When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Mad Dads

Jorge Orta-SantanaThis guy. We’re not really sure what to say about him, except, he deserves much worse than he got.

The Newmarket man who punched and squeezed his infant son, breaking the boy\’s bones from head to toe, will spend at least 10 years in prison.

Defense attorney Amy Beaton argued that Jose Orta-Santana, 26, of 275 Great Bay Woods, did not deserve an additional 4 to 25 years recommended by prosecutors, detailing some of his history of mental illness and abusive childhood as an orphan in Puerto Rico.

Hey, where have we heard that before: “He’s depraved on account-a he’s deprived.” It was transparent bullshit then, what, sixty years ago? — which made it a funny lyric. How much more transparent is it now! And yet, public defenders still run it up the flagpole in the hopes that they’ll “win” and get their client back to his profession of violent crime sooner.

Rockingham Superior Court Judge Andrew Schulman sentenced Orta-Santana Wednesday to 10 to 25 years in prison, with an additional 10 to 20 years concurrent to that sentence. He was credited with 504 days of pre-trial confinement.

What a waste of time. 10 to 25 years from now (minus whatever discounts the state is giving out when they finally release him), this worthless pile of pathogen protoplasm will be hurting someone else. Hang him now; the detectives of 2026 could use a break.

Orta-Santana suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety attacks and bipolar disorder with psychotic symptoms that likely played a role in the assaults, according to Beaton. The assaults occurred when Orta-Santana said he was extremely stressed and suffering from sleep deprivation.

Yeah, you remember the time you were stressed out and sleep deprived right? And so you must remember the time you beat your kid to the point where his skin was a bruised membrane full of busted bones?

What, you don’t remember that bit? They say suppression of memory is a sign of PTSD (actually, they say everything is a sign of PTSD). No wonder it’s the latest dodge criminals and their attorneys use to evade responsibility for their misconduct).

Additionally, Beaton said, Orta-Santana feels sincere remorse for his actions and had insisted from the first day of the legal process on pleading guilty to the charges. “He is not hiding behind his mental illness to avoid responsibility,” she said.

No, technically he isn’t. You are hiding him behind his mental illness to avoid responsibility. Accepting arguendo that Orta-Santana is really nuts, it’s pretty clear that Amy Beaton is a worse human being than he is, and he’s pretty damned bad.

Video footage was played in the courtroom showing Orta-Santana admitting to police he would squeeze his son hard in frustration because of his crying sometimes and to punching him in the head at least three times.

Hey, how is the kid gonna toughen up if he never takes a punch, right? So how old was this kid, a mouthy teenager or something?

His son was 3 months old at the time his injuries were reported.


In the 2015 video interview, Newmarket Police Lt. Kyle True asked Orta-Santana to demonstrate how he would hit the child on his person.Orta-Santana could be seen striking True three times with a closed fist, while True visibly flinched from the impacts.

Orta-Santana, who did not raise his head once during the sentencing hearing, had faced 20 assault charges before his guilty plea was entered in February.

Orta-Santana’s son’s injuries were reported to Newmarket police last year by staff at Boston Children\’s Hospital who were treating the infant for a head injury, but became suspicious when they realized the scope and severity of the injuries.

But wait, Amy Beaton (is that name made up? Beat-on?) just told us Orta-Santana “feels sincere remorse.” Mustn’t he have turned himself in? He was so intent on telling the truth, she said…

Orta-Santana initially lied to police about the injuries, then eventually broke down crying, admitting to officers, “I know, I hit him a few times and I’m sorry,” according to court documents.

Hmmm. Maybe she was lying? Good way to bet with lawyers, actually. Note that Orta-Santana’s fabled remorse didn’t show up until after his confession and it was clear he was going to Crowbar Motel on the Extended Stay Plan. Just because he did this to his kid (emphasis ours):

Police said he admitted to holding the infant with one arm while punching him in the head, and to throwing the infant onto a bedso hard he would bounce into the air. The infant suffered two skull fractures, a significant cerebral contusion, rib fractures and other significant injuries.

That’s not losing your temper.  That’s delivering an epic beating over a significant amount of time.

Schulman, in imposing the sentence, noted Orta-Santana’s mental issues, including a diminished mental capacity, as well as with speaking the English language, as Spanish is his first language.

Since when was being stupid a get-out-of-jail card? We have known lots of stupid people, and the vast majority of them never harmed a hair on their kids’ heads. They’re stupid, not evil. Orta-Santana is both, but it’s the evil that’s the problem.

If being dumb is no excuse for attempted infanticide, being Spanish-speaking is even less so. Millions and millions of people speak Spanish. Apart from this guy and a few other losers, they don’t beat their kids.

However, Schulman said, he believed Orta-Santana at least knew it was wrong when he punched the infant, and compared the “horrific” injuries to that of a major automobile accident. “This is a particularly difficult case … there’s not one right answer. Neither side is being unreasonable,” he said, referencing the attorneys’ sentence recommendations.

Oh, there’s definitely a right answer, but addlepated judges like Schulman say it’s unconstitutional. Good. You like this guy? Take him home with you. Us, we’d rather see him in hell.

via Newmarket dad who beat infant son gets 10-25 years – News – seacoastonline.com – Portsmouth, NH.

6 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Mad Dads

  1. Trone Abeetin

    What would officer Krupke think? Gee officer Krupke we’re really not bad…. Loved that movie, when I was a school kid we had a field trip to BSO to see Leonard Bernstein.
    I bought the move for my three daughters when they were younger, they looked at me like I was retarded. Didn’t age well.

  2. Keith

    Another victory for the Tranzi/Progressive/Cosmo line, “It’s not your fault, it’s X’s fault.”

  3. Bill T

    This would be an excellent use for a stiff manila rope (reusable). The only other thing besides rage and EVIL with these types is cowardliness. Hang a few of them and watch the others slip away and find another way to practice their evilness. Do it in PUBLIC to strike fear into the evil ones.
    These days PTSD, a real, debilitating, illness, is becoming the “Dodge de jour”. Like saying “The Devil made me do it”.

  4. g.grass

    You would be amazed how this kind of bestial behavior is common among the criminal class in Latin America.
    This and wife beating,but you can’t expect much from genetically retarded populations.

    And I have to deal with these chimps all day here in my own country,they can’t even be trusted for the care of their own spawn nor for their own health.
    Keep in mind such folks have voting rights,despite widespread weak literacy and majority of population,clearly showing why these countries barely work unless the local white class does the job of keeping the whole state,economy and judicial system. hence Venezuela going to shit or populism destroying any progress.
    These countries are like a stillborn child,but one that is on life support and retarded due to lack pf proper care.

  5. Native Baltimoron

    There are some criminals for whom mazzatello would be a fitting means of execution. For this particular fellow, it would be especially fitting.

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