Soviet Sunday

Today is Glorious May Day! The socialist vanguard of the workers’ and peasants’ state moves forward in Stakhanovite overfulfillment of the Five-Year Plan.

It’s a good day to line up all your tanks for a parade. Not to mention your Lennon, or Lenin, posters (politically, the same thing, but only one was a talented musician).

Participants hold flags and banners during a Communist May Day rally in St. Petersburg

This picture from 2014 shows a bunch of undead zombie Communists in St. Petersburg. The flag says:

Lenin — lived,
Lenin — lives,
Lenin — shall live!

Actually, Lenin was, is, and will be: dead, dead, dead.

So are over 100 million people, thanks to the joys of Marxism-Leninism, but that’s beside the point; unlike us, and Lenin (at least some facsimilie of Lenin, as we’ll see) they’re not around to enjoy the 2016 May Day Parade. (Once they’re dead, are Useful Idiots still useful?)

In fact, he’s so dead that he was in such severe danger of rotting in his mausoleum, the shrine to the failed religion of Godlessness that  his heirs erected, that they’ve gradually been swapping parts out for the last 90-some years. Scientific American:

The Russian methods focus on preserving the body’s physical form—its look, shape, weight, color, limb flexibility and suppleness—but not necessarily its original biological matter. In the process they have created a “quasibiological” science that differs from other embalming methods. “They have to substitute occasional parts of skin and flesh with plastics and other materials, so in terms of the original biological matter the body is less and less of what it used to be,” says Alexei Yurchak, professor of social anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. “That makes it dramatically different from everything in the past, such as mummification, where the focus was on preserving the original matter while the form of the body changes,” he adds.

We dunno. If he’s a 3D Printed simulation of Vladimir Ilych Ulianov aka Nikolai Lenin, at what point does he cease being Lenin and become one of those Audio-Animatronic® gadgets that stalk the rides and attractions at Disney World?

Either way, the critter described in the paragraph is many things, but “alive” ain’t one of ’em.

Lenin was, is, and will be dead. Those who still worship at the altar of the Church of Marx and Lenin need to face that fact.

And despite the fact they had a parade, it seems not to have had all the cool tanks and whatnot — those are standing by for the post-Soviet big parade, Victory Day, 9th May.

16 thoughts on “Soviet Sunday

  1. Nynemillameetuh

    They say communism died in the East because it flourished in the West. I’m inclined to believe them, too. Intellectuals love a good theory – especially a bloated one with little explanatory value – because it gives them something to chew on. In this case, the something was the lower class (quite literally, in the Holodomor).

  2. Jjak

    The SA article is interesting. Why they bothered preserving him forever somewhat stumps me –though the current Russian nostalgia for the USSR probably explains why it continues.

    1. Toastrider

      It makes more sense if you consider that communism is essentially a religion wherein the State is both church and deity. As the founder of that State, Lenin would of course be deified and preserved (even if they didn’t call it deification).

    2. Nynemillameetuh

      What to do with a totalitarian past? Germany embraced (multi-generational) war guilt and the resulting self-abnegation. Now it’s an Islamic colony. Putin wisely chose to step over the Gulag guilt and on to new forms of glory. Russo-Soviet crimes are now regrettable side effects of modernization and victory! Using Lenin as a mortuary Ship of Theseus is part of the plan…

      1. John M.

        Germany was swiftly and thoroughly de-Nazified. Russia was never de-Leninized in any meaningful way.

        -John M.

  3. Claypigeonshooter

    Capitalism has been around for thousands of years, and yet people think they can come up with a better system. Communism is just trying to reinvent the wheel in a manner that makes everyone economically immobile, as in that a few elites stay that way and everyone else is low class; unless they become involved in the party. Capitalism allows for the competition of ideas and beliefs along with competitive economic markets while communism artificially eliminates all other competition in favor of itself no matter how backwards its own ways are In the end there will always be capitalism in existence in some form; no matter how hard people of authority try to get rid of it.

    1. Claypigeonshooter

      Crap, should be a period here: “…its own ways are. In the end….”

  4. Cattus Borealis

    There was a faction of Russian Marxists (The god builders) that took this idea to heart. Some literally wanted to preserve Lenin to have him “scientifically” resurrected at some point in the future.

    “Scientific socialism, is the most religious of all religions, and the true Social Democrat is the most deeply religious of all human beings.” —-Anatoly Lunacharsky , 1907

  5. Loren

    So now we have a destitute, rearmed Russia with a smart, strong leader in one corner. A newly armed, socially and economically troubled China with a smart, strong leader in another corner. and a shadow NATO with Obama, Merkel and Trudeau in the other. What could go wrong?

  6. Dienekes

    Ah, the 20th Century version of the mast of the Argo! In all the hoopla of the dissolution of the Evil Empire, I kept waiting to see if Vladimir would be disinterred, tried, and thrown in the Tiber. So far, no such luck. As the CIA character in “Charlie Wilson’s War” said, “We’ll see.”

  7. H

    Lenin was a musician? Who knew?

    (not a Lennon fan here, Boss, sorry about that)

  8. Cap'n Mike

    So I guess Lenin’s corpse is like my Grand Fathers hammer.
    Its a family heirloom from the old country, we replaced the handle 3 times and the head twice.

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