When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Levels

Erick Cross MugshotYou know, a level, like somebody uses at a construction site.

Except, this crankypants clown used it at a construction site for a somewhat non-standard purpose: to beat the living Jesus out of his boss. Busted his skull, in fact.

Turns out, the Level Avenger is a two-time level assault loser already, not to mention a whole bunch of other rap sheet filler — you could say he’s a man of conviction, plural.

Gee, it’s almost as if the mystery causative factor in crime is criminals or something simple like that. How can that be?

DEBARY — A construction worker on a Wal-Mart job site known as “Poke Chop” was arrested after authorities say he buried his boss in dirt using a front-end loader and critically injured the man by hitting him with a level.

A Volusia County Sheriff’s incident report states that 57-year-old Perry Byrd of Orlando suffered bleeding on the brain as well as a fractured skull after investigators said Erick Cox, 32, of Sanford buried him in dirt with a front end loader then repeatedly struck Byrd over the head with a 6-foot aluminum level from the construction site both were working at earlier this week.

A level appears to be a weapon of choice for Cox who was accused of using one in a 2003 beating.

A 9-1-1 call captures the urgency of Wednesday’s construction site incident.

“Please hurry, someone come out here, he just hit him with a level,” a man told a 9-1-1 dispatcher. ” ‘Bout to kill him.”

Amazing. You should probably Read The Whole Thing™ but we have to excerpt a little more for flavor:

In the other level beating, on Nov. 20, 2003 in Seminole County, Kevin Dillard said Cox hit him several times with a steel level, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.  Cox and Dillard were brothers-in-law. Prosecutors did not file charges.

Yeah, this guy is now a two-time loser for assaults with a deadly level. Maybe construction is not what God really intends him to do.

Cox has also had other arrests in violent crimes including one Aug. 30 when he was accused of repeatedly punching his twin sister, Ericka Cox, in the face, leaving her bruised with a bloody nose, according to a charging affidavit from the Sanford Police Department. He was charged with battery domestic violence but she later said she did not wish to proceed with charges, and no charges were filed. Erick Cox reportedly got angry after his sister argued with his wife, the report said.

In another incident in Sanford in 2012, Erick Cox was charged with felony battery, battery and hit-and-run. In that case, Erick Cox was accused of punching a woman multiple times and then getting a bat from his truck. When a man intervened, Erick Cox hit him with the bat, according to a report. The man took the bat from him and Erick Cox got in his truck and and tried to run over the woman but instead hit the man’s car. Then Erick Cox sped away.  He was adjudicated guilty to two counts of battery and one count of criminal mischief and sentenced to 60 days-time served.

That’s how the “bat” got into the word “battery,” we figure.

You might want to think twice about hiring this guy, or just generally being around him.


18 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Levels

  1. medic09

    “Boss, I need to level with you. Come straight, as it were.” Then he laid him flat.

  2. gebrauchshund

    OK, we’ll go over this one more time.

    Crack the skull, THEN bury.

    Kinda like pillage, THEN burn.

    And I gotta say, I don’t know how big a town Sanford,FL is, but it sure seems to punch above its weight (so to speak) in the Florida Man rankings.

  3. redc1c4

    nothing wrong with him that a couple of 45 slugs in the right area wouldn’t fix…

  4. TF-BA

    “Oh, he’s got it coming. I’mma level a beat down on that MF’er before the day is over!”

    1. Hognose Post author

      He represented himself as a level-headed working man, buy sometime around the second or third thwack! the foreman realized that his new employee was not on the level, and now he was going to have to level up if he was going to survive this unexpected thwacking.

      1. archy

        …The foreman was described as usually being a very level-headed guy….

        When a local boarding house suffered a gas furnace explosion, I tagged the headline on our midnight-deadline newspaper story as *Roomers were flying!*

        My boss took my crayons away and wouldn’t let me play with the Compugraphic after that. Spoilsport.

  5. Bill T

    WOW! Did you ever see such an angelic face? Florida isn’t a good place for strong arm tactics. Too many CCWs.

  6. staghounds

    Should have just had some sand and, lone, squared up and fought like a man. This sort of thing takes bubble headedness to the nth degree.

    (Today’s game, spot the fourth pun/reference. )

  7. John Distai

    …I’ve been workin’, buildin’ muscles
    Oney’s just been standin’ ’round a gettin’ soft
    And today about four-thirty
    I’ll make up for every good night’s sleep I’ve lost

    When I’m gone I’ll be remembered
    As the workin’ man that put his point across
    With a right hand full of Stabila’s
    ‘Cause today I show old Oney, who’s the boss?

    Hmm, what time is it?
    Hey, Oney, Oney

  8. Desertrat

    Dunno ’bout nowadays, but Sanford used to be noted for its primary entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights: The attitude adjustment sessions that started around drunk-thirty. Davie was even moreso; if the locals couldn’t find a stranger to beat on, they beat on each other.

  9. Aesop

    “I hit him on the head three times, but his skull still isn’t flat.”

    This is clearly a guy who needs a state-purchased headstone reading “He just needed killin'”.

  10. Raoul Duke

    Let’s ask ourselves, seriously, how does the rest of civilization benefit from this guy being included in it?

    He’s done a pretty good job of proving he’s dangerous to other people. In a just system, we would have revoked his outdoor privileges for good.

    Instead, weak-minded sissies will cry around about how easy it is to buy a semi-automatic rifle… not realizing that any gun control will make it even easier for evil guys like this to take a piece of their ass.

  11. Clayton Bigsby

    Who would’ve thunk it? he looks so normal……
    and who let him touch the Stabila, anyway? Doesn’t look like a guy you entrust
    plumb and level to on a job site…..
    Does Stabila make brooms now?

  12. archy

    ***and who let him touch the Stabila, anyway? Doesn’t look like a guy you entrust
    plumb and level to on a job site…..***

    Makes you glad he wasn’t a rodman on a survey crew with ten grand or so worth of total control equipment….

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