Just Doing the Victims Americans Won’t Do

What the hell is the point of deporting people if they just come back and commit more violent crimes?

Nicodemo Coria-Gonzales faces six charges including aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping.

In one case, a victim told police he poured gasoline on her and tried to set her on fire.

Oh yeah, that is totally your huddled masses, burning to breathe free. Just doing the human arsons that Americans won’t do.

Police said Coria-Gonzalez admitted he had picked up prostitutes and beat them out of anger. He is currently being held without bond on an immigration detainer.

“There’s bad, really bad people, who want to do us real harm who are coming at us from all different directions north, south, east and west,” said Immigration specialist Thomas Esparza, Jr.

If the allegations against him are true, Nicodemo Coria-Gonzalez illegally immigrated to the United States six times and then sexually abused several women.

“If that guy came back, he came back to do us ill, but there’s not that many people who are able to come back that often and that successfully. That’s the kind of person that even immigration lawyers are going to say, ‘You know, he should be prosecuted,’” said Esparza.

Tom Esparza has way too much faith in immigration lawyers.

In August, Coria-Gonzalez was arrested after a woman told police he tried to set her on fire. While investigating, officers realized he had sexually assaulted several women in a secluded area off Ferguson Lane.

Investigators also learned Coria-Gonzalez had previous charges that convinced U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport him five times.

“Five times deported and he’s still here? What did he do the first time to get himself deported? And why didn’t he learn after the second or the third or the fourth time? But already five times?! And he’s still back?! He’s a determined son of a gun, but at some point the dance is over and so, unfortunately, the dance is going to be over for him and he’s going to be in jail,” Esparza said.

via Austin sex assault suspect previously deported five times – Story | KTBC.

Isn’t Austin a “Sanctuary City?” This is what Sanctuary Cities are sanctuaries for.

10 thoughts on “Just Doing the Victims Americans Won’t Do

  1. g.grass

    As a man living in south america i am sadly able to confirm that this sub human ape is one among millions similar humanoids.
    I will always believe that donald trump speaks truth about mexicans and assorted latinos.
    Just keep note on how the 99.5% of latin creeps that land in jail or get put down by cops are what we call mestizos down here.
    When you are white down here you must be waaicisst otherwise you will get mugged,killed by the native hominids.

  2. Chris

    I think it is high time we start implanting RFID chips in the criminal aliens we deport. Preferably the kind that explode if they re-enter the U.S.

  3. Trone Abeetin

    He’s going to jail, yeah tell me another knee slapper. That’s some funny shit. He’d be going to jail if he was a Merkin, you could bet on that.

  4. Boat Guy

    This dude was one of the very few that ICE and CBP were permitted to deport; there are plenty of others.
    Carry. Everywhere. Always.

  5. Aesop

    As Terry Pratchett has noted,
    “When you build a man a fire, you keep him warm for a day.
    Bit when you set a man on fire, you keep him warm for the rest of his life.”

    So instead of deportation, why not simply set Juan Pedro Paco Alphonse Guacamole de La Mancha on fire, and point him gloriously aflame towards the Rio Grande, and tell him to run for it.

  6. John M.

    Boy, it’s enough to make a man think that Mexico isn’t sending us their best and their brightest. But thinking something like that would be deplorable, so we’d best go back to Being With Her or Stronger Together or Si Se Puede. Much safer that way.

    -John M.

  7. 11B-Mailclerk

    This nation put Man on the Moon. Seems like a good place to put a trash dump, too.

    Or, go low-tech. 3rd time deportation is by a large Trebuchet at the border. Think “Pumkin Chunkin” but with very much more screaming. “You are hereby sentenced to third time deportation, and may the Lord have Mercy on your Soul… PULL!”

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