3D 3Deal on Autodesk Fusion 360

Just got done buying this, and it dawns on us that you, too, might benefit from this one-day deal offered by Autodesk on the Fusion 360 design software.

How good is the deal? One year for $50, and two for $80. That second deal comes up to 87% off.

Autodesk sent us:

Don’t miss our incredible offer today, where you can get Fusion 360 at just $80 for a 2 year subscription or $50 for 1 year — giving you a savings of up to 87%!

Fusion 360 is 3D CAD reinvented. Get industrial and mechanical design, simulation, collaboration, and machining in a single package. Fusion 360 connects your entire product development process and works on both Mac and PC.

This amazing offer allows you to get the first tool of its kind — an integrated, complete product development platform available on PC, Mac or mobile — at 87% off.

This is only available for one day only, Today, September 28th HERE.

And we immediately bought. We missed an even sweeter offer back during Amazon’s Prime Day, and have been kicking ourselves ever since. We have some other, excellent, 3D Design software but it only runs on Windows, and we’d just rather not when it can be avoided.

We still have to boot up the Windows box or emulator to generate tool paths. That’s the nature of life.

It’s also available FREE to students or teachers at this link, but we’re not in any school at present.

If you join us in buying this thing, there’s a learning curve. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials available (and Autodesk webinars, plus 3rd-party stuff, on Yoot Oob also; we like NYC CNC’s videos, and he’s not even in NYC any more, good for him):




8 thoughts on “3D 3Deal on Autodesk Fusion 360

  1. Frogdaddy

    I just went down this road for a kid of mine. I registered on his behalf (my name and creds) to be able to download Revit and Autocad for student. It was pretty weak proof I had to provide to be able to get a 3 year license (local college name and maybe my/his name). Other than that I thought it was easy to work around. I also purchased via Dell Auction (didn’t know it existed) a 3 year old Dell Precision Mobile Workstation with pretty decent i7 CPU, 16GB memory, and decent ATI AMD GPU. It was a business lease return in Cosmetic Grade A condition. Slightly refurbishing done and cost $500 after winning bid. I cloned the existing drive to a new SSD, and it’s smokin’. Instead of paying $2k for the latest hardware. Only like 1 or 2 people bid on these things it appears. Worth a look if in need of one. All the refurbs on ebay couldn’t come close. I think you can also run within a virtual machine environment too.

  2. KPKo

    Another vote for Fusion 360. They are gradually adding capability as time goes on. Besides 3D modeling and drawings it can also do some basic Finite Element Analysis. I’m hoping they add transient options to that module so more complex analyses are possible. But it works well on my iMac so as far as I know it’s the best choice out there for native CAD + FEA on a Mac, without running a Windows emulator.

  3. Chris W.

    Just picked up my copy, thanks! Figured it would be a good compliment to the GG when I get around to unboxing it and I’m also planning on getting a 3D printer after Christmas.

  4. CoolHand

    Unless they’ve changed something in the last couple of months, Fusion360 is free not only to students, but to hobbyists and startup companies with gross sales under $100,000/yr.

    I mean, if you can pay for it and want to, go for it, but if you need it and can’t spare the money, it can be had for free by just about anyone.

    I just helped a buddy of mine (who is an engineer, sharp as a tack and very well armed, who’s getting ready to turn 80) set up a copy on his laptop, and it was all free, no proof of anything required, just an email address and the affirmation that he was either a hobbyist (which he is) or a startup company with revenue under $100k/yr (in the form of a check box no less).

    I was going to get a copy for myself as well, but won’t run on XP, and I’m going to have build another computer before I can spare the horsepower to run Win10.

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