Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: This Ain’t

this_aint_hellJonn Lilyea’s veterans’ site, This Ain’t Hell, isn’t really a weapons site, but it’s one of our first stops for checking on veterans’ affairs, and one of the sites that still keeps the heat on veterans’ impersonators and valor thieves.

If you see some drunken assclown claiming to be a Green Beret (what? You’re a hat, dude?) chances are he’s nothing such, like this assclown, and chances are good that Jonn and his writers have the goods on him — like that assclown.

It’s not all valor-stealing aassclowns all the time (although we’ll be returning to the bozo above in a bit). Sometimes there are “feel good stories” about criminals that have been given an opportunity to turn their lives around, like this Florida perv:

Our first stop this morning is the Hollywood Seminole Indian Reservation in Florida where a woman called the tribal police right before her housemate perforated the fellow she found peeking at her from her yard. According to the article the police took the peeper to the hospital to be treated for his six wounds.

Crime doesn’t pay, does it? Perv.

By the way, the valor-stealing assclown mentioned above, before the perv, is currently under arrest for telling cops he was going to kill them. He is also running for President. Why not? Among other things he says he will…

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That’s a relief. We had a feeling ergucation was broken.

Anyway, if you’re a vet, you may like This Ain’t Hell. If you’re not… well, we’ll have another W4 next week.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: This Ain’t


    This Ain’t Hell is another of my daily reads, along with WM of course. I just love those feelgood stories!

    Speaking of feelgood stories, there’s a video doing the rounds of an Italian bus driver who gets punched by some immigrant diversity for no apparent reason. Rather than cowering in fear, the driver leaps at his attacker like a bull and delivers The Greatest Fucking Beatdown of All Time to the goat molester.

    Check it out. It’s superb, the dude is a Man, and his courage and decisive action has had me smiling all day. Italian Bus Driver for President of the EU!

  2. 68Whiskey

    I love TAH – even if they don’t necessarily love me (frankly, the mouth-breathing euphoria over the shooting of one of those jokers occupying the Malheur wildlife refuge is indistinguishable from what you’d see at HuffPo or Democratic Underground). That said, it’s an invaluable resource, and usually a good read. I wish the best of luck to Jonn and crew, and it’s good to see them on here.

    Hognose – are you at all familiar with the site The author is I believe a Croat, with a decidedly anti-US bent, but the articles are typically well researched. Might be worth looking at for a future WWWotW.

  3. Boat Guy

    I check out TAH regularly but usually go straight to “Stolen Valor” in case one of those low-lifes is in my AO.

  4. COtto

    Not a Vet, but I still enjoyed the site anyway.
    Stolen Valor is one of those things that just don’t sit well with me. When I was in Virginia I got into the WW2 reenacting groups and there were two older gentlemen that had ALL sorts of stories. But one guy in my group who claimed to be a Col. in the USMC, his story never sat well with me and a few others. We did track down his DD214 and confirmed that he was full of shit. I’ve met a few others since then and when i hear them talk of thier “military experience”, it sets off some alarms. Even a guy I work with, who was in the Army, claims he did all this awesome shit and when I would ask him a simple weapon related question could never come up with a logical or reasonable answer. I still am not sure what “unit” he was with. I may have not been in the mil, but had dozens of friends in all branches (even the USCG) and a number of family that joined and I feel like i can spot bullshit when it’s espoused.

  5. mattinnc

    Also not a vet, but TAH is one of my daily reads as well. Such a great variety of interesting and hilarious stuff going on over there. The running battle Jonn and the crew along with Don Shipley are having with a particular group of Stolen Valor assclowns is quite entertaining.

    Anyone know why wordpress took down Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid?

        1. Hognose Post author

          Yeah, I saw the same thing when I went there. Checked around my usual haunts but nobody’s talking about it yet.

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