When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have a Panoply of Edged Weapons

cleaver robberYes, that’s a meat-cutter’s cleaver in the hands of prolific armed robber Craig Adams, who committed a violent armed robbery every other day or so for a month — in London, where guns are outlawed. So he did it using the cleaver, knives, and even a sword.

The lack of firearms didn’t seem significantly to impede his criminal career. Only the rough knuckles of John Law on his collar did that.

Since their gun control is working so well, English authorities are trying to figure out what a London without knives would be like. If it saves one life, isn’t putting the nation on a diet of baby-food worth it?

Craig Adams was jailed for seven years after pleading guilty to 13 counts of robbery and three counts of burglary.

The 33-year-old, of no fixed abode, was jailed at the Inner London Crown Court after he admitted his crimes.

This shocking CCTV video shows the criminal brandishing a knife to rob two of the 13 shops.

Knife. Stabby thing #1.

He enters what appears to be an off licence and pulls out a weapon as the cashier calmly hands over cash from the till.

Then he’s seen in a takeaway and looks to be ordering food before he pulls a cleaver from his jacket inside pocket.

Cleaver. Stabber #2.w

Adams waves it at the woman behind the till in a frightening scene as she goes to open the register.

He targeted employees working late into the night, forcing them to hand over cash from the till using a number of different weapons including various knives, a large machete, a meat cleaver and even a large sword.

So we’re now up to at least five different stabby/slashy things: knives (plural), machete, cleaver, sword.

Detectives previously issued two CCTV appeals showing the terrifying robberies in an attempt to identify him.

He was identified as the suspect after his palm print was lifted from Foyles Bookstore on the South Bank, London.

The 13 offences were then linked by investigators using “super-recognisers” who had reviewed clips of the robberies on a Met database showing suspects committing offences.

Sherlock Holmes? No, the “super-recognisers.” Are those men, machines, or software constructs? We see some of the claims for facial recognition, and we’re reminded of the heyday of bertillonage.

Knife robber Craig-AdamsAdams was arrested on November 5 last year after he ran from police while robbing a Subway in Tulse Hill. Dog handlers were at the scene and Police Dog Bruno found the sword used by Adams that had been thrown over a fence

via Man jailed for seven years after he committed 13 knife point robberies in one month – Mirror Online.

So, “super-recognisers” and all, this criminal scantwit remained at large until he committed a robbery under the noses of the police, or more to the point, under the long, picky noses of the police dogs. 

And assuming that one does all one’s assigned time in a British nick (seems unlikely), he’ll be 40 when he gets out, right in his peak robbing prime.

No one has said what he did with the take from these 16 crimes (and, no doubt, others for which he has not been charged), but he had no traces of wealth on him, and in approximately 100% of North American robbery sprees like this, the crime take is immediately blown on alcohol, drugs, or, as the criminal embraces the conjunctive power of and, alcohol and drugs.

11 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have a Panoply of Edged Weapons

    1. Hognose Post author

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for the New Yorker to get onto that, Jason. I’m thinking the waiting period would need to be expressed not just in years, but in scientific notation.

  1. Ken

    The super-recognizer is interesting. Google it if you weren’t just laying down the snark and I missed it.

  2. Keith

    Just goes to a comment I made earlier. When they literately ban every possible weapon are going to try and ban the original weapons, the brain, hands and feet?

  3. Alan Ward

    Parole in UK not quite as lavish as in GWN or the US. He’ll have to do at least two thirds due to the weapons offenses then apply for parole showing significant remorse and rehab. Most parole boards in UK are staffed by former criminal justice personnel. Usually only input from SJW’s is to recommend or back up statements of treatment etc.

    1. Mr. 308

      I sure think that 13 robberies with deadly weapons – that is 13 threats against people to commit violence warrants a lot more than basically 6 months per event. It’s a fair bet this gent did one or two things leading up to the string of robberies as well. Clearly this is someone that needed to be stopped – someone who will keep on doing this and it’s just a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed by this.


    Charming looking bloke. Head back, hooded dead eyes, slight sneer. A real f*&k-you look, with no trace of humiliation or remorse.

    Hognose is right. He’ll do his time, learn more of his trade from his colleagues while inside and then be back at work as soon as he’s released.

    I went hog hunting on an outback farm many years ago. They had a nasty looking savage dog tied up among several working dogs that were roaming free around the house. When I queried this, the farmers ten year old son said “Ah…he’s useless. Won’t work, won’t do what he’s told and he’s started to bite so I’m gonna shoot him”.

    ‘Nuff said.

  5. Cap'n Mike

    Their was a detective at my last PD that was a super-recognizer, though we didn’t call him that.
    Before Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, frequent fliers used to play all sorts of name games to avoid getting held on outstanding warrants. Detective Don would walk through the lockup every morning and match the faces with real names or aliases.

    We were once in the hallway of an apartment building a shooting suspect was chased into and this guy that has nothing to do with the crime comes walking out of his moms apartment. Detective Don takes one look at him and says “Hes got a warrant”. We ran him and he sure as $hit did. It was amazing.

  6. robroysimmons

    Don’t forget the NYC slashings or so what I can get from what passes for a news media these days

  7. Sixgunner

    The elite simply don’t “get it”. Here’s a little blurb I tossed together a few years ago after a local police department display about how they’d “prevented over 5,000 crimes” by removing implements from the hands of diverse people during routine patdowns of random passersby.


    Unfortunately, the camera I had at the time was quite low resolution. But one can get an idea of what your average crackhead can do with pieces of random garbage.

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