Range 15 Movie Trailer (NSFW Warning!)

OK, kids, if we’re going to be banned by the Indiana Pubic Libraries, we might as well be banned for a reason, like Harry’s guys in The Odd Angry Shot. So here’s the trailer to Range 15, which is going to be the most fun had by troops since Tropic Thunder (or maybe Stripes) and the most fun had with zombies since Shaun of the Dead. 

Hat tip, Jonn at This Ain’t Hell. We’ve only watched the trailer once, and are disappointed that there are no bikini snaps. They’d better be in the movie.

There’s a surprising number of real actors in it: William Shatner and Keith David, for example. David has been promoted to Colonel from his stint as a Command Sergeant Major straight man in the ill-fated comedy series Enlisted last year. There are also a number of military celebs: SF and UFC’s Tim Kennedy, a couple of MOH recipients, a whole bunch of amputees (mostly as legless zombies), and Navy Cross recip Marcus Luttrell in what the trailer suggests is the briefest of cameos.

We had wondered how Mat Best, Nick Palmisciano and the gang would get from their typical  YouTube video, which was kind of like a grotty, coarse, GI-humor Monty Python sketch, to a full-length movie. It looks like what they did was construct a plot that’s basically a zombie-laden wrapper for gory action scenes and black-humor comedy sketches. The trailer should give you the idea.

Again, this trailer is NSFW. We mean it. Really NFSFFW. Got it? Good.


OK, you want more? Here’s five minutes behind the scenes. It’s NSFW, too; looks like they had some real This is Spinal Tap moments.

So what else is there to say, but, Tap into America, guys.

Update II

Their Indiegogo campaign is still running. We just thought we’d launch that one into the morning.

16 thoughts on “Range 15 Movie Trailer (NSFW Warning!)


    The Odd Angry Shot. Holy Hell, that brings the memories flooding back. There have been few better war movies, IMHO.

    And Range 15? I can’t wait to see it. :-)

    1. Hognose Post author

      I’ve always shown that to people as an example of a good war movie, and yet, I’ve heard several diggers damning it. One of them is the AATTV buddy of my former team sergeant/sergeant major. It showed patrolling with some realism, and hanging around in camp, with some realism.

      And what a guy is worried about when he wakes up in the hospital and can’t touch his lower body!

  2. DSM

    Keith David’s best scene in any role was in Men at Work. I bet it’s going to be surpassed here.

    “Mind your business pizza man.”
    “You’ve seen too much!”

  3. SPEMack

    Having followed these guys on the book of faces, I should have been more prepared and self beverage allerted before watching the trailer.

    1. mattinnc

      Me too. I know a couple of guys that know those guys and from what I’m told it should be exactly what we think it will be.

      Also disappointed in the lack of bikini snaps.

  4. Boat Guy

    They’re pretty well funded now! Looks like anyway. Didn’t stop me from throwin down a shekel or five.

  5. archy

    So far as zomby movies go, I still stick with the Resident Evil version. But the movie version of the Mira Grant novel Feed ought to be a keeper.

  6. Aesop

    Aw damn, I never get to work on movies this cool.
    And I recognized at least two locations in the trailer, so this was Hollywood local.
    I’m sure it was non-union no-budget, but I’d have worked on that one for gas money.
    I’m sending them some bucks.
    This thing has MST3K Classic written all over it.

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