When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Cages

kededrique boyd mugshotDreadlocked, scowling Kededrique Boyd was a career criminal. But even he topped himself when he blew up at his girlfriend and threw her puppy — still in her cage — off an apartment balcony in Evansville, Indiana.

Being a product of the narcissistic Worldstar Hiphop generation, he filmed the whole thing, which makes proving the animal cruelty charges kind of simple and boring for the DA’s office.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

An Evansville man is in jail accused of doing the unthinkable to a puppy. 23-year old Kededrique Boyd was arrested Thursday night and faced a judge Friday on several felony animal cruelty charges.

Officers said it started with a fight between Boyd and his girlfriend, that lasted most of the day until she left for work. Police told 14 NEWS, while she was at work, Boyd filmed himself throwing her black lab puppy, in its cage, over their balcony Thursday night.

“When I seen the police, I suspected something else. That was the last thing I expected to hear, it’s pretty terrible,” said a neighbor who asked to not be identified.

EPD said on Thursday Boyd and his girlfriend argued over ownership of property and child custody and that argument, officers said, escalated to them breaking up.

Officers told us when Boyd’s girlfriend left for work, he shot this video on his cell phone, The video is graphic, and we’ve chosen not to show the cage hitting the ground.

“I just don’t know what this world is coming to, to throw a puppy or a dog or anything, it’s cruelty to animals,” said the neighbor. “I just think it’s awful.”

“We do a lot of family violence, domestic disputes, and arguments between couples and we also do a lot of animal cruelty runs,” said Lt. Scott Doan with Evansville Police. “But it’s very rare for us to see something where an animal is used as a ploy or a tactic for one person to get back at another.”

The 10 week-old black lab puppy, named “baby” is doing much better now.

In addition to Friday’s felony animal cruelty charges, Boyd already had an outstanding warrant out of Jackson County, Indiana. His bond is $25,000, or $2,500 cash. He’ll be back in court next week.

Animal control said the girlfriend signed over ownership of that puppy to them Thursday night. She’s with animal control now, and will be available for adoption in the next few days.

via Evansville man throws girlfriend’s 10 week-old puppy in its cage – Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV.

If you skimmed that and didn’t see what happened to the dog, she survived, she’s ok, and Kededrique’s (presumably ex-) girlfriend gave her up to a shelter, whence she’ll be going to a slightly less, shall we say, kinetic, household.

Kededrique? He’s probably going to prison. Be nice if someone could drop his cage off a high perch.

19 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Cages

  1. John M.

    Presumably ex-girlfriend? You’re kidding, right? She’s already Googling about conjugal visits.

    -John M.

    1. Mike_C

      Would it be mean-spirited to ask whether it’s a shame someone didn’t do that — from a greater height — to Kededrique’s mom’s baby oh, say about 22.5 years ago?

      Yeah. I thought so. Good thing I didn’t say anything then.

    1. Josey Wales

      You go first, then I want my turn. :scowl: Vermin in humanoid form right there.

      1. redc1c4

        my version involves fire ant hills, tent stakes, 550 cord, pancake syrup, and some Go-Pro cameras, so your turn might be a tad boring Josey…


        1. Josey Wales

          I hadn’t got around to thinking up any specifics, but I like your scenario, lets do that.

  2. Nynemillameetuh

    I can’t believe this totally individual, unique person of infinite moral worth could do such a thing to another creature of G-d. What a shock! Did he not read the Bill of Rights?

  3. robroysimmons

    If you want to know where the largest reservoir of coiled hatred lies it is within the nice white lady politics of the puppies and kittens contingent.

    When the American Empire goes to its well deserved fates don’t be surprised when you hear those formerly nice ladies berating their men, “you worthless fuck go back out there and get more of them.”

  4. The Old Man

    Time for the oxygen thief to meet his new roomie “Bubba the Hung” and find out why wearing his pants very low became a prison signalling system.
    But he’ll like it….

  5. Alan Ward

    I don’t blame him. I would over react if my momma had named me Kededededrcqqq.

    Who the F comes up with these screwed up names, and how can society as a whole punish them for lousing up several generations of diversity beans.

    If the welfare state hadn’t force AA men out of their children’s lives, this would not happen. Can you imagine some poor AA man named Earvin or Michael allowing his wife to name his child Kededrique or Tanisqua? NFW!

    1. TRX

      “I hate this newborn. Since society won’t let me drown or mutilate it, I’ll just give it a ridiculous name that will torture it for the rest of its life.”

      Then they try to justify it as a “special” or “Google-unique” name…

      At least a name like “States Rights Jones” (Col. USMC) is made up of real words spelled correctly…

      1. Hognose Post author

        There’s a thing in Freakonomics on the black penchant for fanciful names. (Many years ago, someone — Mike Royko? — wrote a column musing that as the lives got more wretched, the names got more fanciful). The economists discovered that they could predict the race of a kid born in any given year with high accuracy based only on how many other kids got the same name. A one-off name was a dead-on lock for an urban black.

        1. Kirk

          I once asked someone in the “black community” what the hell was up with that BS, with all the bizarre names, and he gave me an earful. His take on it was that it was a phenomenon of the “crab bucket”, a passive-aggressive means of ensuring that the kids were as doomed as the parents were. I think I triggered a serious sore point with him, because he went on and on for a couple of hours while we were waiting for that particular player unit to get their shit together.

          I should point out, he had one of those stereotypical names, himself. And, hated it. His sons and daughter all had names like Diane or Charles.

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