Yes, they Life-Flighted a Frog.


Australian Green Tree Frog — about the only frog in Oz that isn’t an endangered or threatened species. 

It’s a dog’s, uh, frog’s life in Australia. But despite all the tough breaks an Aussie amphib catches, from predators like invasive cane toads and feral cats, to several genera of crippling parasites, some of the little green guys have guardian angels.

Min Tims said she accidentally ran over the green tree frog in front of her home in Mount Isa in Queensland.

With a lawnmower.

This is usually not good for the frog.

This is why the pudgy species evolved to be a tree frog, isn’t it?

“She was devastated and asked if I could say prayers for him,” her niece, Felicia Morgan, told the Brisbane Times. She added that the frog “got clipped behind his head.”

Morgan got in touch with a frog hospital nearly 500 miles away in Cairns and an airline reportedly offered to carry the injured amphibian on one of its flights there.

“It was unbelievable coordination to be able to get the frog to us but he did eventually make it to Cairns and we picked him up from the airport,” Deborah Pergolotti, president of Frog Safe, told local media.

Staff at the hospital helped the frog recover from internal parasites but observed it had damage to one of its eyes.

The frog eventually returned to Mount Isa. Tims put the animal in a fish tank and started giving it a special diet.

“He is an extremely lucky animal to have survived being run over by basically a blender on wheels and we paid a huge amount of attention to him but he has recovered very well,” Pergolotti told the Times.

Is it just us, or is a lawn-mowed toad (yes, frog, but we’d have to sacrifice the rhyme) kind of the test-case amphibian for First World Problems?

20 thoughts on “Yes, they Life-Flighted a Frog.

  1. Scipio Americanus

    Maybe people of the civilization after ours will tell each other fables about us based on events like this. I wonder if the tone will be one of mocking, for our ridiculous over-sensitivity, or of a sort of moral awe that people cared so much for the life of a mere frog to go to such extremes.

    Probably both, at different times or by different groups.

  2. Raoul Duke

    If these folks are THAT bored, there are lots of potholes they could be filling around here, instead. Sheesh.

  3. Loren

    Back in the day, toad golf was the accepted way to get rid of cane toads. Now a days you’re supposed to put them in a sack and freeze em to death. That being a kinder and gentler way of disposal. I still prefer a 3 iron although some like a 7 for the extra loft.

  4. Aesop

    Let’s be fair: flying frogs anywhere usually only requires a stork. (Though in those cases, the frog usually rides as stores, not passenger class.)
    But the kicker is that the frogophile probably lives in a town with any number of hungry, neglected, or mistreated children, for whom she wouldn’t lift a finger.
    It’s that logic disconnect that’s f****d up.

    Q: “How do you write women so well?”
    A: “I think of a man, without reason or a sense of responsibility.” – As Good As It Gets

    1. Hognose Post author

      Isn’t that what we blew up in Konduz, Médécins Sans Frontières or some franglais like that…? The Frog hospital?

  5. JJAK

    Easiest ever “good deed” free publicity for the airline

    “Yeah sure we’ll fly a shoe box with a frog in it. Just make sure someone picks it up.”

  6. Cap'n Mike

    Australians are so silly.
    We in America have more sense than to let civilians and commercial airliners solve these problems.
    We wouldn’t do something like that without at least TWO giant federal agencies being involved.

    Australia obviously needs a frog version of the “sea turtle stranding and disentanglement coordinator with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration”.
    and Im sure the Royal Australian Air Force could have transported that frog, its not like they have anything better to do.

  7. Bonifacio Echeverria

    Wait till the treehugging types realize the carbon footprint of the frog medevac was like enough to wipe a whole species of lesser vertebrates somewhere (muffled giggle)…

  8. James

    You know,any act of kindness even if perhaps overboard I will take.In a world that seems bent on self destruction little acts of kindness can be a example to others(perhaps a little more then just a frog)but tis a start.I try and help strangers with broken down cars/folks injured on hiking trails,hell,even catch hornets in the house with glass and postcard and set em free,I hate hornets but assume they play a part in the cycle of life besides stinging me when working on job site(still trying to figure out what though!).Any voluntary act of kindness no matter how small/trivial in the big picture to me makes the world a slightly better place and brings a slight smile to me face.

  9. archy

    Some Oz rotorhead always happy to add on a couple of additional paid-for hours has a great yarn for his mates about why he has the best job ever. Their shout for the slab of red cans.

  10. Al T.

    wow… I thought 350 degrees, corn meal and buttermilk were a pretty good start for frog (legs) was a good start….. Silly me…..

  11. Tam

    In case you were wondering what the dot at the top of the pyramid of Maslow’s Heirarchy was, now you know. You’ve pretty much gotta have the cave bears wiped out and a good handle on what next year’s crop is going to look like before you can start life-flighting frogs.

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