Breaking: Diversity is Our Vibrancy

Army LogoAs the slogan etched on the blade of every Obama Youth dagger says, Diversity is Our Vibrancy, and Friday was a red-letter day for both of the motivating principles of the modern United States as the Army announced, in a Friday data dump, that they were commissioning 22 women as Infantry and Armor officers. A large percentage of them are West Pointers; a few are ROTC scholarship foundlings.

They have not yet passed any of the requirements, but what’s most important is how everybody feels about it, unless they don’t feel totally awesome about it, in which case they will be punished suitably. Of the 22 greatest 2nd lieutenants ever, 13 will bring their light to the dank of the tank, as operated by the Armor Branch; and nine will be the only officers that ever mattered in the previously unfashionable Infantry Branch.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has now checked one of his highest priority boxes.

Absolute Harrison Bergeron equality-of-results is not upon us yet, unfortunately. True, the women need to pass their courses, but having announced their success already makes that a mere formality. But still, some problems remain.

To start with, the women will have no subordinate women to command, at least, not yet. So far, exactly one woman has volunteered to serve as an enlisted infantry entity, and none has signed up for enlisted armor duty. Of course, neither the cat pack of officers nor the one female infantry entity has passed and been Distinguished Honor Graduates of their respective courses, yet, but today’s announcement makes it clear it’s the merest of formalities.

All right-thinking people know that the only reason women haven’t been infantrymen everywhere, taken over the offensive line of the Seattle Seahawks, and broken all the mens’ Olympic records, is because of false consciousness, and because they don’t have incredibly awesome female officers yet to show them the way.

If enlisted women don’t start signing up in larger numbers, the pinnacle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in Combat, that is, self-actualization of the upper class female officers, will require them to be drafted. Self-actualization of upper class female officers is, after all, the reason we have an Army in the first place. But drafting women would require that reactionary sausage-fest, Congress, to change the law.

Therefore, now that he can take pride that the Iraq War has been lost, the Afghanistan War has been lost, but the Battle of Feminist Feels has been won, Secretary of Self-Actualization and a Little Defense Ash Carter is considering the mandatory gender reassignment of gender-overstrength riflemen and tankers into understrength genders, until everything balances out even: 51-49 female.

Because they will still serve in units with men, at least until scientists with Turkey Baster Laboratories in Smith College in Northampton, MA, can parthenogenically produce the superior race of Amazons that Hollywood has made famous, or until Carter can run enough troops through the field orchiectomy clinic, the women officers will be able to concentrate on higher order activities, or browse online for shoes, while the men in their tank crews break track. As far as having an enlisted infantryman carry some privileged West Point Unique And Special Snowflake’s hundred pounds of lightweight gear, careful study (at West Point, naturally) has shown that having a junior enlisted guy carry the officer’s pack has long been the practice in armies like Bolivia’s, which has a won-lost record unmatched in world history.

That adopting aspects of such a forward-looking and dominant military culture as Bolivia’s just happens to make life easier for ringknockers does not guarantee this will happen, but one is reminded of Hognose’s Law of Rucksacks:

If a guy can’t tote a ruck, he won’t.

It’s no less true if the guys are girls.


27 thoughts on “Breaking: Diversity is Our Vibrancy

  1. Old and Grumpy

    Not one of the cowards currently drawing paychecks from DOD will open their mouths, while in uniform. They will bitch and moan on interwebs, blogs like this one, but will keep their traps shut – f-ing cowards, all of them.

  2. Kirk

    It’ll all end in tears. And, of course, the blame will be laid on the Army, as an institution.

    Personally, I think they ought to be taking careful note of who signed off on this bullshit, and making damn sure that whoever they are, they’re fired and made unemployable in post-service life. This is going to end in tragedy, probably on some hill in Korea or somewhere along the Hindu Kush.

  3. Tom Stone

    Growing up I was inspired by two Gunnery Sergeants, a Cowboy and a Mule Skinner in my immediate family to master the finer points of the American Language.
    I lack an adequate vocabulary to express my feelings, something that has rarely happened.

  4. Stacy0311

    pencil whipped through OBC and “branch detailed” to the Brigade EO office in record time.

    I pity the SGIs who are going to have to sign off on 2LT Snowflake as good to go on the TCGST

  5. seans

    What’s going to be real interesting is going to see how SOCOM deals with integrating women. I have personally seen lowered standards for minorities when pushing diversity was the goal. Not holding much hope that the standards stay the same.

  6. JAFO

    For a few years I thought this administration was merely feckless and incompetent, blinded by their ideology. I am coming to the inescapable conclusion that it’s worse than that.

  7. Bob

    I read the opord implementing this two weeks ago and was shocked at how high they set the bar for strength for 11s, tankers, artillery, and engineers.

    Whether they ENFORCE it is another matter entirely, but the tests were all tied to an actual task, such as employ a TOW missile-lift 65lb to shoulder height and carry 50 yards, displace a loaded M2 on tripod-lift 80lb (prorated to simulate a partner) to waist height and move 50m in x seconds, drag a 271lb casualty 50 yards in X seconds, change a Bradley barrel with partner- prorated to 135lb per person, lift to waist height and carry 10m, ruck 24k in 24 hours with weapon and 100lb ruck and arrive prepared to do any of these tasks, move a pile of 155m rounds x distance in x seconds, etc.

    Some of the tasks, such as moving the spades on a 155m, are brutal. One entailed lifting 106lb 2m overhead and carry for 10m. Another was to carry in the hands 100lb at waist height 100m.

    And the kicker, ALL of the tasks must be done with another 40lb of worn gear (for tankers) and 80lb for everyone else.

    I cannot imagine it will EVER be enforced, but I’m sure it briefs well.

  8. Miles

    As seen on the news earlier, Ms, 25 year old Special Snowflake wanabe 11B will have a battlebuddette. A 17 year old has enlisted and is also scheduled for that first coed OSUT class.
    Actually, they might be glad for that time. The best thing they could do would be for the both of them to get together and get their parents to spring for a professional sports trainer.

    Gads, I’m glad I decided never to be anywhere near Ft. Benning again.

  9. Hillbilly

    I just saw the pictures of the prospective infantrywomen and for some reason I just don’t see them as being anywhere close to suitable for the infantry. They better be hitting the gym hard before getting to Benning they’re going to need to add some muscle.

  10. LSWCHP

    I’m an ex-infantryman, and was once a regular visitor to the Australian Army School of Infantry at Singleton, New South Wales. I was always just a dumb grunt…nothing special in any way, but I did it, and I know what it takes.

    I’m with Kirk on this. This is going to result in your forces suffering unnecessary defeats in future ground combat operations. It makes me sad because I’m very fond of your country and it’s people and I don’t understand how this could happen.

  11. robroysimmons

    My prediction, the air weenies win the real war, the budget war. I read the SNAFU blog and he is more sore lamentation than an OT Jew forced to eat pork, dance naked and worship snakes.

    The American Empire’s operational modus, chaos out of order can be accomplished by SOCOM/alphabets backed up by air power.

    Don’t really know what to say to a young man who wants to be a ground pounder in this situation, except when 11B Barbie shows up run her into the ground and if any white knight plays “muh lady” smash a beer bottle over his head on the next liberty. But we love “nice” here in America so I’m sure some sternly worded emails to our “representatives” explaining our outrage will suffice for now.

  12. Aesop

    The Return of Fragging in five, four, three,…

    And the Knockout Game will take on a whole new meaning when the driver scrambles Fluffybritches’ (2LT- Armor) eggs against the cupola hatch on maneuvers.

    I suspect a majority of the new assignees will be hazed out of the biz, whether they admit it or not.
    (Hell, in the day, we were hard on pussified guys. Officer Suzie NoLoad would have been child’s play to break.) Go watch Men Of Honor or 42, except with a woman instead of a black man.
    You can gendermander standards, but out in the field, physics is a bitch.

  13. SOTM

    Currently there is a female going through RASP (formally RIP). I knew it was coming. All this is the result of the progressive feminist agenda. It is infiltrating every part of society. Even our historically Christian institutions. In academia they tout it as “inclusive language.” i.e. saying “he/she,” “partner” instead of husband and wife, even referring to God as “He/She.” It is all sheer crap! Quoting a friend of mine, “Feminists are destroying the nation by turning our males into women!! We need men who are compassion and godly leaders, not wimps fearing political incorrectness. Unless political correctness is what is biblical, meaning that our culture is the definition of right and wrong I refuse it. I refuse it. I refuse it….Tolerance is not the path to peace, but peace (with God through Christ alone) is the path to political incorrectness.”
    Women are now in places where they have no business being! I do not care what anybody says. In a class I recently took at a well-known Christian institution I was opposed by all on this position. Outnumbered by women, not one man had the balls to openly agree. Men today lack mental fortitude and balls. They are soft. C.S. Lewis called it “men without chests” in the Abolition of Man (a prophetic book). As a former WWI infantry man, he got it. I am talking about men who are able to handle and thrive in the school of the hard knocks and protect women and children. When I look around me today, I see very few. They are all caving. Many are abandoning their families and so boys are being raised only by women. The result, young men who no longer know how to handle life as a man, they cave or become belligerent even over a good ass chewing. There is love and affection in a tone of good ole in your face intensity, robust, gritty, and salty language. There is love in a good thrashing. It may save your life. This goes away to a large extent when women enter a man’s world. Some of the best NCO I served under where the hardest on me. I absolutely loved them and thank God for their torment.

    1. Quill_&_Blade

      “They are soft” It’s worse than that, they also don’t know where we went wrong. There is a short time in American history where we made a sharp turn for the worse.I don’t say it as absolute fact, but I try to get people to think about it. One guy said “We had problems before that.” Yes we did, but we also had God’s restraint. That left in an instant. Think millstone, deep water…
      This all leaves me with a little dilemma, but not much I suppose. For more than 20 years I’ve thought about leaving the country. It was to be in two steps; first, leave California, then leave the US. I did the first step, but got complacent. Now I’m picking up the effort again. The dilemma is that maybe I’m playing right into their hands. “No hope in resisting, might as well go…” And spread the morale around while I’m at it. On the other hand, few guys have the will to resist, or an idea of what we need to return to. I have a suspicion that being fully aware of what needed to change, most wouldn’t want it. But “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

        1. STOM

          Stay put. Raise sons to become men.

          Identity of character
          spiritual foundation

          1. Quill_&_Blade

            There appears to be no reply button for your 4/18 reply. Some thoughts:
            “What if circumstances change? If when you do reach the goal, what if your realize it was empty? Ever had that one happen?”
            I certainly have, it was interesting. I actually was organized enough to write a business plan for the kind of work I wanted to specialize in. The work came. I realized it wasn’t so alluring after all. But I disagree with the idea that goals are meaningless. Maybe I’m going into semantics confusion here; but were the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution meaningless, or non-accomplishments? I have two ideas regarding this; the first is interesting; the second non negotiable: I suppose the writers of the constitution were being concise, but I think in our day, the document needs to be more explicit. “Shall make no laws…” will include language saying ” This means one cannot be forced to participate in endorsements of sexual behavior, other religions, or teaching children that all came into existence by naturalistic means.” The list could be long, but so what, I’ve got the time; and, it applies to the second amendment as well. That should have this language added: “This document is obviously about limiting the power, overreach, and tyranny of government at all levels; so, gun ownership is specified here as a means of enforcing that limitation, therefore, gun ownership means private citizens, and includes, and specifically endorses ownership of military weapons.”
            That’s my version of the second amendment. The other idea I mentioned has to do with attempting to fix what went wrong. I don’t claim to be a prophet of God, but at this point in time, I’m convinced that we insulted God very badly in the early 1960’s. God is tenderly concerned about the well being of children; and to mandate nationwide that children be taught we are advanced animals who shouldn’t know Him, or pray to Him; is to say that He is a low priority in our nation. So He left us to our own devices. Everything came undone.
            I’ll skip the details, but anyone who isn’t lying to themselves knows things changed very much. I say that trying to fix some things by political means is going after down chain effects, not the cause. I propose, and will accept nothing less than, The American Covenant Party. We covenant with the living God that on our part we will disprove the bad science of Darwin, we will teach His word and prayer to Him. There’s more, but that will give you an idea of what I consider important.

          2. Hognose Post author

            Just FYI, the default is to allow replies five deep… I can change it if there’s a real demand for it.

        2. Quill_&_Blade

          I have a few ideas, but they might be brutal. My world is very, very physical (mechanical, not brute strength). It’s how we survive, but the problem with the other places is that the hardware stores and auto parts places are nonexistent, or far away. That’s just the beginning of the problems, but I’ll can the details. Right now the idea is that what looks difficult now will look inviting when things get bad here. I don’t mean economic hardship; I mean people like me being thrown into re-education camps.
          But there are valid considerations for staying. I can’t endorse or be part of “a stand” that has no goal. Without that, getting rid of viper brood A will likely lead to acquiring viper brood B.

          1. SOTM

            I have no “goal” in mind. I really don’t care about goals. In most cases they determine nothing and have little meaning. What if I don’t reach them? What if circumstances change? If when you do reach the goal, what if your realize it was empty? Ever had that one happen? The only sure thing is death and the hope I have in Christ. Thus, I only have hopes and desires. “Stands” are often taken for principle sake and/or because someone has been backed into a corner.

  14. JoanE

    Hey guys, I fully endorse your comments here and much appreciate the reference to C.S.Lewis’ “men without chests”.

    We need to return to a culture of strong, godly men who are the sheepdogs.

    The history of women in combat is one of inability and defilement, and it speaks ill of a society and nation that is so morally confused that it sends a 17 year old girl to do a man’s job.

  15. Blackshoe

    I’m curious what happens when the Army figures out what the Navy has since it opened up Line communities 20 years ago.

    It’s one thing to get them (and for the most part, physical fitness isn’t as much of a premium for our URL types-minus NSW/NSO and to a lesser extent, Aviation)…

    …but it’s another thing. I can tell you SWO retains females past minimum service requirement at half the rate we do men.

    And that’s with lots of tinkering to incentivize them staying.

    Also, re: Congress having to change the law. It won’t be their call. The logic of Rostker v Goldberg (only men can serve in combat positions, and we have a draft to fill combat positions, ergo it’s not discriminatory to restrict the draft to men only) no longer applies, and it’s only a matter of time before a court rules that yes, women have to sign up for the draft. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth on that day.

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