How Wall Street Celebrated 9/11

Here’s a group of Wall Street banksters, from Goldman Sachs or one of those other gangs of greedheads, celebrating 9/11 last week:


Yes, that’s a group of [censored]s taking selfies with a blow-up doll and yukking it up at the memorial. Supposedly it was the bachelor party for the cretin with the inflate-a-date. May his wedding bring him the bride he deserves (it probably will. No doubt she, too, has no values beyond the shallow, selfish, and material. The Gods of the Copybook Headings are already preparing to chortle over the divorce settlement).

Look at these guys (and the pictures of them and their buddies at the link). No wonder a bunch of illiterate goatherds, who aspire to marry a sister or cousin like Dad did, and wipe themselves with their own hands, think they can beat us.

According to the Daily Mail, these  were Britons working in one of the big, lawless, tasteless, and classless American banks. Obviously they’ve combined the moral leprosy of their own nation’s legendary football hooligans with the moral ebola of their shallowest and crudest American hosts, and steeped the resulting concoction in the Petri dish of the crude and greedy Manhattan banker culture.

They continued this unseemly show until an officer of the NYPD asked them to leave. They argued with him, of course. (After all, laws don’t apply to Wall Street people. And if they look like they might, a quick contribution to the right foundation will fix things).

Wall Street values are Goldman Sachs values. And this is what they look like in action.

You could ask God to damn their souls, but they don’t believe they have any souls — just appetites. And they may be right.


We found lot of others writing about this yesterday after we drafted our story.

21 thoughts on “How Wall Street Celebrated 9/11

  1. Winston Smith

    In my younger days at least one of those fuckers would been in the water; probably more since they were brit pussies.
    And if the cop wanted anything more than to shake my hand, then I’d be OK with that too. Let a jury decide (but you know itd never get that far).

  2. Sommerbiwak

    Brits out for a drink or two. Classy proper behaviour to follow. Nothing else can be expected of the average brit in my experience. When they drink they drink a pint too much.

  3. Josey Wales

    Unfortunately a lot of the best of British manhood fell in two world wars, and these are the descendants of what was left. There are some solid folks there, I know some of them, but they’re not enough. If they were, England wouldn’t be where it is now.

    1. Boat Guy

      Those few remaining representatives of “the best of British manhood” are in their forces; they don’t become banksters.

      1. Hognose Post author

        Yeah, guys, I’d hate to see American men judged by reference to the sharkskin suits of lower Manhattan.

        Those of us that are old retired guys that have occasional contact with our present-day counterparts can’t help but come away humbled. They might be better resourced that we were, in SOF anyway (but the tight times and zero-ammo-budget years are coming, and they know it) but they’re as capable of legendary feats of arms, and as capable of keeping mum about it, as any of the forebears we looked up to, the Vietnam, WWII guys, even Lawrence of Arabia and Rogers’s Rangers.

        You get the same kind of reassurance from running into a Coast Guard station’s POs, members of a Navy pre-commissioning crew, or a few KC-135 pilots.


    My first wife is American. My 3 children are US citizens. On 9-11-01 I was working in America installing a piece of tech that is used to defend against terrorist attacks. I watched the events of that morning unfolding on a TV in my hotel restaurant and saw those people die as the towers fell, and I shed a bucket of tears as a result.

    So I’m very fond of your people and your country. What these shitheads did is so offensive to me that even though I’m a Damn Furriner and a gimpy old man I like to think that I would have remonstrated strongly with them if I had been there. Strongly.

    Bringing a sex toy onto such sacred ground? Their moral degradation is limitless. Eternal shame on them.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Oh, admit it, brother. You just want to beat them on GPs because they’re Poms.

      But yeah, the last Poms in New York that deserved beating quite this badly were there because they ran Washington out in 1776. In fact, those officers of George III weren’t this bad — with them, it was business, not personal.

  5. Tom Stone

    Typical Banksters, and they are above the law.
    The recent Wells Fargo settlement is another example. It takes a while, but when a country abandons the Rule of Law there are consequences.

  6. xwire

    Speaking as a Brit, its a shame some solid citizen didn’t take it upon themselves to teach them the error of their ways. Preferably with a good hoof to the nads.

  7. think defence

    Can only apologise on behalf of a nation, shameful behaviour

    Nearly 70 UK nationals died on 9/11 so they are being disrespectful to their own country as well.

    Coincidentally, my eldest has just returned from NYC and went to the memorial, she said it was a very sombre place.

    1. Hognose Post author

      It wasn’t a nation doing this, cousin; just four or five asshats, something every nation produces. I think they’re far more typical of bankers than Britons!

      1. think defence

        Thanks my friend, we do occasionally get people vandalising memorials or drunks excreting bodily fluids on them but I think in general, they are well respected places of sombre reflection

  8. Jim Scrummy

    Yep, in three years (or less) his “new” wife will be bangin’ her cross fit/pilates coach, since hubby will be working 100 hour work weeks, trying to maintain their lifestyle. They will be in 7 figure debt too. And yes he and the lads are POSs, which come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and nationalities.

  9. Aesop

    This is one of those occasions when it’s not only justifiable, but praiseworthy, to fling your own poo at people in public.

    It’s a small pity no one thought to give them a heave over the falls.
    And a large one that no one has yet outted their parent firm(s) on the Intarwebz.

    That would be “punishment fitting the crime”.

  10. Dwight Brown

    “,… isn’t Gothamist a Gawker property? You know, the one that posts stolen sex tapes? ”

    I feel like I’m being “That Guy” here, but just for clarification: No. Gothamist and the other websites related to Gothamist are owned by Gothamist LLC, which is a completely different company than Gawker Media.

    I don’t have a dog in this hunt: I don’t read any of the Gothamist LLC websites. But as far as I know, they’ve never done (or been accused of doing) anything as reprehensible as Gawker Media actually did.

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