When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Boarding Schools

These subheadings from the school website when

These subheadings from the school website take on new connotations, once we understand that systematic sodomy is on the syllabus.

True, the teachers and staff of the snob academy St. George’s School haven’t killed anybody, that we know of — yet. But over the decades — continuously, since the 1970s at least — they’ve buggered dozens, if not hundreds.

Because they are well-connected in the one-party state of Rhode Island, the buggerers will not face criminal charges, and instead the school will pay token compensation to thirty rape victims who have sued, much if not most of which will go to their well-connected lawyers.

So what did the students get out of going to St. George’s School? Buggered, and that’s about it.

An elite Rhode Island boarding school has agreed to a settlement over abuse allegations that would provide compensation to up to former 30 students.

St. George’s School announced the pact in a joint statement with a group representing sex abuse victims, saying the institution will provide an undisclosed sum to settle the claims.

Paul Finn, a mediator who also worked on the clergy sex abuse settlement in Boston, will determine how much each person will receive.

Various teachers and staff members of the school, who were granted retroactive impunity by Rhode Island police and district attorneys, raped both male and female students. Female students were raped by both men and women staff. The general sense of entitlement felt by staff and students alike extended, for staff (and presumably still extends) to a sense of entitlement to the sexual enjoyment of the students.

St. George’s School (pictured) announced it has agreed to a settlement over sexual abuse allegations that would provide undisclosed compensation for up to 30 former students
Katie Wales Lovkay told the headmaster in 1979 that an athletic trainer abused her, but he sent her to the school therapist and did not report it to authorities.

A week before her 1980 graduation, she was expelled.

The school sets up a high bar to entry to ensure that only the children of the wealthy and powerful attend:

St. George’s was founded in 1896 and counts among its graduates poet Ogden Nash, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean and former Republican Connecticut U.S. Sen. Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of the Bush presidents. 

The $58,000-per-year school has about 370 high school-age students and an endowment of more than $140million.

$60k a year, and virgins converted for free!

15 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Boarding Schools

  1. Leslie Bates

    When I departed from the public school system here in Minneapolis I promised myself that I would never subject a child of mine to public education.

    (Shakes head)

    1. Hognose Post author

      They’re highly variable based on location. In my town the public schools are outstanding. The median home price is $640k, which acts as a barrier for the vibrancy that diversifies urban schools.

      Also, if you have a special ed kid, the kid is going to get better service

      For people who prefer private schools, there are alternatives for less than $60k, where buggery is not in the curriculum.

  2. Trone Abeetin

    They should add a line into that web site subheading, “you’ll have friends up the ass!”

  3. Tom Stone

    Bi surprise, it’s patterned after an English “Public School”.
    Like Hognose I live in a town with first rate public schools,
    Analy High is rated one of the 100 best in the USA and the middle and grade schools are also very good.
    The HS girls running team wears very short shorts with the school name printed on the back…

      1. Tom Stone

        On tiny silky girl’s running shorts.
        And no I’m not making it up. It always brings a smile when I see them go by.
        Try Google, Analy HS running team, Sebastopol CA

    1. John M.

      “The HS girls running team wears very short shorts with the school name printed on the back…”

      I don’t care how good the test scores look, any school that puts pubescent girls in short shorts with printing on the back is not a good school.

      Don’t fool yourselves, folks. Diverse or otherwise, government schools are government schools.

      -John M.

  4. Loren

    My first thought was where were the fathers with baseball bats. I sent my son to a private boys school and it any shit happened I’d hear about it. Got the bat too.

  5. Aesop

    No word on when they’ll be changing their mascot to Priapus…?

    But it certainly goes a long way to explaining why boarding school graduates always seem like they’ve gotten something stuck up their @$$.

    Tip your waitresses; try the veal. I’m here all week.

  6. Alan Ward

    Enviable outcomes
    That is some non sequitur.
    Maybe Inevitable outcomes would have been closer to the truth.

  7. TBoone

    You might think that parents able to afford 60k annual tuition would be able to obtain more justice than cash payouts for crimes against there children. More along the line of a Monday AM conversation “Headmaster, the entire dept. of Pedophile Pedagogy Faculty is missing. And students report there is a wood chipper that smells of bleach near the shoreline woods. And a pinkish-red pile of ooze….”

  8. Docduracoat

    I went to an all boy English prep school in Brooklyn, N.Y.
    We wore shirts, jackets and ties, memorized poetry and we read Ceasars Gallic Wars in the original Latin
    We played lacrosse and skated on the frozen pond in winter
    We stole mercury from the lab and played with it.
    It was idyllic and I received a first rate education.
    I can still quote whole reams of poetry 40 years later
    (It makes me look smart at parties)
    I only learned that the football coach was abusing some of the players when they sued the school many years later.
    We had no idea at the time.
    It admitted the first girls the year after I graduated
    The school is still asking for money!

    1. Hognose Post author

      Schools never stop asking for money. After they get a big donation or bequest and name a building or department after your family? Then they ramp it up.

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