The Services’ Women-in-Combat-Specialties Plans are Out…

rangerette-benjamin…and as you might expect, they’re hopped up on Hopium, and square the circle as everyone expected, by insisting that the standards being lowered aren’t actually being lowered.

The Army is rather up-front about its constituency for this change: careerist female officers. Initially, the only women invited to the specialties will be career officers. They’re calling this “leader first,” because women can’t be led by men or something. From the press release:

Initially, the Army will manage the assignments of women through a “leader first” approach. Beginning this year, women will be able to branch as Infantry and Armor officers, followed then by female enlisted soldiers to ensure they are assigned to operational units with integrated women leaders.

Standards will be adjusted to fit the available women.

Army flack Peter Cook has a further press release here, emphasizing that the services can open all specialties “right away.” More of the social justice bullshit barrage:

  • Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s memo (.pdf)
  • The Army plan (.pdf) (HQDA Order 097-16)
  • The Navy’s Female Integration Implementation Plan (.pdf). This turns out to be specifically for those specialties in Naval Special Warfare that were previously closed to women.
  • The Marine Corps Plan (.pdf). This demonstrates that SJW jargon can indeed be pressed into an operations-order format. Reading between the lines, it seems to have been written with the enthusiasm Bart Simpson brings to writing corrective sentences on the chalkboard.
  • The Air Force Plan (.pdf). Of the services this seems to be the one that not only drank, but is trying to breathe the Kool-Aid.
  • The USSOCOM plan(.pdf) signed by Gen. Joseph Votel

We found some interesting things in (or between the lines of) the special operations plan. First, GEN Votel notes that the command has successfully defended their existing standards as mission-related, and therefore will continue to hold the standards, women be damned. (We’ll see how that holds up when Princess calls Daddy in tears because it’s not faaaiir in SFAS, BUD/S, green platoon or what have you). Second, we notice that Votel didn’t hang onto the implementation grenade for a minute longer than he had to, but dropped it in the lap of MG Chris Haas.

We wouldn’t want to be among Haas’s direct reports right now… ’cause we think that grenade isn’t done being tossed just yet.

As to standards, here’s some of the clues in the USSOCOM memo that suggest that standards are not moving an inch for the Amazons. Emphasis ours.

USSOCOM executed a rigorous third party review process resulting in the validation of our existing assessment, training, and occupational standards as operationally relevant and gender-neutral. Established standards are key to the selection, training, operational readiness, and continued performance of Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel. Adherence to these rigorous standards is crucial to our combat effectiveness and the preservation of unit readiness, cohesion, and morale.

That’s a shot across Ash Carter’s bow, but Carter’s probably not culturally oriented enough to recognize it. When he and whichever empty suit is sitting at the Secretary of the Army desk start pushing to drop the standards, they’ll be reminded — possibly publicly — that they signed off on this document.

acu-powerpoint-ranger-tabThe Army plan, conversely, is the usual buzzword bingo card, plus, because it’s Big Green, it wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t full of gaudy graphics with badly mismatched colors, documenting some optically-challenged lieutenant colonel’s struggles with the illustration module in PowerPoint.


For crying out loud, we’ve had official gays in the Army for ages now, can’t we get one of them to color-coordinate the jeezly slides?

The Navy, for its part, notes that females have not been beating down the doors for a chance to try out for previously opened physically challenging specialties, and those that have tried have qualified at much lower rates than men.

Population Size: NSW acknowledges that equal opportunity may not produce equal results as seen in other U.S. Navy Special Operations programs. While completely open to females, the Navy Diver community is 0.6% female, Navy enlisted EOD is 0.9% female. and EOD officers are 2.5% female. Statistically, females have lower assessment, selection, and qualification program success rates within these communities. Enlisted EOD females have a 13% success rate as compared to 31% for males; Navy Diver females have an 18% success rate as compared to 47% for males.

NSW, as USSSOCOM suggests,, is going to hold the previous standards:

All standards for accession, training, qualification, advancement, retention, and assignment were reviewed and will remain the same.

We’ll see how long that bold intention lasts after a couple years of 0.9% of this and 1/3 the pass rate of that keeps crossing desks in the E Ring.

And the Navy has one particular objection that ought to be stapled to Ash Carter’s forehead (emphasis ours again):

Increasing opportunity in direct ground combat units in support of integration objectives is not anticipated to increase combat readiness or effectiveness. Physical performance is not the only measure of a sailor/soldier, but it is a key measure of a primary requirement for ground combat – fighting men at close quarters. In the near term, achieving integration, and evolving existing cultures will channel focus and energy away from core combat readiness and effectiveness efforts. This is a critical risk concern as SOF combat operations run on carefully calculated but thin margins. Additional risk factors include anticipated adjustment of standards, disruption of social cohesion, partnering compatibility, medical concerns to female, media attention, and the longevity and retention of expertise.

This puts it in black and white. “Do this if you will, Carter, but stop lying that there are no costs associated with these intangible, feel-good, virtue-signalling benefits.”


As this was prepared to go to press, on 17 March 2014, Ash Carter released his 2017 strategy document: “2017 Defense Posture Statement: Taking the Long View, Investing for the Future” (.pdf, naturally). No surprises here. He does lead with the strategy stuff — hinting that the giant sucking sound you hear is the Administration pulling its head out about ISIL, which the short-lived Russian intervention did more to harm that the years of Pentagon and White House dithering — and even says bad things about Iran at one point. But you can see he’s phoning it in. All the stuff about the war he really cares about — the Social Justice War — is tacked on towards the end, perhaps hoping people won’t read that far.

Update II

Received from a retired senior field grade Special Forces officer, this Army Times article lists the requirements for women in Special Forces. As he comments, the physical is no problem for any healthy young person… doing 150 miles in a week under a 65-100 lb. pack is an equine of another hue entirely.

Weaponsman comment: the lower you set the initial entry bar relative to the graduation requirement, the more candidates you break when their ambition commits them to a course of action their musculoskeletal system can’t support. That’s a pity, as these candidates would never have graduated anyway, and now they can’t return to their previous best-case job, either. But it’s where not telling the truth gets you, and for a couple of decades we haven’t been telling the truth (culturally) about women and combat.

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  1. Tom Stone

    And I thought City Council meetings were bad…we have a mayor whose chief qualifications were being a trustafarian gay who owns a chain of medical pot dispensaries and a green city council that nearly mandated to Toyota Prius as the standard police car.
    And those are NOT the fringe that shows up at every meeting.
    And they look sane and competent in comparison…

  2. Bonifacio Echeverria

    “For crying out loud, we’ve had official gays in the Army for ages now, can’t we get one of them to color-coordinate the jeezly slides?”

    I’m gonna start sending you, sir, the bills for all the screens ruined by laugh-propelled-sugared-beverages due to the continued consumption of this AT-rifle porn riddled site!

  3. Billybob

    I was never in the military.
    I was, however on patrol in a major city P.D.
    I have been there done that. From the academy and for the next 15 years. I could curl your hair with stories of women partners and supervisors.
    The very best sex crimes investigator we had was a women in her 40’s. She could get them so excited about their crimes they would openly brag on video. She was fantastic. Did I want her as my cover officer on midnights? HELL NO.

  4. Jim Scrummy

    Hmmm, have to give credit to SOCOM slow rolling the implementation and keeping the standards. The Marines fought a good battle, but lost, unfortunately, because of that putz Mabus. Army? Yeah whatever (beaten a long time ago). Air Force has been full blown SJW for some time, no surprise there. Navy, again, that one-term governor, Mabus the putz screwed them. It’s always fun to watch what happens towards the end of a President’s administration. Of course I will need more popcorn to watch what happens next.

  5. emdfl

    Of course Carter doesn’t give a rat’s asshole about any of this, because he and the rest of his garbage suckers will be long gone when the s**t from this storm really hits the fan. As in women dying, getting their parts removed by flying pieces of nastiness, and not forgetting the posted videos of captured female troops pulling trains in terrorist camps.

  6. BillC

    When I went through EOD school house, (all services go to the same, just the Navy goes to Dive School first, then an Under Water division after the main schooling) there were only two Navy female students and they made it through great. However, the chicks that were in the Army were awful. Like effing Teflon, too. They’d fail a test or prac and damn near automatically just roll into the previous class, while any male would get grilled and scrutinized (as anybody should) for the same luxury. One chick must have failed (full on fails that warrant removal from your class) half a dozen times in around six months, she was accepted back in to restart the beginning of IEDs until somebody in the brass saw that sh!t and was like, “What the eff?” and finally she was gone by the next week. Thing was, she thought she was entitled to finishing EOD school and thought it unfair that she was FINALLY being kicked out. It was so obvious that the standards didn’t matter if it was a female. With females around the schoolhouse, especially if one was in your class, it was eggshells. Everybody had to watch every little thing that they said, lest she overhears ANYTHING that could possible, even slightly, upsets, offends, or she disagrees with. It was a damn morale killer on how blatantly obvious it was that they were trying to push females through to graduation. Why? What purpose does it serve except to put out unqualified and even dangerous techs that will only be sidelined when work needs to be done, effectively reducing the “manpower” of a company? Numbers on a piece of paper for the feelz-goods?

  7. Toastrider

    It’s kind of disheartening because in an odd way it lessens the work of past generations. I’m thinking of the WACs, the nurses, the ‘Rosey Riveters’, who might not be able to carry a rifle but could free up someone who could. People understood and accepted that Mary couldn’t storm a trench, but she could tend to those soldiers who had — and she would be respected and loved for it.

    But now there are people who think that by uttering the magic words of ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ that physical differences can be transcended and ignored by bureaucratic fiat. That just because they say so, a 110-lb girl will be ‘equal’ to a 250-lb lad.


    1. Hognose Post author

      Magic indeed. There are people in DOD right now that seem to believe in full-on Lysenko biology. I blame 70 years of Disney movies telling people that wishes come true.

      1. Wes

        I guess the lemmings didn’t get the email. (Sorry, FOG joke.)

        Read GEN Votel’s “plan” and chuckled a bit; bad lemonade from lemons. But, without giving it the full “Longitudinal Implementation Plan Assessment” (jeebers), there are 2 takeaways. First, and amazingly, there are already qualified women cadre to work the conduct of assessments & selections (Deus ex Machina?). Unless, of course, they’re just women cadre. “C’mon Ladies!”

        Two: There WILL be graduates; plural.

      2. Tom Kratman

        I actually managed to get a copy of The Amazon Legion into the hands of a female Undersectretary of the Army for women’s affairs, or something to that effect, at the 2010 FORSCOM Mad Scientists Conference. I suspect that may be why I was not invited to the 2011 FORSCOM Mad Scientists Conference.

  8. Rob

    It’s pretty important to proofread documents signed by the Chief of Staff, otherwise you end up with typos like “Phase One. Access [referring to women]” or “Phase Four…Continue to access and train”. Those sorts of typos are probably not ones you want analyzed by SJW types.

    1. Rob

      …and reading the document itself turns up dozens of misuses of “access”. One does not “access” people into a position, they accede there (a process called accession, from whence the Army Accessions Command gets its name).

      1. Hognose Post author

        In my fortunately limited experience with them, I came away with the impression that the median IQ in the Human Resources Command (officer and enlisted, all told) was low enough that none of them would ever be executed in the United States. I believe the cutoff where you’re Too Dumb to Pay is about 75. And that’s probably above average of the typical personnel service platoon.

        Note to the Army: having three morons with 70 IQ work on something is not like having Wile E. Coyote Super Genius with 210 work on it.

  9. ST4T3S

    This is disheartening in the extreme. Also, Tom gets an additional stat modifier of +8 DGAF.

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