Don’t Go Into the Long Grass

It’s generally good advice: “Don’t go into the long grass. There be velociraptors.”

long grass and velociraptors

Unless, you are the velociraptor.

We’re the apex predator, guys. Time we shed the herbivore camouflage (staff, FOBs, SJAs) and started acting like it.

23 thoughts on “Don’t Go Into the Long Grass

  1. Firecapt

    The professional hunter Peter Capstick wrote a book about the tall grass also, 1970’s Africa.

    To return to my pedantic self,the actual velociraptor was a disappointingly small critter, 5.56 would be fine, but a shotgun would probably be better.

    1. Loren

      Yeah, but then there was Dakotaraptor and a whole bunch of others that were never fossilized or whose remains got scraped off by a glacier.

    2. LFMayor

      I loved his book on Corbett and the other man- eater hunters, too. Death in the quiet places? I ready for hoses in 1987, time to hit my uncle up and borrow them again!

      1. LFMayor

        Wow. That was unfortunate how ” I read those” got turned into some sort of personals ad. Damnable auto correct

        1. Boat Guy

          I just spent some not inconsiderable cash to get a copy of a “return to Africa” book “sorta-by-Capstick”; the photos were pretty good but probably wouldn’t buy it again.
          The “vintage” Capstick? GREAT reading.

        2. Mike_C

          Hah! Friend of a friend responded (to some request for weekend call — as in on-call doctor — coverage) “Sorry, can’t. Going dick hunting in Maine that weekend.” I’m sure the ducks in Maine were relieved to hear that, but FOAF was mocked for weeks. This was, unfortunately, a reply-to-all deal, of course.

  2. redc1c4

    Don’t Go Into the Long Grass…

    until after you saturate it with FAE’s

    (since we don’t use nape anymore, more’s the pity.

    1. Sommerbiwak

      FAE are more kaboom than napalm anyway.

      Do FAE set off mines, booby traps and such? A field of long grass can be full of it.

      or just ticks and other biting insects that transmit diseases. Nobody wants this either.

  3. William O. B'Livion

    > We’re the apex predator, guys. Time we shed the herbivore camouflage (staff, FOBs, SJAs) and started acting like it.

    Can I get an AMEN?

    Got three boxes of this: in today. Heading out into the mountains where the bears and the elk play. I plan to keep the gun holstered, but should my plan fail I plan to prevail.

    Although that’s probably not what you really meant.

    I’m going to run up to the indoor range tomorrow and make sure 1 box feeds through the G19 (yeah, I should run a case through, but (a) the Glocks I own have digested everything from gun show reloads to whatever factory stuff was around at the time without a hickup, and (b) this stuff ain’t cheap. One magazine of this stuff is sufficient.

    1. John M.

      If you still have the stock Glock barrel with polygonal rifling, check for leading after you shoot the box, or maybe after half the box. Glock does not recommend lead slugs through the stock barrel.

      There is some controversy about whether “hardcast” == “lead” for these purposes, but it’s easy enough to check for leading and prevent a kaboom.

      -John M.


    There’s a great video around of an angry Corsican guy very, very bluntly advising Muslim invaders that Corsicans are not like the softcocks on the mainland, and that if the Muslims cause trouble with Corsican women then the Corsican men will come to their refuges and kill them all.

    Good velociraptor stuff…it actually brought tears of happiness to my eyes.

  5. DB

    Fun’s fun, but here’s a serious Vietnam lesson that my 2-tour platoon sergeant laid on me. NEVER let them sucker you into the elephant grass. Because elephant grass doesn’t stop bullets. And once they start coming in there’s no cover except soon to be bullet-mowed elephant grass. Thus endeth the lesson.

  6. raven

    Tall grass story.
    Roald Dahl, the famous childrens book writer, also had some African stories- he grew up there.
    One I remember in particular was a man being chased through waist high grass by an enormous black mamba, which was long enough to keep it’s head above the grass to see the guy, while still having enough snake on the ground for locomotion, Very scary!

    He was an interesting guy, he wrote some quite dark adult stories, and his tales of being a fighter pilot in WW2 in Greece gave some insight into a rarely heard about theatre of the war.

    1. Alan Ward

      He also did some time with SOE as an intelligence officer in Washington after being seconded from the RAF.

  7. John Smith

    The point of this post may have been largely bogged down by the concentration on minutiae associated with the allusion.

    1. Y.

      I don’ quite get who the author means by ‘we’. US military?

      The point is I think that it’s weak. And not because it’s really weak but because in this day, decades after the death of Western civilization, you can’t shoot a robber without there being a massive outcry.

      Waging a war effectively would be impossible, even if feckless civilians were not allowed to ruin the effort.

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