Question: Are these any good?

Law Professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) reports that these two items by Rory Miller showed up in his mail.

IN THE MAIL: From Rory Miller, Force Decisions: A Citizen’s Guide – Understanding How Police Determine Appropriate Use of Force and Facing Violence DVD.

Engagement dynamics is a long-time interest here, and we’ve received and taught a wide-ranging collection of classes on the subject from and to an even-wider-ranging set of people.

So the question we put to you is: given that interest, and given that we’re a small blog in a big pond, and don’t receive review copies of things in the mail, and given that we don’t know Miller, is his book and/or DVD worth buying? (Answer in the comments… let us know if you want your comment kept private).

(Note: if you use those links, by buying you’ll make a small donation to Glenn, which helps him offset his costs).