Sunday Spray-n-Pray

The prayer was brief, if heartfelt.

The spraying involves wing skins and primer, and if it’s successful we can finally finish the jeezly wings and move on to the center section. Yesterday we washed and etched the skins… the collapsible gazebo thing we usually use to hang these parts from spent the winter in the garden shed with the slumbering lawn machinery, which seems to have been a bad idea, as rodents ate some holes in it and relieved themselves all over the rest.

Mouse ordure has a very distinctive smell. Perhaps you can wash it off, but one notices the Blogbrother’s family cat was unusually interested in Your Humble Blogger last night. Standing out in the weather for a few nights has had a salutary effect upon the gazebo. Next winter it’s going in the mausrein basement.

In any event, today we will either get the skins primed, or learn something.

At the Auction, we have won, so far, thee lots containing eleven pistols, including some rarities. We’re out $4k so far (roughly) and we really only want four of those pistols. We may reconsign the rest to RIA, or take delivery and offer them in a blog post here for a limited time, before putting them on GunBroker and sending them on to someone who will love them.

The heavier stuff is up today, starting at 0900, and we have about $8200 in further bids in place.  All of these are keepers, if we win them, so we’ll probably release a few other things from the collection to keep the accounts in balance.

Tally-ho! The Blogbrother is here. Time to go make airplane parts safe from corrosion.


Brother was on time. New sprayer worked well enough. By 0900 all the wing skins were corrosion-protected with Stewart Systems primer. Some look a little runny, some look perfect, hell with it, nobody will see them once the wing is closed, eh. Mission accomplished!

Now for the auction, which kicks off at 0900 Central… maybe we’re not going to watch that like a lobster kettle. We’ll just open it at the appointed time and see how things cooked up.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Spray-n-Pray

  1. emdfl

    I’d be interested in the od Astra if you got it, don’t want it, and if I can afford it.

  2. Desertrat

    Mothballs. A handful in the attic, under the house or in a garage will deter mice, rats, squirrels and other pestiferous critters such as raccoons and skunks. They evaporate, so a monthly renewal is commonly needed.

    1. soapweed

      D.rat: generalities will not apply to all subsets. I have taken photos-predigital- of a mothball crowned with a mouse muffin adorning it after only a few days of being in place as the all encompassing solution to the little darlings. Species: deer mice, location: eastern colo……..optimism is good. Soapweed

  3. redc1c4

    odd, old pistols are always popular here, especially since they can get past the ridiculous* #Failifornia “safety list” because “old”… you have my contact info.

    *it’s ridiculous because LEOs are exempt from it, both in service and for private ownership. if they were REALLY concerned about “unsafe” pistols, wouldn’t it make sense, in a state where CCW is generally unavailable to the common citizen, that the people most likely to be carrying firearms in public, besides the criminals, of course, be required to only carry pistols that have passed the state testing requirements?

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