A Little More Owen Info

Here’s a 1942 British Pathé Newsreel clip on the Owen Machine Carbine in testing:

And if you need more information, a thorough Owen source document was distributed to libraries (we think, in Australia) but the post of its contents at Machine Gun Boards stands as an excellent bibliography and list of what we suppose ought to be called Owenalia.


Roland might have been a warrior from the land of the midnight sun who carried a Thompson into musical memory, but the Owen gave its name to one of the most interesting fictional characters of the new century. For that alone, we’s love the beast, but it has a lot of other qualities that inspire affection, too.

8 thoughts on “A Little More Owen Info

  1. SPEMack

    Sir, you may have just won the Internet.

    Damn, I really wish Dad would have named me Ithaca.

  2. James In Australia

    A good resource for researching anything Australian is – http://trove.nla.gov.au/
    Search “Owen Gun” and you should get a lot more information, including period newspaper reports regarding problems with supply, quality photo’s of every version from the initial prototype onwards etc etc
    I couldn’t find an online version of any of the books, but for Australians the locations of Library’s where they are held is there.

    1. Tom Stone

      The latest collaboration with John Ringo ain’t half bad.
      My daughter laughed out loud at some of the antics of Chad’s Mom…we both know people like her.

  3. Greg

    I was lucky enough to ‘sample’ the NSW Police ballistic forensic library at their 25 metre range – including:

    Sten Mk II
    M1928 Thompson
    M3 Grease gun

    It was interesting to compare WW2/style SMG with the modern alternative. Only one magazine through each, but the surprise (to me) was that MP38 was the worst of the bunch.

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