“Say Hello to My Little Friend!”

You too can greet people like Al Pacino, improbably cast as a youthful Marielito thug in Brian de Palma’s Scarface, did, if you drop a bit of coin on this. Actually, you can do it more quietly, because this M16A1/M203 is suppressed.“Tony Montana, political ref-oo-gee from Cuba” was many things, but quiet wasn’t one of ’em.

Jackson M16A1 01Flip side:

Jackson M16A1 02Just the thing, for when your betrayed Colombian partner wants to hold you to his interpretation of “free trade.” Along with the registered and transferable Colt M16A1 lower:

Jackson M16A1 05Which has a later Colt M4 upper on it (note the forged-in “C” below the rear sight and behind the forge’s keyhole trade mark):

Jackson M16A1 04…you also get a Colt M203, in what looks like the full-house 12″ barrel:

Jackson M16A1 06Jackson M16A1 03…but with the circa-1990s dual-purpose mount for A2 and M4. (If you buy this and just want the M16, drop us a line about the 203. Seriously). And yes, you can use the KAC SOPMOD I rail kit with this (not the bottom rail, obviously). We know ’cause that’s what we did.

But, now for the bad news. We might have been fibbing a mite about the “bit of coin” part. The stinging three $200 transfer taxes (which gives ATF three shots at delaying your transfer!) are pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things: thanks to anti-gun politicians William Hughes and Charles Rangel, who jammed through the Hughes Amendment on a bogus voice vote in the middle of the night, it’s got an asking price of forty freaking thousand dollars.

If we pay that for anything that does’t come with a deed, the lawyer and the court need to assure us that the paperwork is final and she really is out of our life for good, and has no further comebacks on us. In writing.

Jackson M16A1 07Still, it’s kind of a nice gun.

14 thoughts on ““Say Hello to My Little Friend!”

    1. Hognose Post author

      They will.

      We’ve actually thought about getting a few and teaching 203 classes to cops and civilians. It’s a weapon most GIs even don’t get to live fire much, and we know from experience what firing a few 36-round boxes of ammunition can do for a guy’s ability to get on target in one shot. The TP round is actually a decent trajectory match for the HEDP round. Trouble is: the NFA makes it very hard indeed for a private entity to deliver training with HE rounds, even one per student per course. To do this, we’d have to get ATF on board.

      The same problem arises with the RPG. We could do subcaliber training but the subcaliber device is not a good substitute for live firing, although it’s great for working on trigger control, flinching, etc.

      By the way, the trigger on an RPG is lousy, but it’s very receptive to a trigger job.

      1. robroysimmons

        Larry Vickers got hold of a crate of HE for one of his shows, a grin from ear to ear that you know wasn’t show biz fake

      2. Matt

        That would be a blast (pun most definitely intended). I’ve thought seriously about getting one but until the ATF reverses its decision on chalk rounds or someone comes up with another viable training round, there’s nothing I could really use it for. The rail mounted version seems more flexible but I have no way of knowing how that would hold up on any given rail system compared to the barrel mount.

          1. Ti

            We used the “Buckshot Rounds” on guard duty w our 16/203 combo’s in the 25th ID. M576 cartridge. Issued 5ea M576’s and a mag (as in ONE)w 5 ea 5.56.
            Guard duty on PTA during FTX on Big Island.

            My opinion would be M203= excellent police weapon, again another arrow in the quiver.

          2. John M.

            OK. Be a good citizen and don’t tell them about HE rounds, would you?

            -John M.

        1. archy

          Dumb question: why would cops need to know how to use an M203?

          Inside the 203 barrel makes a great place for baffles for a suppressor in front of a .45 ACP chamber adapter. That may be less worthwhile with a can on the 5,56mm barrel, or may not, depending on just how relatively quiet the two alternates are.

        2. DSM

          And also to deliver less-than-lethals, though combining it with a very-much-lethal AR would be cause for pause. It happens enough already in training where the shooter tries to pull the M16/M4 trigger to fire the 203 when they haven’t adopted the textbook grip on the magazine. The 203 in a standalone configuration would be a good enough platform for nonlethals although reloading it is painfully slow when compared to smaller, 12ga options if a follow-up shot is needed on a juiced up superman.

  1. John Distai

    What is the curved backward looking trigger thing in front of the 203 trigger?

  2. Sommerbiwak

    At that price better the original M16 A1 upper receiver and buttstock come with it. IMHO higher collector’s value than this Frankengun. (yes I know these have been issued, but still)

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