Ban Buzzword Bingo

This is a sample game card for Ban Buzzword Bingo. It is a drinking game.

Ban Buzzword Bingo
1 loophole moms 2nd Amendment, but gun safety laws scientific studies
2 easier than buying a ____ assault weapon racism/-ist deer hunting even gun owners support
3 Black Lives Matter reasonable common sense Wild West No one wants to take your guns
4 military weapons gun show schoolchildren terrorist watch list violent extremists (only if “moslem” is not mentioned)
5 bought on the internet no one needs cop-killer compromise high-capacity

Make your own cards with the words or phrases moved around.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get a lot of liquor, and turn on a political show or debate. Have a few pops for general lubrication. Give everyone a card, and make sure all contestants have a drink.
  2. Every time someone emits one of the phrases, call it off in this fashion: “Buzzword! N-5.”
  3. Mark it on your card, and drink. (Since all the phrases are on all the cards, everyone is drinking at the same rate, unless they’re already too sozzled to find the phrase on the card).
  4. Refill your drink.
  5. Repeat #s 2-4 until…
  6. When someone has five marked Buzzword rectangles in a row, he or she yells “Buzzword Bingo!” Everybody drinks.
  7. Congratulations, you’re all the losers. It’s politics; you didn’t think there were any winners in it did you?
  8. Everybody stay the night. You’re too drunk to drive.

For a variation to play in indelicate company, Bullshit! makes a satisfactory substitute for Buzzword!

11 thoughts on “Ban Buzzword Bingo

  1. staghounds

    Black lives matter scares the crackers, replace it with children.

    Center free space is “compensating”.

  2. SPEMack

    Holy hell. Just the perfect thing for a political science major with low grade alcoholism.

  3. James

    Eh,put down the bottle for awhile,damn,2 years this month!I do though have some bottles of #7 in storage,be damned when it all comes unglued if I don’t have a few final drinks/listen to some Tull before time to really get to work,seems though like a entertaining game even sober,just be wired on coffee shots.

  4. Matt in IL

    Hognose, this is off topic, but have you done an overview article on past and present night vision devices?

    I could not locate one on your blog.

      1. LSWCHP

        +1 for that idea.

        I’ve just ordered a Yukon Photon night vision scope that I intend putting on one of my varmint guns, so night vision has been front of mind for a while and I’d be interested in further reading.

        1. Matt in IL

          It’s been on my mind too, as I seem to be noticing more and more products coming out with a much lower entry price point. For example, even outside of scopes, goggles, etc. the FLIR One is only $250 and seems like it would be useful at that price.

  5. Aesop

    I always figured it would be named according to the four “B” protocol.

    The trouble is, once they start gum-flapping, the bingo callouts come flying at you like bullets from an MG-42.

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