When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Railroad Spikes

File photo: not the actual murder weapons.

File photo: not the actual murder weapons.

A mentally ill career criminal who grew up well-off in Coronado, California, is in custody for killing three passed-out bums and crippling two more with, among other things, railroad spikes & a hammer, and setting them alight with gasoline.

 A San Diego man who allegedly killed three homeless men and injured two others used a railroad spike and hammer in all five of his attacks, prosecutors revealed.

Jon Guerrero, 39, was arrested in July after police officers heard his fifth victim screaming for help. He has been charged with murder, attempted murder and arson.

Guerrero, who is from the city’s affluent Coronado district, allegedly began his spree on July 3, when he drove a railroad spike into a homeless man’s head and chest.

One of the victims lived, but lost his vision to a railroad spike through his sinuses. The story describes the gruesome crimes in some detail.

Guerrero was convicted of a series of dozens of crimes, often violent ones, beginning in 1999; starting ten years later, he began to be acquitted on mental health grounds, but he continued his pattern of regular assaults and arrests.

If he were in a civilized city that had 10-20-life sentencing reform, and not in Los Angeles where the rights of a murder trump those of his victims, he’d have only been a threat to his fellow inmates. As it is, the legal system will probably turn him loose again.

Nobody likes bums, sure; but nobody kills them, either. Except for the sort of people who are rather predictable, thanks to their long record as violent criminals.

Boy’s got “issues,” sure, but there’s nothing wrong with him a crew of gandy dancers couldn’t fix.

10 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Railroad Spikes

  1. James

    That really sucks,the homeless are the lost ones,try to actually help when I can,few good shelters with not only health programs but training/work connections for those not too gone in alcohol or mental health issues.I look at their yearly finance reports and seems donations go to those who need it,but for a bit of luck could be me.A recent example is the storms down south,a lot of folks lost everything including their jobs. I personally consider it our duty as citizens to help out with a hand up(not hand out)our 2 and 4 footed neighbors who come into tough times.

    I know of a crime committed by someone whos name will not mention,had a old triumph and among other “alterations”nickled out/died a pair of RR spikes and used em for foot rests on a triumph. The looks from folks at bike shows ect. went from some liking to some old timers shaking their heads in disgust and probably wanting to flog the owner at a minimum(that is were the leather riding jacket helpful!)!

  2. altbanker

    Where does Los Angeles play into this? This was all San Diego- San Diego County. The homeless population is off the chain there but then I always said if I were homeless, that’s where I’d be homeless. I used to run with my dad and another guy in his command down in Balboa Park around 0430 several times a week and the homeless were asleep all over the place. They used to joke they could pick out the Chief’s because they were laying on their left arm.

    1. Aesop

      San Diego is to Los Angeles as New York is to Baltimore.

      Apparently CA geography can confound those used to travelling between states in mere minutes, as opposed to one that stretches along for half a continent.

      This is all San Diego’s rap.
      L.A. manufactures enough Special Olympics’-worthy court-foolery all on its own, without carrying the added burden of San Diego County’s follies.
      At least L.A. can blame a significant amount of the silliness on out-of-state transplants; San Diego’s are nearly always homegrown.

  3. Alan Ward

    I use mine as a door stop.
    Since your not channelling your hidden Hillary, I think you meant ” murderer trump” not ” murder trump” ;-)

  4. Keith

    It’s also a tragedy since many homeless are vet’s with mental issues from there service and sacrifice to this uncaring country.

    1. Aesop

      Demonstrably false, and documented multiple times most ably over the years.

      The vast majority, virtually all, of the homeless are drug- and alcohol addicted lunatics with severe mental issues from substance abuse, or vice-versa, but who show an inordinate penchant for playing the phony “war vet” card, and in most cases, entirely without ever having served in any service for any time at all, let alone under wartime conditions. Their problem is not that they ever served in large institutional groups, but that they belong in one 24/7/forever now. We don’t institutionalize homeless insaniacs anymore because it hurts the ACLU’s feelings, and they think it’s better that everyone not insane should have to lock ourselves in instead, lest we inhibit the homeless’ free-range crazy.

      ABCNNBCBS and the NYTimes/WaPo consortium have known this since forever, but they feed the “crazy homeless war vet” meme because it suits their agenda.

      Good god, man, watch the Eddie Murphy screen intro in Trading Places. He nails the reality of the dodge in 3 minutes, it’s hilarious, and it was old news way back in 1983. Just ask Special Agent Orange.

      1. John M.

        It’s not just the ACLU. Republicans love not spending money on nuthatches also. And since most of them fled to the suburbs over a generation ago, having loonies wander the streets of our inner cities doesn’t bother them much day-to-day.

        Remember, when it’s “bipartisan”, it’s usually stupid AND evil.

        -John M.

        1. Hognose Post author

          Absolutely. Clayton Cramer’s My Brother Ron describes the serious mental illness problem both in personal terms (his own brother is schizophrenic, bipolar, something like that — mentally ill, definitely) and historical. Deinstitutionalization was loved by Dems who thought they were taking these nuts fro the careless grasp of cruel institutions, and Reps who thought they were cutting spending on nuts and the cruel institutions that house them… all sides were in favor, and the result is nothing short of disastrous.

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