Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: Soviet Armorer

We won’t go deep into the weeds on what you can find here. Notes of a Soviet Armorer is an occasionally-updated (last in March) detailed review of aspects of historical Soviet weapons, especially the weapons of the Great Patriotic War. He takes information from Soviet-era archival sources, and Russian-language firearms forums, and posts rare but in-depth examinations of Soviet small arms questions.

SVT sniper

We could go into greater depth, but we’ll just refer you to his post on Tokarev SVT sniper rifles, which includes serial number lists and production counts. Most “SVT snipers” in the USA or here in the West in general are fakes and forgeries, so it’s worthwhile to see what Russian sources say about these rare firearms. (The rifle and scope are relatively common. The mount? Vast majority out there are fake). He also has a post with entire photo galleries of real period photos of snipers armed with these elegant sniper rifles.

If that’s not enough for you, here’s a comprehensive examination of Soviet-era ammo pouches as used with the SVT and Mosin-Nagant rifles.

Good stuff. If you collect Russian stuff, maybe priceless.

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: Soviet Armorer

  1. SPEMack

    Spasiba, Comrade. Is good website. Show good rifles for killing imperialists. Good to read while drinking Vodka.

    1. Chris W.

      Nas Darovia! I don’t really know how to spell it, but an old Ukrainian drinking buddy of mine from college taught me how to pronounce it properly – at least I thought so at the time!

      1. RostislavDDD

        Na Zdorovia! With the rapid pronunciation of phrases, the boundary between Na and Zdorovia disappears. Z pronounced softly. In addition, the reception speech at the hearing may be complicated by a soft pronunciation, southern Russian dialects.
        Excellent site, I think there will be many well-known in Russia and in the West unknown information.

        1. Hognose Post author

          Yes, there is a major difference between what is known about Soviet weapons and war production in Russia, and what is believed in Anglosphere.

          Some of this is because in USSR everything about weapons production was secret for a long time. But most of it is because of the language barrier.

          Russian is not that hard. Millions of Russians learned it, and they can’t all be chess grandmasters.

          1. RostislavDDD

            Yes it is.
            :) On this occasion, I dare you to take revenge for the recommendation, book Clinton Romesha .
            Andrew Zagortsev. “City”. Sturm Grozny eyes of a young lieutenant – commander of the special forces unit.
            This man actually pulled out of the “SEALs” in the Army Special Forces. He grew up in Grozny and knew the city.
              He is now (according to rumors) General GRU and disappeared from the network.

        1. Sommerbiwak

          And becomes better and better with each glass emptied during the language course. :-)

          Flagman and Wolk are my goto vodkas when in the former ussr. (or I can find them in a russian food shop)

  2. Docduracoat

    The fearless leader will not be pleased if Imperialists are shot with antique SVT rifle!
    It makes beloved motherland look backwards
    All Imperialists are to be shot with Dragunov at long range and people’s rifle, AK, at close range
    All prisoner capitalists are to be hung with rope sold to us by capitalists themselves.
    Continue good work fulfilling 5 year plan to infiltrate west
    Remember! First we take of moose… Then squirrel!
    Dosvidanya Tovarisch comrades

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