the form of crude human guided bombs.

          The fact that the ideology gives a pass to the would be militant to be as cruel as they wish to the “other” is just icing on the cake. It takes the natural cruelty of mankind in general and makes that sin into a virtue. All the things the would be jihadi feel guilty are now no longer wrong, but are actually seen as great wonderful things worth celebrating. As long as the evil is being perpetuated against the right people, killing women and children, and burning whole families alive is “god’s work”.

          The fluidity of who the enemy is under this ideology means that any one who disagrees is automatically not part of the group that warrants protection from cruelty. Da’esh can kill and torture non-supporters who ostensibly worship the same god since those guys are not “real” muslims. Former hardliners who mellow out are declared apostates and are not just marked for death, but all their stuff goes to the “true believers”. And so it goes. It is a kafaka trap in action.

          If it were not so incredibly evil, such a system could be admired. But, it is evil and it is a threat to not just western civilization, but humanity itself. Thankfully, human have a rebellious streak a mile wide so there will always be people willing to call these guys out on their nonsense. That fact is why the jihadis want to kill everybody who questions them. Rebellion is dangerous and they cannot handle criticism, because as impressive as the lies they concoct to cover their actions are, they are lies.

          -Overly Educated Operations Analyst

  2. Jim Scrummy

    McNamara was a Wile E Coyote “Super Genius”…. He’d tell you that. Yeah, the F-111B was such a great idea. I could go on, on and on. There’s a black wall on the National Mall dedicated to that “super genius” with a few of my father’s friends names on it.

    So, we’ll just monitor all the jihadis bank accounts and their “signals”…yeah that will work? Except they don’t use bank accounts or cell phones. ? Top men, oops I mean top people are on the case.

  3. Bill Robbins

    The creation of the Euro made this sort of un-traceable, cash-based “financing” (more like bootstrapping) much easier for would-be terrorists. A return of multiple currencies (French Franks, Getman Marks, etc.) would greatly increase the transactional cost and hassle-factor for terrorists who seek to do crossborder “trade” in weapons, safe houses, mobile phones, etc. Problem is, the Euro has been very profitable for globalists. So has Islamic terrorism.

  4. S

    A different kind of “terrorism”: the German equivalent of the Sovereign Citizens do not recognise the Bundesrepublik…..their case is not without merit, but still far from being sound, or for that matter prudent. The Verfassungsschutz (Constirutional Protection Agency, though there is no Constitution only a Basic Law see Article 146) watch them, and one of them has recently defended his right to keep and bear arms….the Divinely given right, not the State tolerated kind. Just thought you might be interested…..cue demands to disarm the pitiful remnant of gunned up Bürger of any kind in 3, 2, 1….

    News article here, though there are likely better ones:


    When guns are outlawed, don’t act like a nutter or they’ll come pick up the registered guns, cancel the permit, and try to take everyone else’s…..

  5. robroysimmons

    What cost? Some half wit muslim who is half way between the pornographic West and his father’s religion comes to the conclusion he is not going to live Tom Brady’s life and then starts reading some ISIS symp site goes down to the local implement store has all the weaponry needed for his splash into “Islam.”

  6. obdo


    Re: Dead Che Day™

    Our attempts to shoot the AoS HQ competition (as suggested by one of your commenters) were sadly halted by some club officials due to the 7m/21ft rule (just imagine Golf Club x German Beaurocrat).

    We now think of having a BBIPPPPOM SSPUST (Baden-Baden International Practical Precision Postal Open Match & Sandweier Schinken Pokal und Schwartenmagen Trophy).

    25x25m, any pistol. special rules for airguns and softairs, to allow brits, japs etc into the game.

    comments invited, or to bbippppomsspust@discard.email

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