A Petition for Veterans

vets_in_support_2aIf you oppose further gun bans consider this petition by USAF and SOF JAG vet David “Bo” Bolgiano. Bo was one of the rare ones who actually used his legal powers for good, not evil. He was looking for 1,000 signatures for a petition to counteract the misrepresentation by certain politically partisan retired officers (whom he calls out by name, as you’ll see below) who support applying gun bans

Whereas, certain former military officers – specifically Generals David Petraeus and Stanley McChrysal and Commander Scott Kelly – have recently formed an anti-Second Amendment, pro-gun control group to fund and support efforts to strip their fellow citizens of their inherent right to keep and bear arms; and,

And, since Bo is a lawyer, there’s a metric crapton of more “whereases” in there, and it winds up:

NOW THEREFORE, the following current and former members of the Armed Forces of the United States hereby Petition all in government and positions of power to stand firmly behind their oath to defend and protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, which includes that sacred document’s acknowledgment of the Individual Citizen’s inherent Right to Bear Arms; and,

We formally denounce the actions of those people – including misguided brethren veterans – who wish to disarm law-abiding Americans.

Or, hey, you can go with Petraeus who lost to the Islamists, but conquered a floozie (who went on to write the Authorized Biography of General Dreamboat).

The petition is online at ipetitions.com. That site is fairly ate up; if your name contains punctuation (like, say, the period after your middle initial?) the code can’t handle it. And once you have stripped your name of offending symbology, and signed, it tries to get you to give ’em money.

12 thoughts on “A Petition for Veterans

  1. redc1c4

    the only reason the military has officers is to sign for shit and attend meetings.

    other than that, they need to STFD and STFU.

    (imho, of course. ;-)

  2. John Spears

    Bo’s books are required reading. He should be Attorney General! This is just another example of why he and Tom Kratman are the only lawyers I trust.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Jim Patterson (who co-wrote a book with Bo) is another example of the ultra-rare Operator SJA. Naturally he’s retired now.

      I do believe that Tom is a reformed lawyer.

  3. Boat Guy

    Signed. The number was in the 2,300 range.
    Another reason there are officers is to stand up to the Chickenshit for their people.
    Been on both sides.

  4. David Bolgiano

    As the primary author of the Petition, I am deeply sorry you guys are getting hit up for money by the website hosting the Petition. Hawk, Bob Brown and I tried in vain to get the NRA and others to host the Petition, to no avail. So, an EA at Allen West’s site suggested we use the iPetition page. Allen has also posted a link to the Petition at his Facebook site. When I filled out all the forms to post it, I was not told about the pandering … I guess that is how it is funded, but I would have liked to no that upfront.
    Lastly, we have slightly amended the Petition to allow LE officers to sign as well. We were inundated with emails asking for this amendment and we thought more good than bad would come from doing this, too.
    Godspeed, Bo

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thanks, Bo. It was Jim P who alerted me to the petition.

      The NRA is mostly about doing what it takes to fund raise for the NRA.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Veterans or LEO only, please. Your support is appreciated, but let’s maintain focus at this time. Bo may want to make a second, simpler petition for wider appeal but it’s up to him and his guys.

      It’s a shame that NRA did not support this, but sometimes NRA does its own thing with its own people and gives other activists a cold shoulder.

      1. archy

        ***It’s a shame that NRA did not support this, but sometimes NRA does its own thing with its own people and gives other activists a cold shoulder.***

        And, of course, it’s worth noting in this respect that NRA Executive Vice President, and effectively the organization’s chief executive officer Wayne LaPierre is not himself a veteran of any military service.

        As for NRA doing* its own thing with its own people, </I* see following, which is why our local range and gun club dropped NRA membership as a prerequisite for our club membership, though we do now ask you to be a registered voter. http://wyominggunowners.org/you-won-nra-reveals-real-stripes/

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