Non-Factory Cutaway AR (Semi M16A2 Clone)

You don’t see many cutaways. Here’s a shot of a Colt M16A1 cutaway:

Colt M16A1 in Museum

This one was done by a little shop called Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company — you may have heard of them — for a retiring worker, and resides in the Cody Museum — you may have heard of it.

So one of the ARFCOM retro heads, “Trimdad” of Oklahoma, got it into his head to do a cutaway of this: M16A2 clone with M203. By himself. With a Dremel tool. Here’s the thread.

A2 Cutaway 01

Here’s a shot to compare with the Cody Museum Colt:

A2 Cutaway 09Here’s an overview:

A2 Cutaway 03

And some close-ups. The receiver:

A2 Cutaway 04

The bolt and gas subsystem:

A2 Cutaway 05

The trigger group (note that this lacks the auto sear of the factory gun):

A2 Cutaway 07

The business end:A2 Cutaway 08

And the buttstock and its features:

A2 Cutaway 06

It all came about because he had parts for an A2 build, but not for an authentic A2 build (kind of a big deal in the retro world). As he puts it:

This one started because I had some A2 parts I was saving for a clone, but they weren’t Colt parts do I decided to sacrifice them . The upper is a dpms with a strange texture on it. The lower was a 80% A2 that braceman couldn’t sell.  The barrel is a FN that was rusted and shot out. The 203 is a Colt licensed airsoft and the rest was laying at the bottom of the parts box.

The airsoft nature of the 203 is evident on close up of its left side — you can see the circular marks from the ejector pins used in injection molding.

A2 Cutaway 02

Since these live, mostly, on the “inside” of the firearm, as it’s displayed (and it is a firearm — the lower would actually function, with a functional upper), the giveaway doesn’t really matter.

Moral of story: a Dremel does not turn you into Bubba, any more than a Glock turns you into some cop killer from Black Criminals’ Lives Matter. The tool is fine and good, but it’s what a man does with it that cements his place in the universe.

Well done, Trimdad.

He’s also done an A1. Next? Maybe an M4… complete with a sectioned ACOG, or maybe a Chinese Fake-COG. We’re guessing it’ll be awesome.

9 thoughts on “Non-Factory Cutaway AR (Semi M16A2 Clone)

  1. Alan Ward

    Pretty damn cool. My first cut away was a Lewis gun that I saw at the Tower of London in 1974. It was part of 30th anniversary of Dday and WWII. I kind of knew what went on in those deep dark recesses of a firearm, but seeing it in its full automatic glory made my trip special.

  2. Cap'n Mike

    Very cool.

    I love cut aways.
    My favorite is the Saleen Mustang that was cut in half with a laser.

  3. Raoul Duke

    Beautiful job.

    When I was a kid, several surplus and gun stores around here had the larger-than-life .30 cal. Browning, BAR, and M-16 cutaway trainers on display/for sale. They all seem to have disappeared. I probably should have bought one.

  4. Ti

    My mother worked in a jewelry store when I was young. The jewelers used Fordham rotary tools. The rotary tool is THE tool for fine metal work. Dremmel made an inexpensive one , then Bubba found the holy grail of hacking tools.

    That cutaway is beautiful too! It would be fun to have such pile of parts, that I could build a cutaway.

  5. Slow Joe Crow

    That cutaway is not only great craftsmanship, but good education because now I understand how an AR gas system fits together.

  6. Mike_C

    That is some beautiful work!
    And I have just the shoes to go with it!

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