That Was the Week that Was: 2016 Week 08

That was the week that was TW3We’ve been remiss in posting weekend wrap-ups lately; this is the first time in some time that we’ve posted either a Saturday Matinee or a That Was the Week that Was aka TW3.

We could issue any of a number of flimsy excuses for that, but probably not a really good reason, and if we did have a reason, would you want to hear it?

We’re not going to wait for an answer for that… we’ll just move on.

The Boring Statistics

This week’s statistics are a bit higher than usual: 29 posts, and about 23,000 words .  Our average post was 793 words long, and the median was 643; so the mean doesn’t result from a small number of inordinately large or small posts, and indeed, none was below 100 words and only one over 2,000; nine each were beow 500 and over . Post length ranged from 251 to 2291 words.

We didn’t hit any milestones of significance this week.

We’re very happy with the level of hits we’re seeing; despite February being a short month, we’ll either break last month’s all-time unique visitors record or come very close, and we’ve already broken our all-time February record.

Comments This Week

Comments were below average at 371 by the close of this post, as most weeks are breaking 470. Most commented post was Tuesday’s, Book Review: <i>Unintended Consequences</i> by John Ross (1996), with 54 comments, as there are a lot of John Ross fans out there — including, as it turns out, John Ross.

Runner-up was Monday’s Washington, The General with 35. It never ceases to surprise us, which posts draw a lot of hits and comment, and which do not.

One key to getting hits and comments, of course, is the many bloggers that link to and excerpt our work — we are grateful to them, each and every one.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week: (links will be fleshed out and live later).

  • We report a bird sighting, and show a very substandard picture, on Snowy Owl Sunday
  • We report on a weapon most people have never heard of: The American Cal. .60 Anti-Tank Rifle, T1 & T1E1
  • It shouldn’t surprise us that Incompetence Taints Everything, Even Corruption, in Afghanistan
  • A tragic accident cuts a life short, without any firearms involvement whatsoever: When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Snowmobiles
  • Washington, The General is often forgotten; the anniversary of his birth seemed like a good time to remember his military prowess. 
  • We offer a chart Visualizing World Arms Exports: 1926-1936
  • Pedophilia is an Army Value. If that doesn’t creep you out, it should. 
  • We promised more book reviews, here’s one: Book Review: <i>Unintended Consequences</i> by John Ross (1996)
  • Poly-Ticks: Running on Guns sounded good to this New Hampshire candidate. 
  • We offer a little More on the Federov Automatic, and Max Popenker chimes in in the comments with some rare photographs of rarer Federov-Degtyaryev light machine guns. 
  • Here’s video of what looks like a PR exercise: Littoral Combat Ship Live-Fire Defense Test.
  • When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Meteorites. Anything can kill a person, even rocks from space.
  • We keep Reg Manning’s work, and the sacrifice of the heroes of the Regiment alive, in This Week’s Special Forces Casualties in SEA: 21 – 29 Feb.
  • This is a great site, with promise to be even greater going forward. Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: Russo-German Archives.
  • Another American Anti-Tank Rifle — Wait, <i>Two</i> of Them! We think that these two posts might be the most information anyone’s ever had in one place on American experimental AT rifles. That’s not a boast, it’s actually kind of sad. 
  • Rock Island has a great auction and it’s still running through Sunday. Auction: It’s <i>On!</i>
  • Mess Up and Move Up: VA Plays Musical Bad Execs, surprising nobody. 
  • When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have a Panoply of Edged Weapons and rob and rob, and rob, with them. It must be the edged weapons, it can’t be the criminal!
  • A few grim facts about Execution by Hanging, the primary way the UK did it for centuries up till they gave up and began to yield the streets to crime in the 1960s.
  • Not unknown, but not often seen: A Rare G.43 Variant. Was it combat tested outside Leningrad in 1942-43?  The jury’s still out. 
  • Not the Face, <i>Not</i> the Face! Jeezly dog. 
  • This is one of the most heartbreaking ones of these we’ve ever written: When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Exhaust
  • Hognose’s Laws needed to be collected in one single place. This should be a Page, too. 
  • We throw a bunch of junk in the trunk of the week: Friday Tour d’Horizon, 2016 Week 08
  • CZ System, High Style, Made in… Israel? That’s the Jericho. 
  • The stories of A Handful of Hostages.
  • He was just minding his own business until the lioness made him her business. When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Big Cats.
  • We resuscitate a some-love-it-some-hate-it dormant feature: Saturday Matinee 2016 08: Firing Squad (TV, Canadian, 1990)
  • And we’ve circled back here. That Was the Week that Was: 2016 Week 08

Going Forward

Stuff we owe you….

  1. The second half of the cache story
  2. A bit more on Castillo San Marco.
  3. A report on the Spanish Military Hospital in Florida
  4. A report on Fort Pulaski of Civil War Fame
  5. … we’ll think of it, we know there’s more.

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