When Your Friends Call You a Bond Villain…

…You might as well get the props you need to play the part.


Here’s the story behind these striking grips:

My roommates have joked for a while that with my choices in guns, cars (German), decor (maps, minimalism), and high tech gadgetry, I clearly aspire to be a Bond Villain.

To further that image, they bought me these grips for my birthday. Hand made in Turkey, they were a couple months delayed due to the geopolitical unrest… But man, was the wait worth it!

The logo is Stirling silver sheet that’s been inlet into the wood, then hammered to shape and glued in place, it’s flush with the surrounding wood.

[M]y roommate is the one who did all the ordering and correspondence, but he got them fromĀ http://www.handmadegrips.com/.

From what he said, they were super professional, and really good at communicating through the whole process (even when a coup was going on).

We never had roommates like that… they bought stuff for their own jeezly Lugers.

And here’s the tale behind the Luger:

This was shot before the grips were fully fitted, so they are just lying on it. I thought going a bit artsy to cover up the gaps would be alright, but I guess there’s no pleasing you [censored]s, lol.

The other side is the same pattern. Sadly, this is not a great example of a Luger, it’s got plenty of spots where there was surface rust, and was re-blued cheaply, so there are discoloration spots on the muzzle.

Good news is, because it’s not a museum piece, I have no qualms about taking it to the range and shooting it all the time!

I actually happened across it in my local gun shop. There was a Webley .455 in really good shape that I’d been debating for a while, and I’d finally decided to go for it, went to the bank to grab cash for it, came back, and the Luger was there, right next to the webley, for $645. There was about 3 seconds of thought that went into that purchase!

Both from this thread in Reddit’s /r/guns. (Well, the picture is fromĀ Reddituploads, but it’s linked at the Reddit comment thread).

15 thoughts on “When Your Friends Call You a Bond Villain…

    1. 11B-Mailclerk

      Wasn’t the Hydra a critter with multiple (snake?) heads on one (reptile?) body, not an octopoid-head with a face-full of tentacles? That logo from the Captain America movies (and on that cool-trick Luger) looks more like one from a Lovecraft story about eldritch horrors.

      .. errr… Geeeeeeeeeeek! Geek Geek!

      Whoops. That just slipped out of me. Gonna go watch Star Trek re-runs now…

  1. Alan Ward

    I’m just thinking PPK with grips that feature the rifled barrel view of your favourite Bond, pointing his PPK back at you.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Hmm. I actually have a PPK that’s all grotty from decades of pocket, Mexican, etc. carry. I was thinking of going to one of the German gun resto specialists as it’s a nice prewar gun otherwise. (Hey, it was semi-beat when I got it, and for most of the time it was a summer EDC gun it was just a used gun). Doing some kind of Bond thing with it would be entertaining. (Although I’d have armies of wehraboos looking to lynch me).

      1. 11B-Mailclerk

        Gold plated with an “S” logo for Scaramanga? (OK , he used a Colt in the book and a custom Rooniegun in the movie….)

        Tasteful ~80% coverage engraving, black hard-chrome finish, electronic or laser sight, and “B” logo grips for Blofeld.

      1. 11B-Mailclerk

        If your computer is now going insane, and weird things keep moving in the shadows behind you, the spell-check worked.

  2. 11B-Mailclerk

    And the lair! Must have the supervillian lair! No mere man-cave will do.

    Syndrome had outstanding taste in such things.

  3. Sommerbiwak

    I have an old bit beaten up S&W Model10 M&P that could use a new surface treatment and new grips. Shoots fine otherwise. Has actually a very fine smooth trigger. Actually the best of my handguns. The others being a Ruger revolver and a Glock. (well and a deringer, but that one is horrible in many ways. But I inherited it so…)

    I am going to take defintitely a look at these hand made grips. :-)

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