Here’s a Guy’s UZI SBR Build in Progress

An Uzi build is one of the easier ones you can do, thanks to the gun’s simplicity. This builder lucked into a bag-o-parts containing an already-modified semi-auto bolt and striker assembly. He chose to build a carbine and then submit for registration as a Short Barreled Rifle. He described his build on Imgur and in Reddit.

I found a seller with a Ziploc bag containing an Uzi parts kit with all the semi-auto components (sear, top cover, bolt assembly + buffer) needed for a complete semi-auto build for just $300. After verifying that I’d only need a receiver and barrel to complete it, I couldn’t resist buying it.

bag o uzi parts

He chose to use an already assembled, Title 1 semi receiver from McKay Enterprises ($239). McKay also sells flats, non-FFL bent but not welded receiver shells, long barrels and other Uzi parts. With the supply of parts kits drying up, they may be tapering off this business.

With only a barrel and receiver to add, he was able to quickly build the gun up. An Uzi is a really simple, blowback operated, low-parts-count weapon even with the added complexity of the semi system.

uzi first assembly

It worked right out of the box, a testament to the simplicity of the design and the quality of the McKay receiver. He then finished the in-the-white receiver with Alumahyde, and redid the stock.

Uzi after refinishing

IMI Uzis may have been blued — he says his was — but FN Uzis we’ve handled were semi- or glossy paint over parkerizing.

On the factory Uzi, the wood stock is detachable This is not legal on a 16″ barreled Title 1 Uzi in the USA, because with the stock removed the whole thing is under 26″, making it an unregistered SBR. Therefore, he permanently fashioned the stock. (The semi version can’t be fired without the stock, but the law is the law).

With the alternative folding stock, the carbine with 16″ barrel just breaks 26″ and is Title 1 legal. Here it is with a dummy barrel in it, showing what it’ll look like when his SBR application comes back.

Uzi with folder

The detachable wood stock was used on early Uzis, but by the time of the Six Day War, the folder was more common.

He’s got, assuming he buys a short barrel and doesn’t turn down his 16-incher, about a grand into the firearm. That’s because he got lucky on the parts kit including the semi parts.

A 9mm carbine like this has no real tactical place or purpose any more, but it’s a great range toy, evocative of the submachine gun era. And the Uzi is great for a first build or first-but-AR build. You need no special tools, just the skills to assemble the parts.

20 thoughts on “Here’s a Guy’s UZI SBR Build in Progress

  1. BillC

    “On the factory Uzi, the wood stock is detachable This is not legal on a 16″ barreled Title 1 Uzi in the USA, because with the stock removed the whole thing is under 26″, making it an unregistered SBR. Therefore, he permanently fashioned the stock. ”

    Wouldn’t that be fine on a home-built UZI with a virgin receiver that has never been a “rifle” before? As in build it without a stock first (pistol), then put the wood stock on (rifle), as long as it is OAL 26 inches or great (not SBR). Because the ATF has said it is fine to turn pistol into a rifle and even back into a pistol, but not the other way way around.

    1. Miles

      By a rule, emanating from the Thompson Center court case, you can do exactly that.

      And this is why the obscenely arbitrary and obtuse legion of regulations and letter rulings uttered by the BatBoy’z “logic” would, if it wasn’t about Guns!, Guns!, Guns!, have had all of them either found unlawful in a court or the pertinent sections of the NFA dealing with SBR/SBS/AOWs repealed in Congress Assembled years ago.

      You can have two guns, side by side, exactly the same in every detail. But, one is a NFA restricted SBR with the attendant 10 year CampFed vacay/$250,000 fine for messing up with how it’s handled, and the other is merely a “handgun”, treated like any other one .

      1. DSM

        “Ok, you can’t buy this car new here anymore so we’ll cut up a brand new one overseas and ship you the parts. Before you can drive it on the road you have to replace the steering wheel, the gas pedal, glove box latch and one taillight with US made parts.” America, your privilege just got raped by 922(r).

        These are the “common sense” types of ads the NRA will never run. Compare the nonsense to other rights; No more than ten public comments a day. You need to qualify for a license to carry your phone in your pocket.

  2. John M.

    “A 9mm carbine like this has no real tactical place or purpose any more…”

    That depends on what you mean by “like this” and “tactical.” For those who don’t want to play the ATF’s NFA games and get a can, I think pistol-caliber carbines (with 16″+ barrels) make fine home defense weapons. Many of us don’t have open fields of fire around our houses to make rifle calibers necessary, and the reduced noise of a pistol caliber from a long barrel indoors could mean the difference between permanent hearing damage and temporary hearing damage.

    And long guns, of course, have much quicker learning curves than pistols. (That assumes that the Uzi has halfway decent ergos. I’ve never handled one.)

    -John M.

    1. Jew with a Gun

      I have no beef with suppressed PCCs, but the Uzi is still a so-so choice for one. It is just so freaking heavy compared to the alternatives, and it doesn’t have a particularly good way to mount a reflex sight. Ergos are also so-so, albeit that’s not my biggest problem with it.


      yeah except 9mm will often penetrate through more materials in a home than a 556 ball round of M193, the uzi is heavy as hell for its size and has crap ergos and odd controls for most people. And has no way to easily mount a light or optics.

      the AR15 9mm would be a better choice, if the over penetration of 9mm though house hold materials is ignored.,

      and since you mentioned a suppressor, a suppressed MK18 sized AR in its pistol version or not, is still a better choice by a million miles

      1. John M.

        I mentioned a surpressor only to dismiss it as overly ATF-encumbered. :) Suppressors are wonderful for home defense pieces. They are not-so-wonderful if you don’t love tax stamps, months-long waits, keeping track of things in minute detail and correspondence with the ATF.

        -John M.

      2. Keith

        For exactly that reason, over penetration, I use Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr JHP with a polymer fill. Would that work in this rifle? Wish I could get one.

  3. SPEMack

    “For the low low price of a $1,000 dollars and a ATF stamp you too can build your own gun just like what protected President Reagan!”

    1. morokko

      Forget about the gun – building some President Reagan for mere 1000$ would be impressive feat, but there are no part kits available for that one anymore.

  4. DSM

    The UZI is a little stout on the weight side. Still a solid and reliable shooter. About the only practical purpose a 9mm carbine is really good for is close-in internal security functions. The German Polizei with their MP5s comes to mind.

  5. Gray

    The one thing that for whatever reason has a niche in my memory is the apparent insufficient familiarity (by the user) with the operation of the folding stock while being deployed during the aforementioned incident. It is an easy process, but not intuitive to one unfamiliar with the platform.

    1. James B.

      LOL – I remember trying to figure that one out. After waiting all that time for the paperwork, and even handling the gun several times at the shop, we realized we’d never actually opened the stock ourselves, and we didn’t bother to ask the dealer how! It took a few minutes…I finally got mad and smacked it! LOL!

  6. James B.

    I’ll never forget my first machine gun experience was putting the very first magazine through a brand spanking new, fresh from the dealer, fully transferable IMI Uzi back in 19…85(?) I made a Dr. Pepper can dance into the sunset with easily achieved 3 round bursts. I don’t think my grin went away for a week.

    1. James B.

      …Then came the FNC para , which was a truly wonderful beast,
      then the M16A2, – with the crap-tastic 3 round burst FCG….

      Mem-O -Reeeesss

  7. H

    There was a build thread on ARFCOM several years ago that some-dood named Hognose from New Hamp Shire or someplace made a couple comments in. Unfortunately, it’s old enough some of the pic links have gone dead, but still relevant.

    You ever get around to building one, Hognose? I came real close to going ahead but never actually “pulled the trigger” on accumulating the parts.

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