Clever, Minimalist Bipod

Now this is a clever thing, and a brilliant use of 3D Printing in combination with over-the-counter materials (in this case, carbon fiber tubes). Result: an ultralight carbon fiber and printed plastic bipod.

It’s from our dude, Guy in a Garage, and unlike some of his designs, you can build it yourself, or he’ll build one for you; you can email him at The files are here:

And come with these words of caution:

Be warned, this is a tricky print.

And the carbon tube is here, in 1-foot or 3-foot lengths (you’ll need carbide tooling and patience to cut it):

The ridiculously light weight (1.5 ounce) comes by sacrificing some of the adjustability of the common Harris bipod, requiring the legs to be individually removed from the bipod position and placed in the storage/traveling position, and using ultralight carbon fiber for the legs. By contrast this example of a Harris “ultra-light” bipod gives you much more flexibility in how to deploy it, and is more convenient to use, but adds 13 ounces to your firearm — 867% of the weight of the carbon-and-print rig.

The ultralight weight of this bipod allows it to be positioned much closer to the muzzle with much less effect on balance. Lots of Harrises are set fairly far back, just to keep the weapon closer its design balance point.

You know, a bayonet catch would make this a perfect thing. Otherwise, we’d fear the legs would, in time, wear away at the printed plastic of the adapter.

3 thoughts on “Clever, Minimalist Bipod

    1. Tierlieb

      First: Congratulations. The bipod is an awesome idea. It is out of range for my first gen Makerbot, but I love it as an idea, because that is excellent minimalist thinking. Perfect application of 3D printing to the gun world.

      That said, I don’t get the point of using a barrel liner to make a 3D-printed gun work. I get tinkering with things just for the sake of it, and if a 3D printer is what you have, then enjoy. But you seem to go through great lengths to do it, so why not chose a more suitable material for the rest of the gun? The political message that Cody Wilson made is gone with a steel barrel liner anyway.

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